MDG CONtest Hype


If you are one of those special ones who are interested in applying to US colleges and universities, we’re organizing a workshop for you! It’s going to be a 3 day workshop (1, 2 and 15 August) and it’ll only cost you RM25 for all 3 days. There’ll be guide on which college to apply to, a whole run-through on the application process and even mock interviews and resume reviews. Great event to go to if you are interested in studying in the US. More info here.

(I’ll be there too!)


Bad news: I’m sick T_____T

Good news: I don’t have to go to work! And I don’t think it’s A(H1N1) either since I’m not coughing or down with fever

Good news: I had the most happening weekend ever!

Bad news: I accidentally deleted all the pictures in my camera, hence there isn’t any proof of my happening weekend T____T Happening weekend also made me sicker 🙁

OK so today I shall blog about my haircut at Shawn Cutler!


So I guess I have nothing to blog about *gloom

You can all go now, there’s nothing to see here…

Sigh it’s ok since I’m awake at 9am and I don’t have to go to work, I shall talk about it even without the pictures.

Here’s the long story.

Thanks to my this post about Malaysian Dreamgirl, I won myself a RM500 makeover package from Shawn Cutler and a mini HP laptop! Yeah very exciting right?? So lucky right?! I thought so too. I was crazy excited when I first found out TWO months ago that I won all these.

So fast forward a few weeks later. I came back to Malaysia and was so eager to get that voucher from Shawn Cutler cause my hair really looked like shit. The thing is, I had to go through so many parties to get that voucher. I had to go through  Capxion Media (the organizer) and they had to get it from Shawn Cutler.

Now I don’t know whose fault this is but they said Shawn hadn’t prepared the voucher yet blabla so I can’t get it yet blabla….until….two months later.

Fine, so I persevered and stuck to my ugly hair. A few of you asked why didn’t I just go get my hair dyed and cut and this is why– cause I’m getting this voucher and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

Oh yeah, in the midst of the excitement of getting this voucher, I completely forgot about the laptop. Suddenly, sometime in July (2 months after I won the laptop), I got a call informing me that Capxion’s office was broken into. And guess what? My laptop was stolen……

But guess what again? The thieves didn’t steal my voucher wtf. I wasn’t very upset although I did feel like I was being scammed cause godammit I just want to color and cut my hair!!!!!

So lalala, I went through a whole lot of trouble to get the voucher and happy me got the voucher and went to Shawn Cutler two weeks ago.

Since the voucher is worth RM500 (as stated in the website), I was expecting a cut, color, treatment package. BUT! When I finally went all the way to Bangsar, Shawn told me that nooo, the voucher is only for ONE measly haircut. Right Shawn/Capxion, so now I AM being scammed. RM500 for one haircut?

At that moment, I truly felt like a donkey with a carrot dangling in front of him, only to have that carrot taken away after he has done all his work.

So I went back home with utmost disappointment. At night, Tim helped me and called up the CEO of Capxion Media and demanded for an explanation. After a whole lot of going back and forth, he finally agreed to compensate me with a goody bag worth RM400 and promised to get me the laptop once they get their insurance money (which will take 1 month)

I don’t want some stupid goody bag which is probably not worth RM400 and is probably filled with things I don’t want and don’t need anyway!!

But alas, what can I do? Tim went through a lot of trouble to help me and the CEO decided to throw in another RM100 cash. He said Shawn was the one who refused to give that RM500 makeover package although it was written in the agreement. But Shawn told me he was never told that it’ll cost him RM500 per package.

Right….so I’m back to being that donkey again.

Whatever it is, I’m just retelling the story as it is without being biased, cause I really don’t know who is at fault here. All I know is both parties are not delivering what they had promised!

But I don’t think there’s anything else I can do so I just accepted the stupid goody bag and got my haircut at Shawn Cutler yesterday. Nothing much to rave about the haircut cause my hair still looks the same hohum. Well, at least they massaged my neck now I feel like all my stress has been relieved wtf

So yeah, lesson learnt. I was too happy and excited about winning those prizes, hence the disappointment that followed was magnified ten times more. Like they say, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Wah got idiom somemore wtf

p.s: did anyone notice the pun in my title!


