Before the school starts..

Two more days before the school starts and everyone is going out like crazy now! I know people who just decided to go Macau or fly to Korea these few days just because they can. As for me, I like HK too much so I’m going to explore this place first before going to China or elsewhere.

On Saturday, I went out with two other Malaysians who have been there for a long time! We went to Causeway Bay for some makeup shopping! Mmm now we’re talking business.

In the mini bus to the city. Mini busses are like vans and it’s so funny cause you have to shout for the driver to stop whenever you want to stop and the first few days, I was so nervous to do that! I would practice what I wanted to shout over and over again in my head and then miss my stop wtf

Causeway Bay and the sea of people! I’m always so amused by the amount of people. Not irritated, don’t hate it, but very amused.

I actually quite enjoy the crowd! Makes me feel alive somehow.

Causeway Bay at night. The streets are actually very cooling cause shops from left and right will blast their aircon so if you walk in the middle, it feels so nice!

Stopped by the famous Hui Lau San for their famous mango lo. HLS is like HK’s version of starbucks!

Citrine my amazing guide and I.

Debra who is also from Malaysia!


To be honest, it’s good but expensive too! $40 for this (RM20) and I actually didn’t feel like it’s amazing or anything.

Dim Sum the next morning! The siew mais are reaaally good. The meal cost us $60 per person ouch!

Super yummy roast goose and char siew. Suuuuper yummy!

Famous egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery!

Quite expensive for an egg tart ($4.50) but it’s so goddamn worth it I tell you. Seriously I’m like a HUGE fan of egg tarts and I’ve tried sooo many egg tarts from all over but nothing beats this. It does look a little gross here but it’s fucking orgasmic and the pastry is so soft and crumbly and the egg part is pure heaven. (pardon my french but it was thaaat good)

Shit I should have gotten more but what the heck I have 4 months here! Breakfast lunch dinner!

Went to the beach next! I didn’t want to go at first cause it was 2pm and it was soooo hot and I hate beaches but I told myself that I cannot be lazy or I’ll end up having no friends and will have to stay in my room and eat alone forever wtf

Beach was like 15 minutes away. What is there not to like about Hong Kong?

This is Michael doing the funniest thing ever. He was digging a hole to make a seat for himself hahahahha. He says EVERYone in Germany does it! Damn cool ok!

Andrew and a girl with her tongue out wtf. He’s such a bad camwhore cause he didn’t wait for me to get ready first T_T

The rest getting ready to swim. We’re a pretty diversed group actually! We have people from Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, America and Malaysia (me)!

Michael took my camera and snapped a picture of Jon and his..uh..nipples wtf

And someone’s butt..Maybe he secretly likes guys wtf

I see he’s very proud of his manmade seat hahaha

Had Ajisen Ramen for dinner and it was sooo good! So much better than the one in Malaysia mmm!

Ok that’s all I’ve been doing lately. I also went clubbing on Friday night but I forgot to bring my camera to capture this very very rare moment! Seriously pictures of Suet clubbing is like worth a million dollars cause it only happens once in a blue moon wtf

But that’s all about to change soon….jeng jeng jeng

Ah I can’t wait to go to Mongkok and Shenzhen!!!


Hong Kong: The Beginning

Chehhhh my title like some cheesy movie/book title only. Anyway, I’m all settled down in HK already! In case you forgot/never read my previous 2392 posts before, I’m here in HK for a semester-long exchange program! I’m in HKU so anyone who’s nearby and who wants to show me around, please let me know! I’m seriously quite desperate to meet locals wtf

Thank you for all your well-wishes but I’m fine now! I managed to get the right bus here and everything worked out well =D

Sorry I look super gross here but I want to show you my super big pimple! This is after ONE week and after I’ve popped it THREE times. It’s poisonous I tell you! Maybe that’s why everyone kept looking at me wtf

This is my room! I was actually pleasantly surprised at how spacious it is cause I’ve seen pictures of rooms that are smaller than store rooms! But my hall is far from campus so I guess that’s why rooms are bigger.

