Hong Kong: The Beginning

Chehhhh my title like some cheesy movie/book title only. Anyway, I’m all settled down in HK already! In case you forgot/never read my previous 2392 posts before, I’m here in HK for a semester-long exchange program! I’m in HKU so anyone who’s nearby and who wants to show me around, please let me know! I’m seriously quite desperate to meet locals wtf

Thank you for all your well-wishes but I’m fine now! I managed to get the right bus here and everything worked out well =D

Sorry I look super gross here but I want to show you my super big pimple! This is after ONE week and after I’ve popped it THREE times. It’s poisonous I tell you! Maybe that’s why everyone kept looking at me wtf

This is my room! I was actually pleasantly surprised at how spacious it is cause I’ve seen pictures of rooms that are smaller than store rooms! But my hall is far from campus so I guess that’s why rooms are bigger.

This. is. so. upsetting!!!

I actually have to buy a prepaid card for the airconditioner and if I turn it on, I see the meter running and my money going down T____T

Worst thing is, my room doesn’t have a freaking fan! So I’m forced to turn on the aircon! Anyway I got a table fan so it’s better now.

My view. I actually have an amazing view of the sea! But my hall is sort of under construction right now so this is my ugly view T_T

While waiting for my roommate!

Pimple is a lot smaller now phew. I’m going to do a post on my this makeup next! This is my favorite eyeshadow color =D

Got double eyelid for my smaller eye cause I used the sticker!

I’m so excited cause there are SASAs everywhereeeeeeee here in HK and they look super amazing from outside. Makeup makeup and more makeup *salivates to death. Can’t wait to go into one! They seriously have one Sasa on EVERY street.

Today, I went to the city with my roommate and her mom. They are Swedish but have been living in Malaysia for a long time now 😀

The char chan tengs here are sooo packed during lunch time. It’s crazy!

I seriously wish I can read Chinese T_T Most of the signs and menus are in Chinese!

These bamboo scaffolding thingies are so amazing. How can bamboos be so strong? And they’re only tied together with flimsy looking strings!

I haven’t camwhored in forever! Forever=3 days hehe.

That bottle I was holding? It was $8. RM4 for a bottle of mineral water. I really need to get used to the prices here. An average price for a meal here is $30-40 (RM15-20). Ouch! I miss RM4 chicken rice now 🙁

Otherwise, HK seems like an amazing place to be. I haven’t found someone who likes shopping and eating as much as I do, so I’ll be exploring alone for these few days first. That way, I can spend hoursss in Sasa without worrying!

I think I’ll really grow to love this place.


  1. sugar says:

    whoa, you’re in hk! i always wanted to visit hk but worry much coz i don’t speak much cantonese nor can read chinese.. lols..

    mmm.. looking forward for your makeup post.. love that eyeshadow colour! and can you do a post on how to curl hair as well? i love your curls real much.. <3

  2. Angie says:

    hahaha ur hair goes into ur shirt looks like chest hair wtf

    but u look so cute in the collage pix /boo I miss you T_____T would be so fun if me n aud is there having that sem w/ you T________________________T

  3. ubikentang says:

    You can get a decent meal in the 美心 canteen in Chong Yuet Ming building for less than HK$20. The century egg-pork porridge there is pretty good and cheap – it’s between HK$5 to 7. The Starbucks near the HKU library is also highly subsidized, you get 30% or 40% off the normal price. Also, if you want to get groceries (and happen to stay near the West gate), go down the hill and get your stuffs from Wellcome Supermarket in Westwood, it’s much cheaper there.

  4. Cheong Hao says:

    I thought they have menus in English also…don’t they??? Ask the waiter what it is, then you are good to go…haha…

    woh, the water is even more expensive then the states…don’t they have those water dispenser for you to drink them??? or just drink boil water..hehehe…

  5. jy says:

    walao u know how much i miss your camwhore pics hahaa 🙂 glad that u have fun..i really wanna go to HK wtf..char chan tengs, hawker stalls..shopping..so heaven!