  1. judy says:

    so buruk siku! offer things already then take them back how can they do businness like this? whether it’s shawn cutler or capxion it just reflects really badly on them.

  2. kennysia says:

    Eh Suet, your deleted pics can recover one. Pinkpau also deleted her photos (actually I accidentally deleted her photos. HEHE)

    Anyway, just bring it to any computer shop in Lowyat and they can do it one. Just don’t use the SD card until then. If not, lemme know when I head over to KL again this coming weekend and I help you do it lah.

  3. Amanda says:

    WHAT?!? No wonder u’re so angry.. and seriously, RM500 for a haircut?! that’s… preposterous!!

    I didn’t notice your ‘pun intended’ title at first. lol. then i scroll back up and.. oh~~ LOL!

  4. norick says:

    Yo kesian ya… It sounds like scam to me… or maybe the MDG, Capxion, Shawn will sound like me, look like me but not 100% me… LOL
    I guess this had somehow affect nuffnang reputation as well who adv the MDG contest…anyhow hope u get ur laptopla..

  5. Calvin says:

    It’s always like that, because these big fishes think that we will just forget it and get over with it. That’s what most of us would usually do. Too bad this time they are dealing with SL and SL will never let these people go until she gets the carrot cook (dunno what I’m talking but whatever lah wtf)

    Anyway, this reminds me of your experience kena con one tme ago when you were taking a flight xD

  6. yumii says:

    Horrible!! HORRIBLE!! Horriblee!!!! Like, KY said above, you’re still entitled for you mini lappie coz it’s their office got broken ino! Not your house (choi) get broken into and the lappie get stolen! THEY still have to give you the LAP TOP!!! it’s a SCAM!!!

  7. Sarah says:

    Laptop was stolen? but it’s not even your fault. They should still get you another one..and RM500 for a haircut ar..why Shawn cutler so stingy one..I will never go to shawn Cutler for my hair~! Gosh..even A cut Above doesn’t charge RM500 for a haircut lor..

  8. sweatlee says:

    jammie, yeah! dunno they say when they get insurance money lah

    aud, somemore he didnt cut my hair, some other rookie did it!

    baz, not fixed yet! must color nao

    judy, yeah! sigh

    vvens, yeah 🙁 hopefully they’ll give my laptop lah

    donna, didnt wor but i got massaged wtf

    kenny, really ah!! any comp shop can ah no need go all the way to lowyat?

    shaolin, hah?? really ah! sucksss!

    elaine, if only i could do that but no they wont give one 🙁

    esther, i was mad also! so cheating one

    tamago, he didnt cut for me also! someone else there did

    amanda, hahah smart leh! yeah tht’s so stupid!

    lilxcute, thanks let me try it!

    norick, haha yeahh! hopefully it wont affect nuffnang la cause it’s not their fault. thanks!

    calvin, yeahh i hate it when they think that way lor! so unfair for people. carrot cooked hahah!

    ky, yeah they promised to give the laptop when they get insurance money but still have to wait! 🙁

    yumii, they will i think, just not right now T_T

    sarah, yeah they’re getting me another one but have to wait lor. yeah so stingy la they rather not give and get bad publicity!

    panda, dont have la! got massage only wtf

    jen, suckss T_T

    moon, once i recover them! but all the pics not thaaat nice also la

    hq, yeah =(

  9. Erlinda says:

    yala ho.. how can rm500 only for a haircut?! unless he’s using a gold scissors or maybe when he cuts your hair, it will just stay like that for a year, and u dun have to go for a haircut ever. haihhh.. weird eh! jatuh la reputasi lepas ni….

  10. jay see says:

    this is why i nvr like to participate in any contest. make you squeeze everything from your brain, then make you excited telling you that you won but in the end, nothing. sounds like a scam 🙁

  11. leech says:

    ugh, sounds annoying but this kinda thing is actually TYPICAL in most contests being organised. last time i used to be damn gung ho over contests wan, but got pissed off when things like this happen — promise damn expensive prizes, but come out small things only (rm200 t-shirt?? and i had to take leave to collect the prize??!) or have to keep calling the organiser for the prize. have to be damn thick face la. but the good part is if you’re thick face enough and keep calling them you will surely get the prize in the end. just don’t know how long it’ll take only. good luck!!!!!!

