Instant Karma

EDIT: Only three hours and 53 of you donated already! YOU GUYS ROCK! Let me tell my boss now so I can suck up wtf

Hey everyone!

So as  all of you know, I’m working with an NGO that advocates for women’s rights and provides aid to abused women. Said NGO is actually Women’s Aid Organisation!

Digi is collaborating with a few other charitable organisations and will donate up to RM150,000 and one of them will be WAO.

So….to make my boss happy (so she’ll like me more wtf), I’m asking all of you to pleaseeee help me/us!

All I need from you is just one click. No fees/ terms and conditions whatsoever. Click on that banner, type in your email address and wait for the confirmation email. Once you get that email, click on the link to confirm that you are indeed a Homosapien and that’s it!

ok so technically it’s two clicks and a tiny bit of typing..BUT this tiny act that probably doesn’t require much of your energy will give us RM5!

WAO is a non-governmental organisation that receives no funding from the government at all so your help will be much appreciated 🙂

If I can get all my readers to click, I can get up to 4000 clicks (RM20,000) and that will REALLY help us a lot. Please let your friends and family know too! (Give them this link) Thanks in advance!