Hungry ghost

Yesterday something really strange happened to me!

I arrived at work an hour earlierย  as usual cause Barry had to drop me off first before going to his office. I usually read in that hour but sometimes, I’ll take a nap. There’s this room with comfy sofa and that’s where I will leisurely take a nice long nap ^_^

Anywayyy, I was taking my usual nap yesterday when I heard noises outside. I went out and saw that one of my colleagues had arrived so I said hi and went back to sleep wtf. 5 minutes later, I heard her talking to someone else about nasi lemak and I tried to wake up but I couldn’t!!!!

Like I’m fully awake but I cannot open my eyes physically! So weird!

I tried for a few seconds then thought what the hell I’ll just go back to sleep wtf

So I slept again and woke up again 5 minutes later cause I heard people talking outside and I didn’t wanna sleep too long when all my colleagues had arrived. So I tried opening my eyes again and couldn’t!!!

Can you imagine the feeling?? It wasn’t like someone was pressing their fingers on my eyes, but my eyes just refused to open!

Then, like any other normal sane person, I started praying WTF

I sat up, crossed my legs, put my palms against each other and started going namotassa bhagavato cause that was the closest thing I know that sounded prayer-ish wtf

THEN guess what????? I could open my eyes again!!!!!!!!! Thank you Buddha!

HOW WEIRD IS THAT?? Must be a Buddhist ghost around me wtf


I went out and saw that all my other colleagues hadn’t arrived! Who did I hear talking about nasi lemak?? Maybe I was hungry wtf

Today I was so scared to come earlier but I didn’t have a choice and I really wanted to take a nap so I just slept.ย  Nap>ghosts

And guess what! No ghosts!ย  ^_^ wtf


  1. 4th of July says:

    i think u are just dreaming… the fear of letting ppl seeing you while you sleep thus having such dream where you dream of your colleagues had arrived and you are to wake up… i usually got those unable-to-open-eye-thingie when i’m having nightmares… lol… cheers…

  2. Anon says:

    I like the way you make such a scary post so funny with the “no ghost ^_^ wtf” hahaha.anyway I’ve got that feeling a few times before and mum claims its cause we’re too tired but my friends say its the ghost o.o but now i’ve got so used to that feeling i no longer pray and struggle to open my eyes but just continue sleeping until the ‘ghost’ decided to leave.haahha

  3. elaine says: such thing..i think u just too tired….normal….when ur tooooooooooooooooooooo tired and feel that everything around are so blur..especially ur not sleeping on your bed…

    Anyway, get some rest.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. tamago says:

    ohh i used to get that too in the middle of the night! its like trapped in your own body, very scary feeling >__<
    what i did was i counted 1, 2, 3 and just willed my body to move with all my strengh. it works ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Ping Ping says:

    phew….luckily second time no ghost…. =)) My friend told me that she felt like that also. Then she go sleep, hugging her bible..hahaha..

    I think it’s too tired la.. Like you want to wake up but you just can’t, so just continue to sleep lor, eventually, when you have enough of it, you’ll wake up. =)

  6. cryst says:

    I KNOW!! i experienced that too, in the middle of the night usually.. very scary.. it’s like im awake, but i couldn’t open my eyes. so i took my blanket and cover up to my chin and continue sleeping.

    i cover my neck cos when i was younger i used to see those movies with dracula sucking ppl’s blood from their neck T__T

  7. Tynn says:

    i’ve had that feeling before!!!! Many times in fact, i try so hard to open my eyes but it just doesn’t open! Only when i wake up do i realize that its all just a lucid dream! so yeah, like what everyone else said, you were probably dreaming… ๐Ÿ™‚
    chill girl!

  8. Yin says:

    OMG! finally someone who’ve experienced this too. mine is worse. i can see EVERY detail of the room im sleeping in. but i’m actually STILL dreaming and i know i am cuz i’ve experienced it a lot of times. My eyes are heavy and i can’t open em or move. I always pray too and try my best to move my hand or sumth.

    i think it’s due to tiredness too.
    gosh, freaky

  9. saddient says:

    sometimes someone too tired will experienced such things. It’s impossible a human can awake once in every 5 minutes unless you set alarm or kept snoozed them. you won’t realize it’s actually a dream. don’t think so much. like others, you should get a proper bedtime. if you’re scare of those stuff, go get protection charm from temples nearby you. I guess that will help you in other way.

  10. hayley says:

    i think everyone had my says. usually its just some hallucination due to tiredness. or may be u havent fully wake up from the sleeping state.
    relax and dont think too much..
    take care girl!

