Flying High

Flying High

I’m leaving tomorrow morning T______T My flight is at 7am so I have to be there at 5am so I have to leave my house at 4am so I have to wake up at 3am FML FML FML. I think I should just stay awake and stone till 3! But then I wouldn’t have enough energy for a loooong day tomorrow.

Sigh I’m actually so scared and nervous for tomorrow! I arrive at noon and I don’t even know what to do T__T I have to go to the campus myself which is an hour away by bus and get everything settled. The campus is not walking distance from my dorm and I’ll have to take a bus there to register myself! OMG so scary!

And the scariest part is my friends say they don’t really speak English in HK! Like I have to ask for directions and stuff in Cantonese….I thought my cantonese was reasonable but come to think of it, I don’t even know how to say university wtf.

Arghhhh I’m so nervous and scared!!! MOREOVER, I HAVE THE BIGGEST PIMPLE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. Serious I’m seriously saying this with the straightest face in the world. What if everyone looks at me weirdly because of said pimple and refuse to give me directions?? What if my new friends think I’m uncool because of said pimple and won’t want to eat with me??

I was packing my bag just now and when I finished I felt so happy cause I managed to pack everything under 20kg! Then I strolled out of my room in pride and saw this hugeee mountain of shoes I was supposed to bring. Oh shit. I think I should bring less clothes cause I’ll surely shop a lot in HK and come back with twice the amount I brought! But I can’t do without any of these clothes or shoes..gahhh

Anyway I better go sleep now T_T Don’t want to leave tomorrow…….I can never get used to leaving no matter how many times I’ve done it before =(

Just now I didn’t send Barry off cause I needed to pack my stuff so we had one of the worst farewells ever. They sent me off at the Petronas station behind my house on their way to the airport so I said the saddest goodbye in the saddest voice with the saddest face ever and he kissed me and that was it.

FUCK YOU LDR WE CAN SO BEAT YOU AND GET OVER THIS SHIT JUST YOU SEE! But damn, it’s going to be really hard. 12-hour time difference and lousy skype/msn connections, here we go again.

Thank god the flight to HK is only 4 hour long and there’s no time difference so I don’t have to get rid of jetlag whatsoever. I’ll update when I get the chance! New chapter in my life begins now!