Hong Kong, Mon Amour

I’m soooo dead tired right now I feel like I’ll just fall asleep once I stop typing! Crazy tired but I feel so bad that I haven’t blogged in so many days when I really want to! Anyway I can sleep in tomorrow so let me finish this super duper long pictorial post first and then I’ll zonk out.

This is another HK post so sorry if you’re not into touristy stuff! It’s so hard to choose the best few pictures to summarize my entire week but here goes 😀

This was on Friday night and everyone was out partying. It’s so funny cause EVERYone hangs out outside 7-eleven cause they sell very cheap booze. We call this Club Seven cause it sounds cooler that way wtf

With Yoo Rim! We were at some BBQ thingy.

Look at my mozzie bites T______T mosquitoes here are EVIL. I have 7 of this exact bite T_T

Went to Cheong Chao island with my floormates last Saturday. I really love this place! A must go if you’re going to be in HK for some time.

It’s a pretty small town and it’s nice to walk around here

Cheong Chao’s beach is amazing too!

My floormates!

Jennifer from HK. She’s super pretty in real life!

With some of my floormates.

All my floormates are too nice to be true! They always always try to help me whenever they can. I got sick last week and they went around asking for medicine for me! I needed sports shoes and someone borrowed me a pair immediately. Le sigh such nice people.

The fishing boats. 30% of cheong chao’s occupants live in these boats!

BBQ after going to the beach! I love it ♥

A very sweaty and gross me blowing a hugeeee bubble! Damn big ok!

The next night or something..argh shit I have to blog more often or I’ll forget when I take which picture! Guess where I was wtf

After dimsum on Sunday! I guess this is where all the TVB dramas are filmed wtf.

We had a cooking session on Tuesday with our floormates! mmm

With Genie who’s very hyper all the time!  Funny how everyone has english names except me

had a short jamming session with some girls. Can’t believe I can still play a tiny bit of drums even after 4 years of not playing!

Hiked up the peak with heels and skirt cause the hike wasn’t planned. Damn champion lah me somemore got typhoon warning no. 3 and got 2740 mph wind and I was wearing skirt T_T

But the view was so damned worth it! Can see the whole of HK from Victoria’s Peak!

With Jamie who was drinking beer and I was drinking yakult wtf

AH SHIT I’M SOOOO SLEEPY will continue this post tomorrow morning! I went to Shenzhen and got sooo much stuff can’t wait to blog about them! Continue reading tomorrow ok!

ok I just came back from dim sum and I had ten hours of sleep so I’m all energized now!

Yesterday we went to Shenzhen for shopping!

My super duper kind hosts who brought us around AND bought lunch for us! Thanks Zoe and Garrick!!

Look at their drinks! Hahaha how creative is that!

Lunch at this VERY posh looking place but the food is great and very very affordable. Definitely eat here when you go to Shenzhen! It’s called hi-tea and it’s located at …ok I don’t know where.. Zoe, where is it?

The crowd here is ten times more than HK =O





So we were walking around and was quite tired so we wanted to get our nails done since it’s supposedly only 10 yuan (RM5). This woman approached us and so we followed her to this dingy looking place. There, we were seated and I saw a book with fake nails with diamante and flowers so I was just looking at it for fun. My manicurist took my hands and started doing something to my nails and didn’t even ask me what I wanted to do!

I thought she was just filing them first while I decide what I wanted but I realized that she had already scrubbed all my nails raw (don’t know how to explain..erm like roughen the surface?) cause she thought I wanted the fake nails. I was like WTF?? I didn’t even tell you I wanted fake nails!! She said oh you were looking at the book!

Please keep in mind that this entire conversation was in Mandarin and my Mandarin sucks monkey balls

Finally I gave up and said ok if you can give me this exact design (with diamantes and flowers), I’ll do it. She said ok that will be 80 yuan and I thought fine fine what can I do anyway. She then applied fake nails and then told me I can only choose one color and if I want OPI nail polish I have to pay extra 10 yuan! Then I was like err I thought you told me I can do that design I chose! She said ok that one will be extra 5 yuan PER STONE.

Double Eww Tee Eff??

Fucking hate Chinese people lor why they do business with such dishonesty one!!! Not only are they dishonest, they totally have no qualms about it and never think it’s a problem or anything!

At this point I was beyond frustration already. I came here wanting a normal 10 yuan manicure and now I have to pay 80 yuan already and this stupid lady refused to give me anything beyond a one color polish. 80 yuan (RM40) is not expensive for a manicure and I didn’t mind paying but she lied to me and I didn’t like that at all so I really didn’t wanna pay anything more.

Finally after a million years, she finally agreed to give me french manicure. She did it VERY VERY angrily too so I was angry and she was angry and we were both staring at each other angrily. Totally spoilt my mood!

I didn’t want fake nails cause I have to go for basketball and handball practices tonight. How to play now!!! Sure break my nails one.


But it’s okay! cause we went shopping after that and that made me happier!

I got this top for 20 yuan! (RM10) woohoo happy!

I love shopping here cause the bargaining part is damn fun! They will always quote you a ridiculous price and then you are expected to go whaaat so expensive! then they’ll go oh ok lor give me your price lor then you’ll give a crazy low price then they’ll go wah how can! like that I bankrupt lor then you’ll go ok ok then drag for another 5 minutes and you’ll get a dress for 30 yuan(RM15). I never paid more than that for my clothes!

30 yuan sandals! Too cutesy for my liking but what the hell it’s RM15 and it’s the nicest already

Got a blazer and three dresses too! (Actually two of them are my roommate’s but too small so she gave me)

Got mp3 player too! Look like Aud’s Sony mp3 but this is China brand so it’s only 100 yuan (RM50). The ‘Apple’ earphones are RM10 wtf

So I got:

-two dresses
-an mp3 player
-a set of cute lingerie (no pictures obviously wtf)
-a pair of shoes
-a top
-a blazer
-a stupid manicure

for…jeng jeng jeng…370 yuan! (RM185)


My shopping companion, Maria, and I. We were dead tired at the end of the day cause we only slept 5 hours the night before and we just spent 12 hours shopping and crossing borders and getting cheated. Really fun though!

Yays I’m so happy cause I can listen to music in the bus and look cool now wtf.