  6. Lucy says:

    LOL at baz’s comment on fat girl. haha!

    fat girl, so tell me what is YOUR definition of fat? I bet you have really low self esteem too. Go get a therapist because it looks like you need one.

  7. ciern says:

    Hi Suet, I love reading your blog. Enjoy ur exchange in HK! would like to ask you what exchange is that? could you tell more about the exchange? Coz’ I’m interested in it, but have no idea where to start. =)

  8. Crystal says:

    OMG…which im in HK with you now…i’ve been there for the past few year usually around nov-dec. Im sure i can show you around the famous char chan tengs and cool places to shop for branded items at lower price. If im going end of this year again will let you know! =)

  9. Chien Teng says:

    Suet your skin looks really nice in this post you know 😛 Eh the aircon damn sad seriously -_-

    Hong Kong food is awesome 😀 Btw, could you tell us about your programme? Or should I email you about it.

  10. sharon says:

    Hi suet, can you do a post on how you use the double eyelid sticker?? I’ve been trying to use it for a long time and always fail. It either falls off or become so obvious that everyone starts asking. :(((((

  11. Joanne says:

    Hong Kong is amazing and I am pretty sure that you will like it there. And one more thing you look so pretty in all those pics. I hope that those gloomy days are over for you and from now on you can stay happy and pretty like this <3

  12. sweatlee says:

    baz, i miss u too bebe T_T

    sugar, it’s ok im sure u can visit hk without knowing chinese! i’ll do one when i have the time =D

    weiqi, T__T yeahhh

    saddient, i also cant! but wont get lost one la got english also

    cass, yeah i hope i will!

    joey, haha yeap i will!

    yin, hahaha it’s watsons!

    lu, hahah i will! thanks!

    joyce, thanks!!

    angie, hahaha barry said looks like my nipple hair hahah. yeahhhhhhhh seriously T__T and 33 also T_T

    ubikentang, eh are u from here! bring me out!

    fatgal, thank you wtf

    cindy, haha yeah! yeah hopefully..

    lily, haha! thanks 😀

    baz, fattie fattie bom bom wtf

    cheonghao, sometimes got but if dont have means the shop cheaper one! actually got lah on campus

    elaine, thanks i wont!

    jaysee, haha. yeapp of course!

    hayley, i will, thanks!

    jy, yeapp yummy!

    anthea, thanks!

    lucy, haha thanks, aih dont care la some ppl got nothing to do

    yumii, haha! yeah come laaa

    ky, hor hor why u laugh at my pimple karma’s gonna get u wtf

    pinkpaperplane, really? wow!

    starmist, i will! haha

    ciern, thanks! oh it’s an exchange with my university so it’s completely under them!

    eunice, thanks!

    crystal, yeah can u email me the exact location!?!? thanks! or did u write in your blog?

    liu, oh it’s under my uni!

    yda, maybe ill see u!

    hq, thanks!

    yda, thanks!

    jaclyn, haha i dunno how! it’s supposed to just give u double eyelids no?

    cherwee, thanks!

    kampung, haha i’ll go there! for sure!

    chienteng, haha maybe it’s the lighting? erm the programme is under my uni one wor

    sharon, haha actually i just stick only! then take out when applying makeup cause if not will look obvious. then the double eyelid will stay for a while!

    joanne, thank you =DD i hope so too!

    sohpoh, yeah it was but everything is fine now! thanks!

    kenwooi, thanks!

  13. ahem` says:

    hahahahahaha you look so cute when you smile! who says you look horrible when you smile? -_- anyways, i’m surprised to see the bamboo sticks thingy too! i think i remember seeing jackie chan fighting on those bamboo sticks in his movies before o_O

    anyways, have awesome fun in HK!!! i wish i could be in your position now, hahahahaha.