This. is. so. upsetting!!!

I actually have to buy a prepaid card for the airconditioner and if I turn it on, I see the meter running and my money going down T____T

Worst thing is, my room doesn’t have a freaking fan! So I’m forced to turn on the aircon! Anyway I got a table fan so it’s better now.

My view. I actually have an amazing view of the sea! But my hall is sort of under construction right now so this is my ugly view T_T

While waiting for my roommate!

Pimple is a lot smaller now phew. I’m going to do a post on my this makeup next! This is my favorite eyeshadow color =D

Got double eyelid for my smaller eye cause I used the sticker!

I’m so excited cause there are SASAs everywhereeeeeeee here in HK and they look super amazing from outside. Makeup makeup and more makeup *salivates to death. Can’t wait to go into one! They seriously have one Sasa on EVERY street.

Today, I went to the city with my roommate and her mom. They are Swedish but have been living in Malaysia for a long time now :D

The char chan tengs here are sooo packed during lunch time. It’s crazy!

I seriously wish I can read Chinese T_T Most of the signs and menus are in Chinese!

These bamboo scaffolding thingies are so amazing. How can bamboos be so strong? And they’re only tied together with flimsy looking strings!

I haven’t camwhored in forever! Forever=3 days hehe.

That bottle I was holding? It was $8. RM4 for a bottle of mineral water. I really need to get used to the prices here. An average price for a meal here is $30-40 (RM15-20). Ouch! I miss RM4 chicken rice now :(

Otherwise, HK seems like an amazing place to be. I haven’t found someone who likes shopping and eating as much as I do, so I’ll be exploring alone for these few days first. That way, I can spend hoursss in Sasa without worrying!

I think I’ll really grow to love this place.


Flying High

I’m leaving tomorrow morning T______T My flight is at 7am so I have to be there at 5am so I have to leave my house at 4am so I have to wake up at 3am FML FML FML. I think I should just stay awake and stone till 3! But then I wouldn’t have enough energy for a loooong day tomorrow.

Sigh I’m actually so scared and nervous for tomorrow! I arrive at noon and I don’t even know what to do T__T I have to go to the campus myself which is an hour away by bus and get everything settled. The campus is not walking distance from my dorm and I’ll have to take a bus there to register myself! OMG so scary!

And the scariest part is my friends say they don’t really speak English in HK! Like I have to ask for directions and stuff in Cantonese….I thought my cantonese was reasonable but come to think of it, I don’t even know how to say university wtf.

Arghhhh I’m so nervous and scared!!! MOREOVER, I HAVE THE BIGGEST PIMPLE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. Serious I’m seriously saying this with the straightest face in the world. What if everyone looks at me weirdly because of said pimple and refuse to give me directions?? What if my new friends think I’m uncool because of said pimple and won’t want to eat with me??

I was packing my bag just now and when I finished I felt so happy cause I managed to pack everything under 20kg! Then I strolled out of my room in pride and saw this hugeee mountain of shoes I was supposed to bring. Oh shit. I think I should bring less clothes cause I’ll surely shop a lot in HK and come back with twice the amount I brought! But I can’t do without any of these clothes or shoes..gahhh

Anyway I better go sleep now T_T Don’t want to leave tomorrow…….I can never get used to leaving no matter how many times I’ve done it before =(

Just now I didn’t send Barry off cause I needed to pack my stuff so we had one of the worst farewells ever. They sent me off at the Petronas station behind my house on their way to the airport so I said the saddest goodbye in the saddest voice with the saddest face ever and he kissed me and that was it.

FUCK YOU LDR WE CAN SO BEAT YOU AND GET OVER THIS SHIT JUST YOU SEE! But damn, it’s going to be really hard. 12-hour time difference and lousy skype/msn connections, here we go again.

Thank god the flight to HK is only 4 hour long and there’s no time difference so I don’t have to get rid of jetlag whatsoever. I’ll update when I get the chance! New chapter in my life begins now!


Say you’ll stay forever

Attn: If you joined the Lurve Affair contest or know someone who did, check out the review of the contest live on 8TV! Tune in tomorrow night (25th) at 11.30pm!


