Before the school starts..

Before the school starts..

Two more days before the school starts and everyone is going out like crazy now! I know people who just decided to go Macau or fly to Korea these few days just because they can. As for me, I like HK too much so I’m going to explore this place first before going to China or elsewhere.

On Saturday, I went out with two other Malaysians who have been there for a long time! We went to Causeway Bay for some makeup shopping! Mmm now we’re talking business.

In the mini bus to the city. Mini busses are like vans and it’s so funny cause you have to shout for the driver to stop whenever you want to stop and the first few days, I was so nervous to do that! I would practice what I wanted to shout over and over again in my head and then miss my stop wtf

Causeway Bay and the sea of people! I’m always so amused by the amount of people. Not irritated, don’t hate it, but very amused.

I actually quite enjoy the crowd! Makes me feel alive somehow.

Causeway Bay at night. The streets are actually very cooling cause shops from left and right will blast their aircon so if you walk in the middle, it feels so nice!

Stopped by the famous Hui Lau San for their famous mango lo. HLS is like HK’s version of starbucks!

Citrine my amazing guide and I.

Debra who is also from Malaysia!


To be honest, it’s good but expensive too! $40 for this (RM20) and I actually didn’t feel like it’s amazing or anything.

Dim Sum the next morning! The siew mais are reaaally good. The meal cost us $60 per person ouch!

Super yummy roast goose and char siew. Suuuuper yummy!

Famous egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery!

Quite expensive for an egg tart ($4.50) but it’s so goddamn worth it I tell you. Seriously I’m like a HUGE fan of egg tarts and I’ve tried sooo many egg tarts from all over but nothing beats this. It does look a little gross here but it’s fucking orgasmic and the pastry is so soft and crumbly and the egg part is pure heaven. (pardon my french but it was thaaat good)

Shit I should have gotten more but what the heck I have 4 months here! Breakfast lunch dinner!

Went to the beach next! I didn’t want to go at first cause it was 2pm and it was soooo hot and I hate beaches but I told myself that I cannot be lazy or I’ll end up having no friends and will have to stay in my room and eat alone forever wtf

Beach was like 15 minutes away. What is there not to like about Hong Kong?

This is Michael doing the funniest thing ever. He was digging a hole to make a seat for himself hahahahha. He says EVERYone in Germany does it! Damn cool ok!

Andrew and a girl with her tongue out wtf. He’s such a bad camwhore cause he didn’t wait for me to get ready first T_T

The rest getting ready to swim. We’re a pretty diversed group actually! We have people from Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, America and Malaysia (me)!

Michael took my camera and snapped a picture of Jon and his..uh..nipples wtf

And someone’s butt..Maybe he secretly likes guys wtf

I see he’s very proud of his manmade seat hahaha

Had Ajisen Ramen for dinner and it was sooo good! So much better than the one in Malaysia mmm!

Ok that’s all I’ve been doing lately. I also went clubbing on Friday night but I forgot to bring my camera to capture this very very rare moment! Seriously pictures of Suet clubbing is like worth a million dollars cause it only happens once in a blue moon wtf

But that’s all about to change soon….jeng jeng jeng

Ah I can’t wait to go to Mongkok and Shenzhen!!!