  14. Amanda says:

    i love the eye make up.. nice lah.. =) enjoy your time in HK.. i’ve never been there before but i heard a lot of good things abt the place.. hehe.. looking forward to see more of pics of HK..

  15. sherlyn says:

    hey gal~ always love ur make up n curly hair!
    i m looking for a hair curler now…but not too pricey~
    any suggestion? :p

    enjoy ur life at the shopping heaven nehxx!!!!
    owh!!!! i wanna go hong kong one day too!~ ha

  16. Baz says:

    fat gal: what does her size or anyone else’s looks matter to you? is it insecurity? jealousy? jog on, this is getting old. it’s teh interwebs, your 15 seconds are up. no one gets riled up by someone hiding behind a nickname anymore.

  17. Ai says:

    hey, next time you have a huge ass pimple, get the Nexcare Acne Patch. it’s awesome. you just stick it on said pimple and voila! it sucks the puss and reduce the size of your pimple [after a few hours of course]. no pain no redness no nothing, and its cheap!!! 😀 in Malaysia you can get it from Watsons, I dunno Hong Kong though. hehehe [ I just discovered this thing and happily sharing with anyone 😀 ]

  18. lynn says:

    i love hk! so so much i went there 2 times in the past 3 years. the food there is amazing. you so have to try “Siew Ngor Pei” er not sure how to spell it, but it’s roast goose! it’s nicer than their duck rice 🙂 oh and er the last time my “banana” family went there, we just ordered wan tan mee all the way. some of them can be quite rude dontcha think?

    oh oh you muustt go for their warehouse sales! they’re on the streets, you just have to find them. ok anyway take care there girl! hope you’re happier at HK 🙂 xoxo

  19. karmen says:

    hey! i’ve been your reader for quite a while and im a malaysian studying at hkust! =D haha. Maybee we could go out sometime because i love shopping and food toooo!! Btw, have you been to h&m? =D

  20. Joie says:

    Have a fab time in HK! I love their TVB drama lol. so random i know~! oh, how did u do a double eyelid with sticker, i sux at it, would you be doing a vid on that? coz i seriously cant tell u used stickers for one of your lids ~~

  21. ling says:

    suet li,i love shopping and eating!and i like makeup too!

    see you soon! :):):)

    excited excited

    *yesterday i saw a girl in my dorm with long hair,almost same hair color as yours.i couldnt see her face clearly so i thought it might be you.turned out she isnt :(.

  22. Joyceeee says:

    I remember the last time i was there, i didn’t shop much because i thought i’d already spent alot, but turns out i had like muchhhhhhhhhhhh more moneyy left. SO WASTED.
    AHahah. The roadside fried….squid thingy is sooooo gooood! Go try!!!
    Take care and have fun over there eyy!!! 😀

  23. joie says:

    Im from HK and my place is actually not far from HKU!
    Would really love to meet & hang out w/ ya but im now
    in NZ studying & wont b back till Dec ;(
    Will u b there till then? *w*

  24. mims says:

    hey sweat where did you get your eyelid sticker thingy from? it would do me some good too lol. and i cant wait for you makeup post 🙂 that eyeshadow shade really suits your skin tone.

  25. Crystal says:

    hey suet, the best place to shop for branded items such as adidas, nike, samsonite, sasa and many others are located in Tung Chung. Is nearby the bus station. Tung Chung is just 5minutes away from the airport.

    As for char chan tengs, you can go along Central and its a must to visit this restaurant, Tsui Wah located at 15-19 Wellington street, Central. You must try the milk bread…i kinda forgot the name and the pork rib spagethi….its good!

    Nearby the central wet market they sell the famous tong yuan as well…. and along the way they have their famous taufu busuk and yu tan….

  26. Crystal says:

    Ohya…dont forget to visit Stanley as well…nice place to chill and most importantly shop!! There is a duck rice restaurant there absolutely need to try next to a fruit shop. You may need to queue for hours, thats what i did last year but its definitely worth the wait! =)

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