Wow I didn’t realize I haven’t blogged in so long! Ok considerably long seeing that I haven’t been busy at all these past few days. So I’m leaving Malaysia again in three days. I don’t know why but I’m not at all happy about it eventhough I’m going to an entirely different and very new environment. Excited? Not really too. Argh I’ve planned this exchange to Hong Kong since two years ago, how can I not be excited about it now??

Seriously all I want to do is to graduate and to stay here forever T___T Stupid girl! Everyone wishes that they can go back to their college days and here I am wishing the opposite. Truth is I just don’t want to be separated from my boyfriend, family and friends again. Le sigh such is life.

Anyway I’m not in the mood to blog much right now sorry :( I dread going to sleep everyday cause then it’ll be time for me to leave again and the whole LDR cycle starts again. But here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is officially the WORST fried rice ever in the history of mankind. The recipe: some meat, some rice, some tomato puree thingy I found in the fridge, an egg and bad cooking skills wtf

The maggi goreng I cooked for Barry was quite amazing though!

Went to Pavilion for lunch the other day. Don’t know what’s wrong with me these days cause I don’t feel like putting makeup anymore *gasps

Lunch at this Italian place called Michelangelo’s which was actually pretty nice.

The set lunch is around RM39.90 and comes with an appetizer, main, dessert and coffee! Quite worth it! The service wasn’t that good though cause this stupid woman who served us was so grumpy to us but was friendly to some angmohs next to us! Like we cannot pay ah wtf

Went to pyramid the next day cause we’re happening and cool like that wtf. Also without makeup that’s why no camwhore shots T_T

These days I feel like putting on makeup is such a waste of time cause I have to remove it later. Also, I feel like the time spent on putting makeup is better spent on seeing my boyfriend cause we’re gonna be separated again T_____T Emo sial

Barry also very emo that’s why he wore all black!

Drove to KL to get my Chinese visa done! Yays now I can go to Shenzhen for cheap clothes and food! Any readers in Hong Kong/Shenzhen/Guangdong/nearby areas, do email me so we can meet up and you can show me around ok!

Going to Sg Wang tomorrow for some last minute shopping! Gah I have to start packing too T_______T I just feel like chopping myself up in pieces and stuffing myself into Barry’s luggage so he can bring me with him. Aww how romantic I can so imagine his happy face upon finding pieces of my chopped body and limbs in his bag wtf


My Makeup Routine

Before I start this post, let me clarify that this is only based on my own experience and thus that’s why I called this post my makeup routine and not How To Put On Makeup. I’m still a noob at applying makeup so feel free to enlighten me further on better techniques!

I have a few makeup routines actually: for days when I have no time to do much, for days when I have 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour etc so how much I put on my face has a linear correlation with how much time I actually have. Not only that, it also depends on where I’m going and on what time of the day as well wtf. Wow I didn’t know I actually take all these into consideration before applying my makeup haha

Anyway this routine is on a Sunday (=very hot so very little powder less it’ll all melt) in Penang (=extremely hot so no dark eyeshadows or the dark pigments will melt into my eyelids wtf own theory) and I was supposed to go sightseeing (tons of sunblock) and I had about 30 minutes to do my makeup (plenty of time!)

1. After moistrurizing my face, I applied some BB cream as base and then put on some powder. Liquid foundation is way too heavy for me so I use Bare Minerals’ powder.

(I know I should trim my brows so that they’re not that dark and in so much contrast with my lighter hair but it’s too much trouble to have to draw your brows everyday! plus I’m so used to having thick Shin Chan brows already *wiggle eyebrows)

2. I used a blusher brush (I use the same kabuki brush for powder and blush) and applied blusher on my cheeks with upwards motion.

I’m putting this picture not because I’m assuming my readers are too stupid to know where to apply blusher but because when I just started applying makeup, I really appreciated detailed step by step guide so I’m guessing some people might too.

