I iz boring

I really really feel like I’m the most boring person on earth! Along with Barry of course. We are both the most most mostest boring couple in the world.

Please, dear happening people, please teach us how to lead a more exciting life!

All we ever do is work and sleep and eat. This is our summer holiday for god’s sake!!!!!!11 I hate it that we have to work on our holiday too 🙁

Sigh! How?? Our friends do ask us out but we are always too tired to. All our happening friends only go out after 11pm and they always go somewhere far like Bangsar wtf. 11pm! What atrocity! That’s clearly not the right time to be roaming around the streets at night! 11pm is 30 minutes past my bedtime wtf (Yes I sleep at 11 on weekends too T______T)

I’m only 20 and yet I’m already like this..when I’m 30 how? Sleep at 9 pm and stay at home all day ah. I think I have to force myself! I really admire people who can just not care about waking up early the next day and just go partying and enjoy life. That’s what being young is all about isn’t it?

OK I have decided.

I’m going clubbing this weekend! Eh wait not this weekend, this weekend I’m balik-ing kampung. Next weekend! I, LIEW SUET LI, HEREBY DECLARE THAT I SHALL GO CLUBBING *gasps

The last time I went clubbing was in..2007……. WTF OMG I AM SO ANCIENT! Who wants to go with me? But must come home by 1 am ah!  God 1 am is soooo late. Maybe 12 am la wtf

Actually I really don’t like clubbing lah. All that noise and smoke! I hate it when smoke gets in my hair and eyes. What else can I do then? Go karaoke so expensive and get sore throat the next day wtf. Go holiday need $$$.

Even as a couple also we’re getting less adventurous and romantic. We used to celebrate every month and will do something fun and yesterday was the 12th and we totally forgot about it  T_____T Such is life wtf

Anyway Happy 4 years and 7 months babyyyy! Today let’s rent a dvd and watch at home! wooo our life is getting more happening and exciting each day wtf

p.s: oh yeah, Cindy changed her blog url so her new site’s here!

p.p.s: Something exciting happened just now! Someone called my phone and asked for Ahmad and I said wrong number and he called again and I said “still wrong number” upon answering the call and he just hung up!!!! Without saying anything! How rude is that?!?! Yeah. So that’s the exciting thing wtf the end


  1. Janice says:

    haih same here. every Saturday is the dating day but i always stuck in bf’s house doing nothing. we don’t want to go to shopping mall cuz parking need $ dining need $ petrol need $ shopping need $ and it’s so crowded! plus there’s no nice movie to watch recently after Transformers. another option is park but hell no Malaysia is so freaking hot! what else can we do? go to national library ar?! art gallery?! wtf how miserable. i don’t clubbing also. haih i need suggestion. =(

  2. crystal says:

    me too! i think this entry can help me along….i;ve been with my bf for 6 years..kinda like an old couple. What can we do to make things fresh again?? been too bored shopping and dining…any other suggestions?

  3. donna says:

    i feel the same too..
    erm.. nope.. i am worse i think..
    i crawl on my bed on 10pm! =.=”
    weekends, 12am because too EXCITED watching pirated DVD, the episodes are too excited to off!!
    see.. my life is VERY EXCITED too.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m a boring person also..All that my bf and I do at home are watching DVDs and eat. Then I’ll do my research paper and he’ll do his research paper..lol..And I don’t like going clubbing cause I don’t like alcoholic drinks and its such a waste of money. The most exciting things that we do as a couple is going to the mall to shop and watch movie. so you’re not alone =)

  5. yumii says:

    Hmm.. I am the mostest boring person in the world too.. coz I never go clubbing before… =.= But it’s okay, I’m not that clubbing kind of person, I rather dress up weirdly and go to some anime convention. XD

  6. Ping Ping says:

    yay to boring people. I always stay at home watching astro or online. Occasionally go shopping or hang out with friends but very seldom. On Saturday nights, we online and watch tv cause Sunday have to wake up early. Then Sunday also do nothing cause Monday got work/class.

    =)) U r not alone.

  7. Magnolia says:

    You dont hv to go clubbing to consider your life exciting. There are things you can do with Barry like –
    a. cooking
    b. watching DVDs
    c. exercise
    d. board games
    e. strolling in the park
    f. reading
    g. movies
    h. supermarketing
    i. gardening

    Just to name a few. Some of these activities can bring the best or worst out of each other. At least you are doing things with your other significant half and enjoying his company.

