A Toast to the Best Man

A Toast to the Best Man

I got an email once, asking me the secret of maintaining such a long relationship when we are sometimes seas and mountains apart. To be honest, it isn’t easy being in a relationship, long distance or not. In fact, I think it’s even harder when you see each other everyday cause we tend to pick on little things to fight about.

Despite how hard it is, I think one of the reasons why we managed to hold on so long is all thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. (no thanks to me seriously, I only know how to pick fights wtf) He has been the most patient man I’ve met and I’m always amazed at how he could withstand all the challenges in sustaining our relationship.

When I was asked to write this Honda advertorial where I was supposed to nominate one person in my life who possesses certain themes and qualities, I wasn’t sure who I should pick.

The themes:

1. Challenge
Standing up to challenges in life, even against all odds, and succeed in accomplishing goals otherwise not achievable if not for the challenging spirit.

If I’m shameless enough, I would have so nominated myself for this! Teehee wtf

2. Refinement
The relentless pursuing of perfection, constant learning, patience, and un-ending commitment to strive for the best in everything that one does.

I think upon reading this, most of you would have guessed that I will nominate Barry for this. So, I was very determined to NOT nominate him cause otherwise there wouldn’t be any elements of surprise in my blog wtf. I wanted everyone to think I would nominate him and then go tada! See, my life is not all about him!

But after thinking sooo soooo hard, I found out that aside from my mother, I don’t know anyone who embodies these two qualities as much as he does. So, as much as I don’t want to choose him, I had to cause he’s the only one who would do these stupid videos with me.

Watch these videos to find out!

1. Standing up to challenges (aka me wtf)


2. Being patient

Scenes in these videos only show a very tiny part of how much he has to put up with. I’m not kidding when I say I’m a very difficult person to live with sometimes (but when I’m not difficult, I’m a super amazing girlfriend! But those moments are quite rare wtf)

I think I’ve written A LOT about how we’ve persevered throughout our long term and long distance relationship, but the truth is that he’s the one holding us together through the challenge of keeping our relationship alive.

The distance really gets to me sometimes, and I end up taking it out on him, and I’ve even asked him a few times for a break from each other, but he’s been infinitely patient and has always clung on because he “knows something is worth fighting for when he sees it.” (aka me lah awww wtf)

Where mere men would have thrown in the towel after my first tantrum, he’s been the calm stabilizing factor in standing up to Distance and saying “Bugger off, you’re not getting in between Suet and I!” So yah, if standing up to Distance and The Temperamental Moods of Suet isn’t challenging enough, then I don’t know what is wtf.

Anyway, you readers have read about how great a boyfriend Barry is to me already. So do you think he should be nominated?

If you have someone in mind that embodies either one or both of these themes, do visit the Honda website to nominate someone. You can also view the current nominations for inspiration and check out the contest details!

Now if only I have a boyfriend who’s a blogger who will blog about me like this too *BIG HINT TO BARRY OOI* 

Why do I blog about how great a boyfriend he is all the time and how bad a girlfriend I am now his harga saham is damn high and mine is probably non-existent already wtf. Pay people also they won’t take me as their girlfriend T___T