3. Lined the bottom of my eyes with pencil eyeliner

4. Applied pink shimmery eyeshadow on my upper lids with a sponge applicator. I’m going for light makeup so I only used one shade. Oh yeah, I used my Urban Decay primer before that as well or the colors will fade easily.

(sorry lips chapping so had to use Vaseline)

5. Eyeliner on top! I like liquid eyeliner for my upper lids cause it shows a lot more and doesn’t smudge. You really need a steady hand for this but I’ve miraculously done this in the car before!

6. I never used to curl my lashes but now it’s an important step for me!

7. Applied my Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara. I still like Majolica’s mascara more which I will use in my next makeup post!

8. Last step! which is also the hardest one for me. Applied mascara on my bottom lashes. So far, only one mascara does the best job and the rest totally failed in comparison. I used Maybelline’s Volume Express :)

All done! My makeup looks a lot heavier with flash but it’s actually lighter than this.

Oh yeah an optional step that I forgot. Lined the inside of my eyes with silver eyeshadow to make my eyes look bigger. Well, that’s what they say it’ll do but I don’t see much difference..

Without flash

I didn’t use concealer cause I forgot and I never use lipsticks/lipgloss cause my lips are too dry for that.

This is after 5 hours of sightseeing and sweating my bodily fluid off! And this is my new hair color which is a lot lighter than this T__T I look a bit lala right now wtf

So yeap, that’s my usual makeup routine for hot sweltering days and for days when I have 30 minutes to spare!

Actually writing makeup posts is quite fun but I think these posts look a little too self-obsessed..I don’t know if people would like visiting a blog with 2183931 pictures of the same person wtf.

But if this helps anyone at all and if you don’t mind reading this in the future, let me know! I still have makeup routines for cold days, for days when you have 10 minutes to spare or 1 hour, for dinner dates, for days when you feel very lazy, adventurous, lovesick, depressed, happy, excited, moody..hahah no lah kidding! I’m not thaaat good at this.

Going to get my eyebrows shaped tomorrow! Not going to make them thinner, just less unruly. You can tell I really need that right now.


Weekend in Penang

I went to Penang last weekend with the Oois minus Audrey cause she had to do Project Alpha! (will be revealed in her blog later)

This time in Penang, I made it a mission to capture the hard work behind all that marvelous food. All that sweat and dedication poured into making all those amazing Penang food is totally worth capturing!

Oh yeah, some of them are taken in Bidor actually. Yummy yam kok!

This time, aside from being gluttons, we also went sightseeing! This is one of the numerous temples we visited.

Barry and I in front of some kongsi’s temple.

This used to be a secret passage! Coolio..

The courtyard inside and an old man carefully snipping on his bonsai plant. I’m constantly amused at how passionate these old people are in what they do, be it cooking or taking care of a temple :)

Next, we went to one of the few jetty communities in Penang. This is the Chew Jetty, the longest jetty with the most houses!

Me with my broken umbrella T____T It’s my favorite umbrella and now it’s broken :( Don’t care I’ll still use it!

Oh yeah you may notice that I’m still wearing the exact same outfit I wore to Malacca and various other places. That’s cause this is my comfort outfit to combat the sweltering heat. The shirt is very thin and hence encourages air circulation wtf. The skirt is quite poofy and thus enables the wind to caress my sweaty legs wtf.

I love this nostalgic looking shop on the jetty! I can so imagine myself as a kid growing up here and eyeing the snacks and candies from this shop =D

Aww, I really wouldn’t mind waking up everyday to this calm scenery.

Except that it’s kinda scary to be walking in a house built on stilts..and it’s kinda gross when the tide is low..

And I probably shouldn’t ever wear heels here

Uncle Ooi commented on how life is almost at a standstill here and how true that is! This old woman was staring into space in this exact position when we walked past her. We walked past her again 30 minutes later and she was still in the exact position! This fact made me feel at peace somehow when I was there.

After that, we went and got some coconuts!

Barry eating his coconut with his coconut spoon.