    Even quiet time at home with your loved ones can be just as heartwarming.

    Malaysia has many more exciting places to visit. I am sure you can drive to another state for a weekend. I believe it can be quite inexpensive.

    Hope I hv thrown some ideas here…:)

  8. Lisa Cheah says:

    Well, I would suggest that you could come over to my place and then we can go to the river, and skinny dip! Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

    11.30-12.00 is perfect timing!

    I have never done it before myself, but surely it could be fun?

    Though, public nudity is not allowed, so maybe bikini dip instead! Then we can go night time BBQ-ing!

    Bah, that is all plans, my life is a tad boring now as well.

    Happy Anniversary! 😀 *hugs

  9. Chef Mel says:

    hahaha i think the last time i really go clubbing was 2007 also! i still go, but only to drink once in a while. (hate the noise and the smoke!!)

    Don’t you think growing up is quite boring? when i went back to my hometown for the semester break i was like you also. Slept early and was also too lazy to go out! My friends go yum cha around 11 and by then i was already quite sleepy to go out. LOL.

  10. sweatlee says:

    cindy, haha yeahhh i need to go soon!

    sean, watch tv wtf

    bee, hahha!!

    jl, tht one need $$$! unless i learn myself la but i’m not very interested wor

    l, why i look very old ah!!

    carynn, but i’m not very interested in that…

    janice, yeah me also T___T ya i wanna go national museum actually! haha

    crystal, i dunno im asking for suggestions also T_T

    donna, hahaha! why so early!!

    shaolin, yeah man! let me know!!!

    clem, wtf i hate cheese and wine wtf

    elaine, haha! i also need to be that happening!

    sarah, you’re not alone MJ song wtf. haha yeahh same!

    yumii, hahaha!

    michelle, really? yays happy bday!

    xiangyun, thanks! hahaha wtf damn boring T_T

    pingping, actually very happening wht! wtf hahah

    magnolia, hmm actually we do the things on your list all the time! but i still feel like im very boring T_T but thanks anyway!

    cryst, hahahah worse la u!!!

    ed, WTF hahaha!

    lisa, hahaha really ah? ok lets go wtf. i also got pool can come here also haha

    kai, eh now u want me to have kids pulak wtf

    chef mel, hahah yeah same la. cannot like this!!must go out wtf

  11. Magnolia says:

    Then you are actually NOT a boring person. Life dont hv to be wow wow wow to be exciting…kekeke

    Actually life can be quite mandane after a while. Even more when you start to work full time so enjoy your student life while it last.

    You are doing fine. Go double date with Audrey and Tim. Let them rub their mushiness into you and Barry. 😛

  12. Mindy says:

    well me and my bf have been together for quite long too (but not as long as u) which is um, almost 4 years >.>

    and be rest assured that your boredom level is very normal because my life’s like that too!

    and guess wat, we go to movies like, uh, only once a month. our favourite activity(s) would be shopping at…. ready to know where? TESCO @ MUTIARA DAMANSARA wtf.

    once in a while we have dinner with our friends back from his uni days or my ex coursemates.

    but, that’s only once in a while >.>

    and also we sleep around 11 every night and wake up before 730!

    crap now after stating all that out i think you can call me boring instead. T_T

  13. Fuzzy! says:

    Cis, cannot lawan me. I’m the boringestest and most absolutely boredestest person around, ok. Single summore. Clubbing’s not my thing summore because too geeky. Bo lui summore. Don’t steal my title, ok wtf.

  14. sweatlee says:

    aud, WTF hahah

    juanz, WTF hahaha!! im gonna see lil’ jon, are you? nooo

    que, yeah i might do it sometime soon!

    magnolia, haha we’re mushy enough as it is!

    missfiona, yeap i was there! haha

    gin, wed?? working the next day how wei wtf

    teycindy, im going!! where u get the tickets!

    mindy, hahaha quite fun wht tesco wtf. yeah just like me T_T

    kai, no wtf

    bavani, okie i will!

    eevon, but very expensive one right!

    fuzzy, hahaha wtf!! at least u;re gonna be a doctor wtf

  15. Etcetera says:

    Wrong numberers hanging up right after finding out they’ve called the wrong number without as much as apologizing or saying a word annoys the living daylight out of me. Exciting, err no. One of the ruddest things you can ever do to a person. Ugh~! Though some are stupid enough to call back moments later to double check, giving me the pleasure of returning the favour. TAKE THAT YOU MO’FO! wtf

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