Hong Kong: The Beginning

Hong Kong: The Beginning

Chehhhh my title like some cheesy movie/book title only. Anyway, I’m all settled down in HK already! In case you forgot/never read my previous 2392 posts before, I’m here in HK for a semester-long exchange program! I’m in HKU so anyone who’s nearby and who wants to show me around, please let me know! I’m seriously quite desperate to meet locals wtf

Thank you for all your well-wishes but I’m fine now! I managed to get the right bus here and everything worked out well =D

Sorry I look super gross here but I want to show you my super big pimple! This is after ONE week and after I’ve popped it THREE times. It’s poisonous I tell you! Maybe that’s why everyone kept looking at me wtf

This is my room! I was actually pleasantly surprised at how spacious it is cause I’ve seen pictures of rooms that are smaller than store rooms! But my hall is far from campus so I guess that’s why rooms are bigger.

This. is. so. upsetting!!!

I actually have to buy a prepaid card for the airconditioner and if I turn it on, I see the meter running and my money going down T____T

Worst thing is, my room doesn’t have a freaking fan! So I’m forced to turn on the aircon! Anyway I got a table fan so it’s better now.

My view. I actually have an amazing view of the sea! But my hall is sort of under construction right now so this is my ugly view T_T

While waiting for my roommate!

Pimple is a lot smaller now phew. I’m going to do a post on my this makeup next! This is my favorite eyeshadow color =D

Got double eyelid for my smaller eye cause I used the sticker!

I’m so excited cause there are SASAs everywhereeeeeeee here in HK and they look super amazing from outside. Makeup makeup and more makeup *salivates to death. Can’t wait to go into one! They seriously have one Sasa on EVERY street.

Today, I went to the city with my roommate and her mom. They are Swedish but have been living in Malaysia for a long time now 😀

The char chan tengs here are sooo packed during lunch time. It’s crazy!

I seriously wish I can read Chinese T_T Most of the signs and menus are in Chinese!

These bamboo scaffolding thingies are so amazing. How can bamboos be so strong? And they’re only tied together with flimsy looking strings!

I haven’t camwhored in forever! Forever=3 days hehe.

That bottle I was holding? It was $8. RM4 for a bottle of mineral water. I really need to get used to the prices here. An average price for a meal here is $30-40 (RM15-20). Ouch! I miss RM4 chicken rice now 🙁

Otherwise, HK seems like an amazing place to be. I haven’t found someone who likes shopping and eating as much as I do, so I’ll be exploring alone for these few days first. That way, I can spend hoursss in Sasa without worrying!

I think I’ll really grow to love this place.