Going on a diet!

I’m dead bored at work so I think I should:

1. slow down and do my work slowly so I have things to do
(but later my boss thinks I’m a slow worker how!)

2. Read blogs/online boutiques/makeup sites
(which I have already done a thousand times today)

3. Ask for more work
(can’t cause other colleagues will think I’m such a suck up. Me: Boss I finish my work already! Easy peasy! Do you need more help? <–man, don’t you just want to punch this girl right now?)

4. Blog
(which is what I’m doing right now duh wtf)

Buttttt…I don’t know what to blog about T________T

My life is seriously such a bore right now. If I tell you what I’ve been up to, I swear 9 out of 10 of you will fall asleep even before I finish the sentence. Ok here goes anyway! I’ve been:

1. playing children’s games such as cooking mama, diner dash, turbo subs, bejeweled and zuma on weekends

2. googling smoothie recipes and making smoothies for the entire family (except that noone like them that much and DAMN I LEFT MY MANGO SMOOTHIE IN THE FRIDGE T__T SURE SPOIL)

3. Are you sleeping already? Ok this is quite cool. I went to Urbanscapes and nearly died of stickiness

4. Taking stupid Facebook quizzes like “At what age will you lose your virginity” and “What zombie fighting weapon best suits you?” (I told you I’m the most boring person alive!)

Okay wake up I’m done detailing the boring minute details of my life. Ho hum.

Anyway *pause*


going on a diet. I’m dead serious. I’m so serious that the word serious doesn’t even sound half as serious as the seriousness of this whole thing.

My dad came home last week and we’ve been eating like crazy and this HAS to stop. He’s leaving today so I vowed that from today onwards, I’m going on a diet and will start exercising again. I’m DEAD SERIOUS. I’M SO SERIOUS THAT THE WORD– ok you get what I mean there’s no need for me to raise my voice wtf

Yeah. So I’m only going to drink vegetable juice and eat something small for lunch! That’s if I have enough energy to wake up before 6.30am to make my juice…oh tuhanku…….

If you have any suggestions on diet programs that work, let me know!


  1. denise says:

    Hey Suet, try TruDtox. It works! At least for me.

    Enjoy your posts by the way…you’re so funny and cute 🙂

    Keep blogging and welcome to the real (working) world hehehe..

  2. DONNA says:

    HAHAHAHA.. oh tuhan ku..

    but seriously.. u can try Trudtox. u can get instant flat tummy the next day [I can wtf], but need suffer 1 night of serious stomachache.. =______=”

    [Trudtox did not pay me wan.. =.=”]

  3. . says:

    trudtox jst makes u lose water from the amount of watery stool u pass out. if u need instant flat tummmy the nxt day it works but eventually u’ll gain bck the amount of water u lost. regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle my dear..no shortcuts ..or perhaps the reverse diet? eat like a king for breakfast, like a pauper for dinner

  4. Gian Kok says:

    Of all people in blogosphere… you are the most unpretentious & honest one in writing!! Like you never tried to be showy with branded stuff or happening events. no matter how bored you think you are… it’s life la… I think most reader’s life are even more boring than yours hehehe

  5. sherlyn says:

    i m gonna diet too!!!! start from tis week!! oh my gossshh!!! my internship cause my lemak tambah 2 kg ar!!!! only in 1 bloddy month!!!! sobbbbbb

    share wit us if u have any diet tips leh k? ha~
    sobbbb y gals always get fat easily ya??


  6. leeern says:

    i had wanted to go on a diet since march. *counting*

    it never works. i know, for me. i have to put priority on studying and when you study you need energy and food is the source of energy wtf. then when i have pms i allow myself alot of chocolates haha wtf.

    friend recommended herbal life or something like that. quite expensive T.T around rm300 for 22 cups but all three friends of mine who tried it swear that it works. T.T should i try? huhu..

  7. Enxhi says:

    Lol I planned my own diet plan which only goes on for about 2 weeks. The purpose is just to boost your metabolic rate. After the 2 weeks then you can resume normal meals in adequate amounts with exercise.
    Here was my diet: Everyday: Cereal for breakfast, salad with NO dressing for lunch, less rice but more veggie and meat for dinner. Avoid butter, creamy/cheesy foods (LOL). Jogging every alternate days, swimming every other alternate day. On rainy days when you can’t jog/swim, walk up and down the stairs for about 15 mins (damn pain wan =.=). 200 sit ups a day (50 before breakfast, 50 before lunch, 50 before dinner, 50 before sleeping). Simple leg exercises every morning and night before bed.
    Did this for 2 weeks and lost 4 kg (48kg – 44kg).

  8. Rachel says:

    Food make me happy! =[ u reli so pretty…love ur blog de most honestly..u and barry so secocok lar! cant wait to see wedding pic of yours..hehehe..u wear wedding gown sure very elegant and beautiful =]=]=]

  9. Julia says:

    if u feel hungry or feel like snacking try to drink soup. vege soup and healthy soups are good cuz they make u feel full and satisfied. avoid carbs at all costs. but most importantly, exercise regulary. i tried yoga for one month and i lost weight. lemon drinks are good too. good luck!