I actually really like Penang cause it has so much history. Aren’t you Penangnites proud of your hometown! Anyway that’s all! I took a lot more pictures but those are for my makeup post next. I think I’ll write on my makeup routine! That’s if I have a lot of female readers who’re interested lah.

p.s: i’m going for a skin checkup/analysis thing by Cellnique! Best advertorial everrrr ♥


My Best Purchases

I have been stuck at home this entire week cause Barry is sick! I really hope it’s nothing serious =S I’m a little upset at first since this is our second last week here and we couldn’t go anywhere :( but, how can I be upset at a sick boy who needs all the loving he can get T__T

Anyway now that I’ve sorted out most of the mailing list stuff, I can now blog again! Except that I don’t know what to blog about.. hmm.

OK I know what to blog about! I’m going to talk about all my best purchases so far!

Beauty-related purchases

When I first bought Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil, EVERYONE looked at me in doubt and in shock. Did Suet just spend RM250 on…oil??

I always find myself in deep financial shit when I return from abroad cause I’m still stuck in that USD/Pounds/Euro mode and when I convert RM to USD, it doesn’t seem thaaat bad so I always always overspend in my first week back in Msia. (It’s stupid cause when I’m abroad, I always convert everything to RM wtf)

So I’ve been wanting to get this for ages! I’ve heard about the miracle that is Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil and I just…bought it…without thinking T_____T

At first I regretted it like crazy! Everyone was laughing at how stupid I was when I could just use a much cheaper makeup remover and I was moping in regret for a long time. (oh by the way this cleansing oil is for removing makeup or for deep cleansing).

Anywayyy I can now safely say that this is one of my best purchases ever after using it for two months! Why:

1. the whole bottle can last me for at least 1.5 years! I don’t use thaaat much of it each time.

2. no more tugging on my skin when removing makeup! I just have to gently massage it and the makeup comes out easily. Most makeup removers I’ve used result in me tugging on the sensitive areas around my eyes so much that I think I’ll get wrinkles soon. Besides, I can use this for eyes and face!

Mineral makeup is so amazing for sensitive skin like mine! I use Bare Minerals and I like it a lot cause it doesn’t look that heavy like other types of foundation. Comes with SPF 30 too!

And that $10 brush is sooo good ♥

Colored contact lenses!

Why oh why haven’t I discovered you earlier? Look at my boring and dull Before eye! Not only do I have perfect eyesight now, I also look a lot fresher and more mysterious (when I wear the grey ones lah)

The downside is you get too dependent on them and won’t feel like putting on your makeup without them. Also, don’t know why but even after three months, I still can’t wear them without feeling uncomfortable.

Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto! Don’t think it’s out yet in Msia but it’s my favorite mascara now after Majolica’s. It doesn’t clump at all and yet is still good enough to make my lashes thicker. Cheap drugstore makeup is heaven for poor students like me!

Urban Decay’s Primer Potion!

This is possibly the most I’ve ever spent on makeup. It’s $20 (RM75) but I cannot live without it now. You apply this on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow so the colors show more and will last longer. I use it very carefully so I still have more than half left even after 4 months!

Fashion-related purchases

I’m sure everyone recognizes this white tshirt cause I wear it like..everyday wtf. Heh it’s my super favorite tshirt cause it’s sooo comfy and goes well with anything. It’s quite expensive for a t-shirt but at the rate I’m wearing it now, it’s my most worthy purchase ever!

My red belt, which I wear with every outfit wtf. As you can see, I don’t give a shit about rewearing my clothes and stuff. I got this belt 3 years ago and it has served me so well. I know it looks really boring and plain but you should always have a few belts like this!

And lastly, my ultimate best purchases are always from Sg Wang!

These four items are all from the RM15/RM25 shops. Those are shops that sell EVERYTHING for RM25 but you cannot try them on at all. It’s not easy finding something nice amongst all the other lala-ish clothes but if there’s a will, there’s a way!

Those RM25 shops are truly amazing because not only do they allow me to shop while being my kiamsiap self, they also provide much excitement in my life. You have no idea how it feels to suddenly stumble upon something nice ok! Also, because you can’t try on the clothes, you get super excited after you buy them cause you really want to know if they’ll look good on you.

