Say you’ll stay forever

Say you’ll stay forever

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Wow I didn’t realize I haven’t blogged in so long! Ok considerably long seeing that I haven’t been busy at all these past few days. So I’m leaving Malaysia again in three days. I don’t know why but I’m not at all happy about it eventhough I’m going to an entirely different and very new environment. Excited? Not really too. Argh I’ve planned this exchange to Hong Kong since two years ago, how can I not be excited about it now??

Seriously all I want to do is to graduate and to stay here forever T___T Stupid girl! Everyone wishes that they can go back to their college days and here I am wishing the opposite. Truth is I just don’t want to be separated from my boyfriend, family and friends again. Le sigh such is life.

Anyway I’m not in the mood to blog much right now sorry 🙁 I dread going to sleep everyday cause then it’ll be time for me to leave again and the whole LDR cycle starts again. But here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is officially the WORST fried rice ever in the history of mankind. The recipe: some meat, some rice, some tomato puree thingy I found in the fridge, an egg and bad cooking skills wtf

The maggi goreng I cooked for Barry was quite amazing though!

Went to Pavilion for lunch the other day. Don’t know what’s wrong with me these days cause I don’t feel like putting makeup anymore *gasps

Lunch at this Italian place called Michelangelo’s which was actually pretty nice.

The set lunch is around RM39.90 and comes with an appetizer, main, dessert and coffee! Quite worth it! The service wasn’t that good though cause this stupid woman who served us was so grumpy to us but was friendly to some angmohs next to us! Like we cannot pay ah wtf

Went to pyramid the next day cause we’re happening and cool like that wtf. Also without makeup that’s why no camwhore shots T_T

These days I feel like putting on makeup is such a waste of time cause I have to remove it later. Also, I feel like the time spent on putting makeup is better spent on seeing my boyfriend cause we’re gonna be separated again T_____T Emo sial

Barry also very emo that’s why he wore all black!

Drove to KL to get my Chinese visa done! Yays now I can go to Shenzhen for cheap clothes and food! Any readers in Hong Kong/Shenzhen/Guangdong/nearby areas, do email me so we can meet up and you can show me around ok!

Going to Sg Wang tomorrow for some last minute shopping! Gah I have to start packing too T_______T I just feel like chopping myself up in pieces and stuffing myself into Barry’s luggage so he can bring me with him. Aww how romantic I can so imagine his happy face upon finding pieces of my chopped body and limbs in his bag wtf