What-I-Have-Been-Up-To Post!

I was at the child care center all week taking care of the children so I haven’t been doing much lately. Anyway that was my last week of work so now I’m back to being a bum! Yays!

Just bought this pink velcro thing! You use it to push your hair up when you’re doing your makeup/washing face etc and it’s better than using headbands cause it won’t leave a mark! Not super useful though wtf


After 2 months of working, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch! Went to Top Hat for lunch with Aud, Tim, Jammie and Tat.

(It’s a nice place but the food isn’t that amazing)

Talking about something funny I think

Wooo serious face tat wtf

With Barry

With everyone!

Shit lah I haven’t lost any weight despite having cut down on my food intake and exercising more! Let me show you this super fucking fat picture of me in Tim’s camera.

Seriously wtf!!! It doesn’t help that the camera is nearer to meĀ  and I was slouching wtf

I can’t go to Hong Kong when my arms are as thick as a tree trunk! I guess the only solution to this is…not go to Hong Kong wtf

Hahahah seriously no lah it’s just the angle wtf *delusional

Last picture before my camera died on me T_T

Argh I hate how when I gain weight, it’ll all go to my back, shoulders and arms and that will make me look super huge! (still not over it wtf). I’ve tried swimming but it only made me look bulkier T__T Other cardio activities didn’t help to, I’ve tried. I guess I’ll have to go to the gym and do weights, which I hate the most…

ok i’m not gonna talk about being fat again! cause i know it gets annoying.

p.s: Next post will be password protected but please don’t email me for password! I will only email the password to those in the mailing list and it’s already closed so sorry! But I’ll think of a way to include new readers too..somehow. Does anyone know how to create a mailing list form or something that’ll make it easier?