  11. sweatlee says:

    yumii, but i wasnt very tired wor! wtf

    4thofjuly, it really didnt feel like a dream! and when i woke up i was already praying wtf

    michelle, but sometimes it’s true..

    sally, hahah thanks!

    anon, so scary right!

    lali, wtf!!!!!!!!

    elaine, but i wasnt very tired wor wtf

    tamago, why u didnt pray ah wtf

    pingping, yeah i was so scared the 2nd time but luckily nothing happened!

    gwen, i didnt bring nasi lemak wor wtf hahaha

    cryst, so scary right!!

    clem, wtf haha. maybe it’s true leh that there is a supernatural being..

    tynn, but when i woke up i was already praying wor!

    jeff, didnt feel like i was dreaming!

    yin, actually i saw the room too!! so weird!

    veron, erm i play it on iwin wtf have to download the program one. it’s not cooking mama but something very similar! played it on iphone touch too!

    donna, hahah i was too sleepy!

    saddient, eh i always wake up in 5 minute intervals one sometimes. cannot be dreaming right..

    hayley, haha ok thanks!

    kai, err yeah you’re so weird ok! sometimes wanna go out with me sometimes you’ll criticize me wtf bipolar ah you

  12. Nurisya says:

    urghh, i just experienced this few nights ago. only mine’s worst to the point that i cant move and i try to scream but no sounds comes out. it happened before last time and i just assumed it was some hantu hempap or something. but this time, im pretty sure it was a dream cause when i couldnt open my eyes, i heard my phone ring. but when i finally got up, there was no miscalls. soooo yeah. its just a dream. and oh, praying does help…

  13. annoymous says:

    my experience was the same as Nurisya!! i couldnt open my eyes or move.. felt tingling senstation all over my body, it felt awful! i had that a few times before. on one occasion i heard a phone ringing loudly.. it was not my hp.after countless attempts to move i finally did, woke up in a cold sweat. i asked people before and said it was a ghost sleeping on top of u. =/

  14. Kai says:

    Hey I’m not like ok. do not have bipolar disorder. wtf! Just venting my frustrations that you are back in Malaysia and I don’t have a chance to date you thats all!!! So near and yet so far… wtf!

  15. Yuri says:

    OMG. I experienced it sooo many times d. especially during night time. i heard noises too. and i cant move as well, half conscious. i was so terrified that i dun dare to sleep in my own room alone ever since it started. sigh~ but i guess its due to our health. maybe we’re just a little weak. so take care of your is the ghost month. so typical encounterment. and if it happens again, just pray and it will be over faster.

  16. Audrey says:

    It’s sleeping paralysis. It could be caused by many different factors such as sudden increase of blood pressure in brain, inappropriate sleeping posture, depends on the person himself.

  17. Liz says:

    hi suet! i know how scary that experience musta been, because that’s happened to me like a gazillion times. so now im like wtv about it. but i used to be scared – i did just like u did, i prayed with all my might and finally it became better ๐Ÿ™‚ in malay we call it “kena hempap.” my sis always kena that!

    but now i think it’s mostly sleep paralysis*. UNLESS u happen to hear or see a figure. not to frighten u la, but once or twice in my life, i felt/saw a dark figure on top of me and heard it making noise…sounds like a beastly growl, that scared the bejeezus outta me!

    my friend says it happened to her a few times and she just goes back to sleep anyway wtf. i think the trick is to ACT SELAMBA! hehe


  18. laine says:

    i also experience sleep paralysis on n off. mine v bad la.. sometimes i cannot move and cannot breathe properly. dam scary. and i will always try to wake up coz if i dont, i cannot breathe and also i will feel like i am falling down a v v deep hole.. i will also pray to God =)

  19. berlina says:

    maybe that’s a kind of sleep paralysis. i had that often and it’s still really scary even though i know what it actually is. about the nasi lemak part -_- errr no comment, you were still dreaming i suppose

  20. Cynthia says:

    haha everytime i get spooked i go ‘om mani pad me hung’. btw, i attended a talk on economics at klcc the other day, and saw Barry there! but i didn’t talk to him *shy*

  21. NG says:

    Haha…It’s not a Ghost actually… ๐Ÿ™‚
    It has something to do with your body. Your body were too tired and in paralysis mode while your brain is still awake, therefore you couldn’t move or lift your limbs and you hear things because of hallucination. I studied about this in my Psychology class…

    This happened to me last time and it was very very scary…I was sweating like hell…Haha

    Anyway, good luck and get some rest!

  22. sweatlee says:

    ting, i wasnt that hungry also wor!

    aud, hahaha! nola ghost mth next mth isnt it!

    nurisya, i got once also! i wanted to scream but cannot one! oooh so creepy though!

    anon, so scary!!

    kai, WTF

    yuri, yeah i better drink more water wtf

    iris, haha thanks!

    chiet, rileks la brader wtf

    jonc, cause i know i fell back asleep and woke up like 5 mins later. i

    audrey, wah so scientific! yala maybe..

    liz, haha really ah! i saw something black before last time! but maybe i was dreaming wtf. wah so scary got noise somemore!!

    laine, wahh scary!!

    rachel, wah dont cry T_T

    angie, ya why u repeating wht aud said wtf. nola i thought it’s in august??

    eri, im waiting for something but i havent received it! will blog about it later!

    freshoysters, haha thanks!

    cindy, yeah T__T

    berlina, hahah i think i was dreaming la..

    cynthia, hahah ya he was there! if u said hi he sure damn shy one!!

    sw, oooh! ok thanks!

    ng, eh how come im doing psychology but i dunno one wtf. thanks!!

  23. Sam says:

    Just in case you need it ‘someday’, here’s the full version of your Namo Tassa chant:

    [ Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa ]

    good luck and bless you ๐Ÿ™‚

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