Hungry ghost

Hungry ghost

Yesterday something really strange happened to me!

I arrived at work an hour earlier  as usual cause Barry had to drop me off first before going to his office. I usually read in that hour but sometimes, I’ll take a nap. There’s this room with comfy sofa and that’s where I will leisurely take a nice long nap ^_^

Anywayyy, I was taking my usual nap yesterday when I heard noises outside. I went out and saw that one of my colleagues had arrived so I said hi and went back to sleep wtf. 5 minutes later, I heard her talking to someone else about nasi lemak and I tried to wake up but I couldn’t!!!!

Like I’m fully awake but I cannot open my eyes physically! So weird!

I tried for a few seconds then thought what the hell I’ll just go back to sleep wtf

So I slept again and woke up again 5 minutes later cause I heard people talking outside and I didn’t wanna sleep too long when all my colleagues had arrived. So I tried opening my eyes again and couldn’t!!!

Can you imagine the feeling?? It wasn’t like someone was pressing their fingers on my eyes, but my eyes just refused to open!

Then, like any other normal sane person, I started praying WTF

I sat up, crossed my legs, put my palms against each other and started going namotassa bhagavato cause that was the closest thing I know that sounded prayer-ish wtf

THEN guess what????? I could open my eyes again!!!!!!!!! Thank you Buddha!

HOW WEIRD IS THAT?? Must be a Buddhist ghost around me wtf


I went out and saw that all my other colleagues hadn’t arrived! Who did I hear talking about nasi lemak?? Maybe I was hungry wtf

Today I was so scared to come earlier but I didn’t have a choice and I really wanted to take a nap so I just slept.  Nap>ghosts

And guess what! No ghosts!  ^_^ wtf