One Nite in Mongkok

Actually I don’t quite feel like blogging about Hong Kong anymore cause isn’t it kinda boring to keep seeing pictures of a place you’re not familiar with? But I don’t know what to blog about otherwise since all I’ve been doing lately is exploring and taking pictures..I guess I’ll blog about HK after all.

Anyway I have already started classes for a few days now and I can safely say that classes in HKU are definitely not easy. I really like some of my classes but the rest are probably going to kill me a million times over. The grades are curved here and people from China are apparently CRAZY smart and they just memorize the entire textbook or something so even if I got a 90, that will probably be a B wtf

Other than the painful commute to classes everyday which I’m so not used to since I’m used to just waking up 5 minutes before my class and just hop two steps to my lecture wtf, I think this place is definitely my calling. I can sort of blend in rather well with the locals and the internationals and this is a great refreshing change compared to my previous two years. Some things are just meant to be.

Ok fine I don’t know what emo shit to churn out anymore so here are pictures of HK what else is new. BUT GUESS WHAT?? no camwhore pictures woohoo!

Went to karaoke with a big bunch of students from Europe mostly.

With…can’t remember who wtf. This was taken at 3 or 4 am and I was sooo tired already. These people are crazy I don’t think I can hang out with them much cause all they want to do is party party party!

Seriously there’s this street filled with bars and clubs called Lan Kwai Fong and everytime I see them they’ll go “SUETTT LAN KWAI FONG TONIGHT!!!” ……………

No, no thanks..

Nicholas is so funny! We were waiting for the bus to see the lightshow and he brought..camembert along. Yeah, the cheese!! He’s french so he’s really into cheese and what’s funny is he brought a knife along too wtf

The ligthshow! They have it every night at 8pm and you just have to take the Star Ferry to the Kowloon side to see this. It’s amazing and I’ll so definitely do it again!

Went to Mongkok the next day! This is the famous ladies’ street! They really do have everything from clothes

to wigs

to weird Agogo clothes and lingerie for women AND men wtf

I truly love Mongkok cause it’s so vibrant and makes me feel very alive somehow. I love crowd!

The crowd and lights

Very creative street performer! He would just stand very still and not do anything and he has a sign underneath that says if you put in money I would sing. We really wanted to see him sing so we put in some money and he started singing!! hahhahah damn funny! After awhile he stopped and stood still again hahaha

Handsome police officer patrolling the streets. Ok lah not very handsome but he looks like the police in the TVB drama wtf

Street food!

My companions- Andrew and my roommate Maria! Andrew Loh Zhu An, this Andrew’s chinese name is An Zhu! hahaha

Ok that’s all, I promise the next post won’t be about Hong Kong! I’m also a little tired of talking about it already. Back to Emo, Contemplative, Soul-Searching Suet? Right like I was ever like that wtf. No seriously I want to be more like that from now on cause I’m turning 21 and I have to really find the purpose of my existence wtf. I’m turning 21 and all I want to do is become more serious and pensive T_T