Weekend in Penang

Weekend in Penang

I went to Penang last weekend with the Oois minus Audrey cause she had to do Project Alpha! (will be revealed in her blog later)

This time in Penang, I made it a mission to capture the hard work behind all that marvelous food. All that sweat and dedication poured into making all those amazing Penang food is totally worth capturing!

Oh yeah, some of them are taken in Bidor actually. Yummy yam kok!

This time, aside from being gluttons, we also went sightseeing! This is one of the numerous temples we visited.

Barry and I in front of some kongsi’s temple.

This used to be a secret passage! Coolio..

The courtyard inside and an old man carefully snipping on his bonsai plant. I’m constantly amused at how passionate these old people are in what they do, be it cooking or taking care of a temple 🙂

Next, we went to one of the few jetty communities in Penang. This is the Chew Jetty, the longest jetty with the most houses!

Me with my broken umbrella T____T It’s my favorite umbrella and now it’s broken 🙁 Don’t care I’ll still use it!

Oh yeah you may notice that I’m still wearing the exact same outfit I wore to Malacca and various other places. That’s cause this is my comfort outfit to combat the sweltering heat. The shirt is very thin and hence encourages air circulation wtf. The skirt is quite poofy and thus enables the wind to caress my sweaty legs wtf.

I love this nostalgic looking shop on the jetty! I can so imagine myself as a kid growing up here and eyeing the snacks and candies from this shop =D

Aww, I really wouldn’t mind waking up everyday to this calm scenery.

Except that it’s kinda scary to be walking in a house built on stilts..and it’s kinda gross when the tide is low..

And I probably shouldn’t ever wear heels here

Uncle Ooi commented on how life is almost at a standstill here and how true that is! This old woman was staring into space in this exact position when we walked past her. We walked past her again 30 minutes later and she was still in the exact position! This fact made me feel at peace somehow when I was there.

After that, we went and got some coconuts!

Barry eating his coconut with his coconut spoon.

I actually really like Penang cause it has so much history. Aren’t you Penangnites proud of your hometown! Anyway that’s all! I took a lot more pictures but those are for my makeup post next. I think I’ll write on my makeup routine! That’s if I have a lot of female readers who’re interested lah.

p.s: i’m going for a skin checkup/analysis thing by Cellnique! Best advertorial everrrr ♥