My Lurve Affair with Baz


It all began one cloudy Sunday morning on a very mundane day. I was young and all pumped up with the adrenaline of meeting someone new, and he was..well, he was just looking for love in all the wrong places. That day, all the angels and demons collaborated and decided that on this fated day, these two individuals will collide and begin something amazing together.

And so we did. We met and laughed and cried and did all sorts of things young couples do. When it was time to let go for a moment to take in all that had transpired, we asked each other what this really meant. He, who was looking for love in all the wrong places, clearly wanted something more. I, who was still young and excited at all things in life, was just having some innocent fun.

What started on that cloudy Sunday morning has long evolved to a new level of maturity. Without realizing it, we had embarked on a journey we both didn’t sign up for but will definitely not complain about.

It’s been 4 years and 6 months since we held pinkies and pushed our thumbs together to that pact. I’ve devoted half of my teenage life planting this seed eagerly, flourishing it with love, watering it with anger and passion, and talking to it every day with such tender loving and care. It has now grown to be a small tree that has just started to blossom with the most beautiful tiny little flowers anyone would have ever seen. It is my pride and joy, my sunshine after a storm, my rainbow after a long day of torrential rain. I’m sure that if I try harder, it’ll grow to be the most beautiful tree in the whole wide world.

My Lurve affair is something I’m rather proud of which all of you may have noticed since I yak on and on about it every chance I get. I’m like a proud parent of some kid who just scored 21As in SPM wtf

Anyway, why I wrote this is because LURVE multigrain chips came up with a new contest. The contest is called “What’s Your Lurve Affair?” and all you have to do is talk about your Lurve affair with anything (boyfriend, car, dogs, water bottle, clothes, Tupperware) and relate it to the Lurve multigrain chips to win!

Prizes: Top 3 creative bloggers will be selected and their lurve affairs will be broadcasted on TV. These 3 lucky winners will also get interviewed on 8TV Quickie =D
Also, one of the top 3 will stand a chance to win a Macbook Pro!

Like my Lurve affair with Barry, my Lurve affair with Lurve started the same way as well.

I was really shy and hesitant while he was as eager as a cow who is about to go grazing (random)

My prince in tuxedo *swoons

Me, still unsure of this newfound love

Carefully taking in the new unfamiliar scent

Holding up a piece of healthy multigrain goodness for inspection

Getting up close and personal. Despite his pimply and freckled face, I still fell head over heels with his charm. Like they say, love is blind..

Me, cautiously taking tiny bites..

But my favorite way of eating this is to dive right in and dump the whole chip in my mouth.

Like my Lurve affair with Barry, we actually went straight from strangers to being a couple without going through the friends part!

For those of you who like crumbles, you can smash it up first before eating it

You can either take it all in at once

Or lick the plate clean! (which is actually really yummy that way)

Lurve came in a slightly heavier price (like all good things do) but it’s definitely worth it!

If you want to join the contest (it runs from June 23rd to July 12th), think of your own Lurve affair and write about it!


1. Write a blog post titled ‘My LURVE Affair with XXX’ in your blog. If you could relate your Lurve Affair to the Lurve Multigrain chips, then you have more chances to win!
2. When you’ve published your post, send an email to with the following details – your full name, IC number and the permalink of your written blog post.

*terms and conditions apply

Read more about the contest HERE.