Going on a diet!

Going on a diet!

I’m dead bored at work so I think I should:

1. slow down and do my work slowly so I have things to do
(but later my boss thinks I’m a slow worker how!)

2. Read blogs/online boutiques/makeup sites
(which I have already done a thousand times today)

3. Ask for more work
(can’t cause other colleagues will think I’m such a suck up. Me: Boss I finish my work already! Easy peasy! Do you need more help? <–man, don’t you just want to punch this girl right now?)

4. Blog
(which is what I’m doing right now duh wtf)

Buttttt…I don’t know what to blog about T________T

My life is seriously such a bore right now. If I tell you what I’ve been up to, I swear 9 out of 10 of you will fall asleep even before I finish the sentence. Ok here goes anyway! I’ve been:

1. playing children’s games such as cooking mama, diner dash, turbo subs, bejeweled and zuma on weekends

2. googling smoothie recipes and making smoothies for the entire family (except that noone like them that much and DAMN I LEFT MY MANGO SMOOTHIE IN THE FRIDGE T__T SURE SPOIL)

3. Are you sleeping already? Ok this is quite cool. I went to Urbanscapes and nearly died of stickiness

4. Taking stupid Facebook quizzes like “At what age will you lose your virginity” and “What zombie fighting weapon best suits you?” (I told you I’m the most boring person alive!)

Okay wake up I’m done detailing the boring minute details of my life. Ho hum.

Anyway *pause*


going on a diet. I’m dead serious. I’m so serious that the word serious doesn’t even sound half as serious as the seriousness of this whole thing.

My dad came home last week and we’ve been eating like crazy and this HAS to stop. He’s leaving today so I vowed that from today onwards, I’m going on a diet and will start exercising again. I’m DEAD SERIOUS. I’M SO SERIOUS THAT THE WORD– ok you get what I mean there’s no need for me to raise my voice wtf

Yeah. So I’m only going to drink vegetable juice and eat something small for lunch! That’s if I have enough energy to wake up before 6.30am to make my juice…oh tuhanku…….

If you have any suggestions on diet programs that work, let me know!