And if they do…seriously, the feeling is like you just won a jackpot or something wtf. The clouds will open up and the angels will sing with their harps and all that wonderful shit wtf.

The beige dress on upper right is unfortunately not one of those wtf. It’s totally not my style at all but I bought it anyway just to be adventurous but it doesn’t look too good on me I think.

The black one on bottom right is my favorite!! It’s so chiffon-y and has ruffles too! It looks a lot better in real life and with a belt.. but pokoknya, it’s super nice ♥

I want to continue this post with other purchases but I have to go cook dinner now! That’s what is expected of you when you’re at home all day =__= Biggest dilemma all day: what to cook!

p.s: i’m going to penang for three days so i won’t be doing my mailing list thing. if you haven’t received my email, then be patient ok!


Mailing List

Dear readers,

I’ve decided to come up with a new mailing list since the last one was done two years ago. This time, I’m going to make this a little more exclusive since most of my password protected posts are very personal. I’m sorry if you don’t like how this works but if I was going to divulge something so personal to people, I would at least like to know their basic information.

Last time, I had people commenting on why they read my blog and talk about themselves but I won’t do this anymore cause then those information go public and not everyone will like that. Hence, I think submitting those info straight to me might be the best way.

If you would like to be included in the mailing list, please fill up this form with your REAL name, email address and in the message, I would like you to talk about yourself in general (not your whole life story wtf) and any other information you would like me to know about you. I will then email you the passwords to this and future password protected posts.


-I deserve the right to not email you the password if I don’t want to. I’ve actually gotten emails demanding me to give them my password as if I’m legally bound to do so! Hmmp.

-Not every single password protected post is meant for the public although you might be in the mailing list. If I posted a password protected post and did not send you the password, then I’m not opening it up. Please please remember this T__T

I know this is a little annoying, like I’m so big of a deal that I need an ‘exclusive’ mailing list thing, but I hope you understand how important and personal these posts are to me. I really want to share my innermost thoughts with other people but I have to limit this for fear of putting myself at risk in the future.

Also, I’m closing the mailing list once it reaches 1000 readers. Too few seems unfair to those who might be too busy to see this post now, and too many seems to defeat the purpose of having it protected. I hope this is a good number..

Thanks again for reading me guys! You guys are the best readers I could have ever asked for ♥

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What-I-Have-Been-Up-To Post!

I was at the child care center all week taking care of the children so I haven’t been doing much lately. Anyway that was my last week of work so now I’m back to being a bum! Yays!

Just bought this pink velcro thing! You use it to push your hair up when you’re doing your makeup/washing face etc and it’s better than using headbands cause it won’t leave a mark! Not super useful though wtf


After 2 months of working, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch! Went to Top Hat for lunch with Aud, Tim, Jammie and Tat.

(It’s a nice place but the food isn’t that amazing)

Talking about something funny I think

Wooo serious face tat wtf

With Barry

With everyone!

Shit lah I haven’t lost any weight despite having cut down on my food intake and exercising more! Let me show you this super fucking fat picture of me in Tim’s camera.

Seriously wtf!!! It doesn’t help that the camera is nearer to me  and I was slouching wtf

I can’t go to Hong Kong when my arms are as thick as a tree trunk! I guess the only solution to this is…not go to Hong Kong wtf

Hahahah seriously no lah it’s just the angle wtf *delusional

Last picture before my camera died on me T_T

Argh I hate how when I gain weight, it’ll all go to my back, shoulders and arms and that will make me look super huge! (still not over it wtf). I’ve tried swimming but it only made me look bulkier T__T Other cardio activities didn’t help to, I’ve tried. I guess I’ll have to go to the gym and do weights, which I hate the most…

ok i’m not gonna talk about being fat again! cause i know it gets annoying.

p.s: Next post will be password protected but please don’t email me for password! I will only email the password to those in the mailing list and it’s already closed so sorry! But I’ll think of a way to include new readers too..somehow. Does anyone know how to create a mailing list form or something that’ll make it easier?