Random Sunday

Random Sunday

Today is the best Sunday in a very very long time! I woke up without an alarm after a very tiring day yesterday, went to dim sum with my roommate, came back and had an extremely comforting conversation with my boyfriend on Skype, got teary a few times in said conversation, read Postsecret, got teary again, listened to my favorite Chinese songs, got teary again, and now I’m blogging.

This is how everyone should spend their Sundays. no, seriously. Just staying in and doing nothing, absolute bliss.

I’m going to handball and basketball practice later with my hallmates, can’t wait 😀 I need to start being athletic again after five years. I can’t believe I’ve turned into this bimbo who stays away from the sun and gets all excited about makeup and shopping and not play sports.

I have also decided to hang out less with the people I’m hanging out with now. They’re really fun but they’re partying way too much, as if their sole purpose of coming to HK is just to party and I’m definitely not here for that. These two weeks of partying is enough to last me for the next two years wtf.

Let’s see..what else.

Ah what the hell let me be a bimbo AND an athlete! I already took these photos anyway so here’s a post on my favorite makeup routine.

Refer to my this makeup routine post for more basic stuff.

So this is how I use my mineral makeup. Dab some powder with the brush, then tap it into the cover and use the brush to spread it all around before applying it on face. If you want good coverage but don’t want to look over made up, I think mineral powder is amazing!

So I do this everytime I’m going to apply makeup. Wash face, moisturize (I’m writing a post on my facial routine next, god i’m so girly), apply BB cream, apply mineral powder.

Favorite eyeshadow colors ever!!! Loreal’s star kit which comes with three eyeshadows, blush and lipstick which I never use. I like the blush color too!

So I accidentally deleted the step by step pictures and only have the final result T_T

It’s super easy to apply eyeshadow though. Just put the lightest color (number 3 in my palette) all over your eyelids, then second darkest color (no. 2) all over too but not too high above the crease of your eyelids.

Then take the darkest color (no. 1) and apply it inwards on the corners of your eyes. So you sort of take the sponge applicator and dab the darkest color on the outer corner and then smudge it in. I did the same on both outer and inner corners of my eyes. Then, dab a little more gold (no. 3) in the middle to sort of create a 3D illusion (dunno whether got 3D or not but it sounds smart wtf)

Then apply your eyeliner and mascara and that’s it! My eyeliner here is a little too much and too long cause I’m going out at night.

Just use the same method but adjust the amount of eyeshadow to apply depending on what time of the day it is and what kind of event you’re going to. At night= darker, party=darker

I applied some of that second darkest color under my eyes too here.

This is for a dinner so I didn’t pull my eyeliner that far out. Used the gold eyeshadow (no. 3) for the inner parts under my eyes instead of my usual silver. These colors are my favorite cause they make my eyes look bigger than they really are! Light bright colors don’t work for me.

The flash made my makeup look heavier and more complicated than it really is but it’s just eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner! Try it 😀


Chinese songs are so amazing, I wish I can sing them but I’m so bad at remembering lyrics =( I wanna go karaoke but I can’t read Chinese damn.

My favorite Chinese songs are Jay Chou’s An Jing,  Wo Bu Pei (I get freaking emo when I see this music video), Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding 蒲公英的约定 (googled the chinese words wtf), suo hao de xin fu ne 說好的幸福, aiya actually all Jay Chou’s emo songs lah wtf, Kelly Chen’s Bei Ji Xue, Karen Mok’s Sheng Xia De Guo Shi..ah can’t remember what else but these are my absolute favorites.

Know any along this genre you want to recommend? I wish I know what they’re singing though 🙁 Send your children to Chinese schools people!