  10. elaine says:

    I tried TruDox as well. U must eat fruits meal to cover all your loss nutrient..A friend of mine, lost 10kgs for practising this constant detox and fruit plan.

    Just abit expensive for constant supplement. RM29.80 for 5 packs for 5 days of detox. =__=”

    No harm trying. 🙂

  11. Ren says:

    Sorry again lar din say Hi during urbanscapes…
    seeing ur both lovely couple happy walk pass so fast…
    not dare to kacau 😛

    u got our support on diet!!!
    and yeah… like other said… u really putting on weight!
    go go diet 😛

  12. hayley says:

    hmm, i understand what u mean.. sometimes after we eaten sooo much we feel so guilty, really feel like going on a strict diet.. that kinda determination.
    perhaps u need to cut down food intake during nite time. no food from 8pm onwards. and eat more fruits!
    good luck suet!

  13. Nghi says:

    wawawa why do you even need to go on a diet suet…. gain 5 lbs and I bet you’d still look gorgeous like now ^___^ but yeah i’m having the same problem too been eating so much I feel guilty of myself =(

    Anyway if you really uberly want to go on a diet hm maybe drink more water? eat some soup first at the beginning of the meal it kinda fills you up ^__^ and if you decide to take any kinda medication just check it 100 times to make sure it’s safe. Some of my friend took some kind of medication/ tea thing and all they had were diarrhea and they were exhausted the whole day. Well diarrhea does help you lose weight but in an ugly way =)

  14. sweatlee says:

    denise, im kinda scared to try all these actually.. T_T but thanks!

    kylie, hahaha quite fun right!

    donna, hahh i dunwan stomachache how T_T

    wrdh, u didnt come say hi! thanks =)

    hbk, wtf u dunno me also how to miss me!

    jean, yeah it always fails for me also T_T wuwu

    patricia, haha dinner how!

    ., yeah true..sighhh

    giankok, awww thanks!! yeah true. maybe i should go out more! but too lazy la work edi then on weekends i just feel like staying in all day

    sherlyn,hahah i think me too! i dont dare to weigh myself T_T

    leeern, yaya thts wht i always tell myself also wtf. ya i heard of herbal life actually..

    tw, wuwu but that’s just water weight wor

    enxhi, how to eat just salad for lunch??? cannot leh T_T 200 SIT UPS A DAY????? wah so intense how to do when i’m working wtf. do sit ups in office’s toilet wtf

    rachel, thanks =DD hahah nola i need to lose weight first before that

    julia, i wanna try yoga too! thanks!

    erlinda, wuwuwu T___T

    jaysee, whts tht??

    elaine, i dont care about the weight actually, more like how i look i think. better exercise!

    ren, heh its ok! really ah u think i put on weight also?? wuwuwu

    曉彬, haha let’s diet together!

    aimee, haihhh i need to do something exciting soon!

    cassandra, yeah exercise is the best but it’s the hardest!

    kevin, no wor my appetite is still here T_T i wish i can lose it!

    hayley, i dont eat that much at night one!

    nghi, haha u’re so thin already! yeah i dont wanan go toilet so often T_T

    michelle, it’s so hot here but i feel like eating all the time wor wtf

  15. Enxhi says:

    hahaha then err you eat a bit for lunch but even more less for dinner lo =p Oh and sit ups ah, how about…do 100 in the morning and 100 at night? xD Omg I think at the end of 2 weeks you’ll murder me =.=

  16. Joy SE says:

    what! You are not even fat. -__- I saw you that day in urbanscapes, you are not fat lah Suet! Hahahaha, i am the girl who took picture with you! You remember or not? 🙁 I will be sad if you dont LOL no lah joking only. My cousin,who took our picture, said i was practically jumping in joy when i saw you after i saw Barry. xDD I am very happy!!!!! 😀 Happy till now okay. You see lah how important you are in my life! LOLOLOL xD

  17. fel says:

    diet tips:

    1) drink enough water.

    how much is enough? every 25 kilos, 1 liter of water.
    keeps water retention away, and better skin!

    2) don’t take smaller meals, have full meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. i.e full lunch, if not you’ll find yourself nibbling, and that is bad. lol.

    3) protein based food, less carb
    every 1 kilo, we need o.1 to 1g of protein, so, 50 kg=50g, a piece of fish (size of your palm) is 10g, egg=5g, tauhu=10g, papaya..

    it builds muscle, and muscle burns fat.

    simple as 1 . 2.. 3… 🙂

  18. 曉彬 says:

    yeah yeah…lets do it together…and push each other. Im working and studying at the same time so what i need is motivation to eat less. Especially when i am stressed! hehe

  19. Jooey says:

    hi Suet. i’m just reading your blog regarding DIET. you not fat actually and look pretty but i still can give you some idea to loss weight. because, i’m on diet also cos i’m very FAT before that.

    try to not have any carbo (rice, mee, bread, cake, biscuit) for 1 week and eat much veges, fruits and meat. excercise everyday for 1 hour even weekend. i try that before and it’s work for me because i loss 5kg in 1 week but it’s depend because everyone body’s different.

    no carbo can only do for 1 week because human need carbo ^^. after that you can take bit carbo maybe twice a week but remember no supper and junk food, if really cant tahan then just eat a little bit enuff. try to drink 500ml water every morning and plenty of water everyday, and do not skip meal ya..

