Mailing List

Mailing List

Dear readers,

I’ve decided to come up with a new mailing list since the last one was done two years ago. This time, I’m going to make this a little more exclusive since most of my password protected posts are very personal. I’m sorry if you don’t like how this works but if I was going to divulge something so personal to people, I would at least like to know their basic information.

Last time, I had people commenting on why they read my blog and talk about themselves but I won’t do this anymore cause then those information go public and not everyone will like that. Hence, I think submitting those info straight to me might be the best way.

If you would like to be included in the mailing list, please fill up this form with your REAL name, email address and in the message, I would like you to talk about yourself in general (not your whole life story wtf) and any other information you would like me to know about you. I will then email you the passwords to this and future password protected posts.


-I deserve the right to not email you the password if I don’t want to. I’ve actually gotten emails demanding me to give them my password as if I’m legally bound to do so! Hmmp.

-Not every single password protected post is meant for the public although you might be in the mailing list. If I posted a password protected post and did not send you the password, then I’m not opening it up. Please please remember this T__T

I know this is a little annoying, like I’m so big of a deal that I need an ‘exclusive’ mailing list thing, but I hope you understand how important and personal these posts are to me. I really want to share my innermost thoughts with other people but I have to limit this for fear of putting myself at risk in the future.

Also, I’m closing the mailing list once it reaches 1000 readers. Too few seems unfair to those who might be too busy to see this post now, and too many seems to defeat the purpose of having it protected. I hope this is a good number..

Thanks again for reading me guys! You guys are the best readers I could have ever asked for ♥

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