HIHI ^.^

Hello! sorry I’ve disappeared for so long which is quite unlike me but I haven’t been able to come online these days. I’m now working at the child care center where the children of these battered women live and they require so much of my attention that I barely have time to breathe, much less come online.

I have so much to say about these kids but that’s an entry for another day cause it’ll be a longgg one.

Yesterday, I went to the US application workshop which was amazing! Did anyone go? The hall was fully packed and there was so much enthusiasm from both the speakers and the audience. Too bad I didn’t get to speak since we ran out of time!

What else have I been doing..Sadly, I haven’t been doing much cause I’m still sick T___T I thought I have recovered but the kids at the child care center are ALL sick, so I guess I got it back from them. My mere sore throat has evolved into sporadic cough fits and I’m going to the doctor to make sure it’s not H1N1 =S Wish me luck…

Oh here are some pictures of the Hennessy event from other people’s camera:

Tim, shadowed Aud, me and Barry

With Jac, a long-time reader!

Oh yeah, after reading Aud’s entry on stupid Facebook messages, I decided to check my inbox cause I rarely do that and true enough! I found two messages like hers too!

Message: HIHI

Hey gal, can we be a friend?i just viewed your info throught the Audrey, but i do not know her neither..just think you are nice, by the way, can u tell me where is the Mt. Holyoke??


Since when FB became Friendster T______T Why must these people terrorize FB as well T_____T

Actually I don’t totally condemn strangers messaging other strangers on these social networking websites cause to be honest, that’s how Barry contacted me in the first place. (But that’s a different scenario cause we met first before he did that *reluctant to group him with these hamsaps wtf)

BUT the golden rule is, you do not say HIHI and you do not call me gal, or pretty gal, or anything that sounds gay like that. Also, the most important rule to remember is you should at least write in decent English! Then I wouldn’t have to sputter blood from my mouth and also end up choking on my own blood reading your message. Death by choking on own blood is not a very pretty sight.

Since I’m talking about blood, something exciting happened the other day!!! My life is so mundane that anything remotely exciting deserves three exclamation marks!!!

So Barry and I were driving to work one morning when we suddenly saw a guy lying by the side of the road. It was weird cause he was lying near the divider so he couldn’t possibly be sleeping right?? There wasn’t any blood but there were some bruises so we were pretty worried for him.

We couldn’t stop since the traffic was moving so I called 999 to report this. Note: My first time calling 999! I just found out that it’s 999 and not 911 in Malaysia. My hand was shaking when I made that call cause it’s such a new experience *big wet eyes

Anywayyy, I reported this and they said they’ll send someone over but I’m not sure what happened next. Did anyone see the man? It was on the highway from Subang to Federal!

(yeah so this doesn’t have anything to do with blood but that’s how I tie two topics together so it doesn’t sound too awkward so just let me be! wtf)