    Exercise is most important. i do skipping, yoga tree pose, running on floor, leg excercising, hand exercising for 1/2 hour and 1/2 hour hula-hopping for everyday and i walking on weekend at park for 1 hour. get yourself a suitable exercise and do it. ^^

    i also have on diet recipe but not with me now and let you know on next comment. ^^

    anyway, wish you all the best on diet ya.. =)

  20. Michael says:

    you should choose a better work next time! but anyway, many working in an office works less than 2 hours a day actually 😀

    btw from my various *failed* dieting experience…the only advice i can give is that you must have sufficient will power…any diet plan works if you have it lol.

  21. Hahaha says:

    Hey! 😀
    Im trying super hard to lose weight too!
    I heard jogging on the spot everyday for 10 minutes would lose you some weight. 😀 That simple! But must be consistent of course (:
    Oh , and taking iced water with a slice of lemon after meals, mum said its good hahaha.

  22. Ashley says:

    Spotted you for three times in different location in Midvalley megamall! First youre still in jeans after that ure in black mini skirt. Don’t worry im not stalking u, just spotted u like that.. anyway nice hair suet!

  23. Karnes says:

    Hi there 🙂

    if you are really serious bout fat loss , I suggest using carb cycling

    High carb day
    Carb = 0.9 – 1.0 grams of carbs per pound of BW
    Protein = 0.75 g of carbs per pound of BW
    Fat = as low as possible

    Low to Moderate carb day
    carb = 0.2 – 0.5 grams of carbs per pound of BW
    Protein = 0.9 – 1.0 grams per pound of BW
    Fat = 0.1 – 0.2 grams per pound of BW

    sample for a 150 lb female

    High carb day (one day in a week )
    Meal 1 : 30g carbs , 18g protein
    Meal 2 : 30g carbs , 18g protein
    Meal 3 : 30g carbs , 18g protein
    Meal 4 : 30g carbs , 18g protein
    Meal 5 : 30g carbs , 18g protein
    Meal 6 : 20g carbs , 18g protein

    Low to moderate day ( others day beside high carb day)
    Meal 1 : 20g carbs , 28g protein
    Meal 2 : 20g carbs , 28g protein
    Meal 3 : 20g carbs , 28g protein
    Meal 4 : 28g of protein, green vegetables, 8g of healthy fat
    Meal 5 : 20g carbs , 28g protein
    Meal 6 : 28g of protein, green vegetables, 8g of healthy fat

    I am a personal trainer from Australia that came over to Malaysia, the mindset of Malaysians on diets and exercise is really bizarre, I heard a few people swear by these Detox plans. Hope these helps, these are tried and true methods 🙂 and yes it looks complicated but it really isn’t !

  24. Shanshan says:

    my friend told me that a friend of her’s had boiled vegetables for months… and lost considerably amount of weight… like she had thinner arms and stuff… only boiled veggies… but really unhealthy i think… not a balanced diet.. u might wanna try for a few days until u get sick of it ><

  25. lalala~ says:

    suettttttliiiiiiiiiiiiii…….. i miss youuuuuuuuuu…….
    im in cc…………. T_________________________T
    far far away from home……… T______________________T
    no laptop yet……….. T__________________T
    miss reading ur blog………..
    and i miss commenting on ur blog……
    i’ll be reading n commenting everyday once i get a laptop k!
    till then… don’t forget me!! your no.1 fan! 😉

  26. bleusnow says:

    Hi there, i have been your silent reader and I just got to salute you for maintaining ze blog for ages. It’s not easy (mentally and it sucks up ur time as well). But reading your posts adds more colours/life (if you get what I mean).

    Also.. you are not fat. no need diet ler.

  27. sweatlee says:

    jade, haha full time they’ll pay one!

    mindy, yeah i should T_T

    jaysee, haha oooh! never heard of it!

    enxhi, 100 omg??? die wei!!

    joyse, oooh hello!! haha sorry i didnt get to talk much to you! hehe you’re so cute la! hahah

    fel, ok i’ll drink lots of water! and i’ll eat more protein and less carbs!

    vivian, thanks!

    cyan, hahaha fail edi wtf

    曉彬, haha me too!

    hbk, even when im fat edi? wtf

    jooey, yeah im trying to cut on carbs too but it’s hardddd! cause i love rice! wahhh so hard la have to exercise so much and cant eat carbs T_T why is losing weight so hard!

    michael, why better work! yeah i dont have willpower wtf

    hahaha, haha really? will try!

    ashley, hahah really ah?? omg yesterday was my super ugly day! =(( you’re very observant! my bf didn’t even noticed that i changed T_T

    karnes, WAHHH! but how do you measure how much carbs and protein? that’s quite hard isn’t it?

    shanshan, wow! yeah i hate boiled vege T_T

    lalala, haha where have u been!! heh ok!

    bleusnow, haha it’s actually quite fun! and thanks =D

  28. Colton says:

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