My Makeup Routine

My Makeup Routine

Before I start this post, let me clarify that this is only based on my own experience and thus that’s why I called this post my makeup routine and not How To Put On Makeup. I’m still a noob at applying makeup so feel free to enlighten me further on better techniques!

I have a few makeup routines actually: for days when I have no time to do much, for days when I have 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour etc so how much I put on my face has a linear correlation with how much time I actually have. Not only that, it also depends on where I’m going and on what time of the day as well wtf. Wow I didn’t know I actually take all these into consideration before applying my makeup haha

Anyway this routine is on a Sunday (=very hot so very little powder less it’ll all melt) in Penang (=extremely hot so no dark eyeshadows or the dark pigments will melt into my eyelids wtf own theory) and I was supposed to go sightseeing (tons of sunblock) and I had about 30 minutes to do my makeup (plenty of time!)

1. After moistrurizing my face, I applied some BB cream as base and then put on some powder. Liquid foundation is way too heavy for me so I use Bare Minerals’ powder.

(I know I should trim my brows so that they’re not that dark and in so much contrast with my lighter hair but it’s too much trouble to have to draw your brows everyday! plus I’m so used to having thick Shin Chan brows already *wiggle eyebrows)

2. I used a blusher brush (I use the same kabuki brush for powder and blush) and applied blusher on my cheeks with upwards motion.

I’m putting this picture not because I’m assuming my readers are too stupid to know where to apply blusher but because when I just started applying makeup, I really appreciated detailed step by step guide so I’m guessing some people might too.

3. Lined the bottom of my eyes with pencil eyeliner

4. Applied pink shimmery eyeshadow on my upper lids with a sponge applicator. I’m going for light makeup so I only used one shade. Oh yeah, I used my Urban Decay primer before that as well or the colors will fade easily.

(sorry lips chapping so had to use Vaseline)

5. Eyeliner on top! I like liquid eyeliner for my upper lids cause it shows a lot more and doesn’t smudge. You really need a steady hand for this but I’ve miraculously done this in the car before!

6. I never used to curl my lashes but now it’s an important step for me!

7. Applied my Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara. I still like Majolica’s mascara more which I will use in my next makeup post!

8. Last step! which is also the hardest one for me. Applied mascara on my bottom lashes. So far, only one mascara does the best job and the rest totally failed in comparison. I used Maybelline’s Volume Express 🙂

All done! My makeup looks a lot heavier with flash but it’s actually lighter than this.

Oh yeah an optional step that I forgot. Lined the inside of my eyes with silver eyeshadow to make my eyes look bigger. Well, that’s what they say it’ll do but I don’t see much difference..

Without flash

I didn’t use concealer cause I forgot and I never use lipsticks/lipgloss cause my lips are too dry for that.

This is after 5 hours of sightseeing and sweating my bodily fluid off! And this is my new hair color which is a lot lighter than this T__T I look a bit lala right now wtf

So yeap, that’s my usual makeup routine for hot sweltering days and for days when I have 30 minutes to spare!

Actually writing makeup posts is quite fun but I think these posts look a little too self-obsessed..I don’t know if people would like visiting a blog with 2183931 pictures of the same person wtf.

But if this helps anyone at all and if you don’t mind reading this in the future, let me know! I still have makeup routines for cold days, for days when you have 10 minutes to spare or 1 hour, for dinner dates, for days when you feel very lazy, adventurous, lovesick, depressed, happy, excited, moody..hahah no lah kidding! I’m not thaaat good at this.

Going to get my eyebrows shaped tomorrow! Not going to make them thinner, just less unruly. You can tell I really need that right now.