  12. carol says:

    RM500 for a haircut WTF come back here i take you to frederic fekkai get one of the stylists there to cut also wont necessarily sampai RM500!

    seriously damn beh song lor this kind of thing. and yalor don’t let them get away with it! even if the laptop got stolen they could get you one first cos later also got insurance money to compensate anyway… wtf does it have to do with you =_________________=

    don’t CONcede to this CONcocted CONvoluted CONtest wtfwtfwtf. /lame

  13. carol says:

    and on capxion and shawn’s side, it is SUPER unprofessional to give you attitude and treatment like that. technically can even get sued for providing misleading information – you dont expect them to not have checked the information on the website? and shouldn’t capxion already have made it a pre-agreed amount with shawn cutler anyway, takkanlah simply simply state a prize amount right. takkan they so stupid.

    RM500 for the haircut. WTF. unless shawn danced and juggled glass bottles and flaming sticks while cutting your hair. =.=

  14. Ping Ping says:

    Apa ni??? Their company cannot afford a laptop is it? Must wait for insurance. Do something about it la. Poor SL..I still have two prizes in Nuffnang *RIGHT?* A bit sked now. I cannot go down to KL yet because I got classes. Might have to travel to KL in August to get them. Pray that it’s still there. But then, it’s Capxion Media and that Shawn ugly hair guy who did not give you your prizes right? So I think mine is ok.

  15. Debra Fong says:

    hello! I was one of the MDG blog contributors and they promised a RM500 goodie bag from the sponsors to us bloggers for helping cover the whole show.

    why don’t you be the judge whether my goodie bag is worth RM500?
    Inside my goodie bag was an Escada Incredible Me 75ml bottle of perfume, an Anna Sui necklace, a Beautilicious Retro Kit, 2 packets of Eyeshadow refillables -_-”, an Escada perfume sample this is damn WTF, an Escada toiletry bag -__-” and a bottle of Escada Body Lotion.

    DO YOU THINK ALL OF THAT IS WORTH RM500!??! Because i really don’t think so.
    Honestly I feel quite cheated, but then again, becoming a contributor for the blog was all for experience sake so yeah, shit happens. boooohooohoo

  16. satkuru says:

    500 bucks for a haircut ? doesn’t make sense unless it comes with all those extra stuff like treatment, colour, etc. swt.

    have to agree with sarah and cindy. for some reason there’s like a ‘short’ theme going on in shawn cutler.

    … and yeah i noticed your title, LOL. if it was me and i am not getting the notebook (couldn’t care less on the voucher), i would go bonkers. like leech, i also couldn’t care less on competition after numerous bad experiences -_-!

    anyway i read your earlier entry on the hairdos, MDG & shawn aside, i thought it was one hilarious entry. HAHAHAHA. LMAO !

  17. Claire says:

    poor suet, so bad lar them.. I feel like they conned you. $ 500 just for a haircut, unreasonable. Arghh!
    anyway, try asking them for your lappie soon. I hope you won’t go through another hassle for that. =)

  18. Ting says:

    free prizes often liddat one..when u are so happy u receive sth free, the next minute u go and retrieve the present, all the excited feelings gone.
    people suspicious eh tis is real o not de..hey come on, even if i dun hav voucher, i oso can afford the things la..
    swt..contest isn’t tht good even though u win..tht’s the thing i realize

  19. Chien Teng says:

    Ouch 🙁 Poor you. That was very unreasonable of them lah seriously, they should at least confirm & KNOW what they’re offering when they organise these things.

    Cheer up kay & make sure you get that mini laptop 😛

  20. polka says:

    i’ve been reading your blog for a long time but never commented. This time i applaud to your courage in writting out the truth. I hope the power of words will help you~ and yeah, i will never go to that shawn cutler place to cut my hair and will tell all my friends and relatives so too. And yeah, will boycott MDG too. I really look down on how they settle this very small problem.

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