I’m here to inform everyone who has been following my blog for so long and who has mistakenly thought that I’m still the person that I was before this sad piece of news. Truth is, since a few months ago, I’ve gradually changed into a very different person. I know so many of you like reading me because of this particular trait that I seem to possess but sadly, I’m not like that anymore.

I’m no longer the stingy, kiam siap, thrifty, and frugal person anymore. No I know I’ve said this before but this time it’s really really true. Ever since I came to Hong Kong especially, I’ve become extremely careless with money, something that everyone who knows me never ever thought would happen. Not to me, at least.

Ok I know it’s pointless illustrating this subjective piece of fact without numbers. I’m so afraid to count how much I’ve spent for fear of scaring myself but here goes anyway. In the past three weeks, I’ve spent about HKD$ 6,000.

Yeap that’s right. Shit writing it out truly did scare the shit out of myself. RM3000 in 3 weeks??? WTF???

Seriously, I didn’t even buy anything super expensive or anything!! Most of the money was spent on transportation and food!! Transportation is costly; commuting to and fro from my dorm to university, to the city to get food/walk around, to explore the city. Food is at least RM15 a meal and sometimes I even skip my meals.

OMG I feel like fainting now.

Hong Kong is a crazy expensive city to live in and if you lose sight even for a second, your money just goes poof poof poof. To be honest, I did go out a lot and spent quite a bit on unnecessary stuff like clubbing and karaoke. But to be completely honest again, I’ve never had so much fun since forever.

My life in Mt Holyoke had been such a bore and when you put me in such a vibrant and lively city, I can’t help but not want to be a party pooper and tell my friends I want to stay in. I also started buying a lot of useless stuff like BB cream and perfume which I’ve been eyeing for a long long time now. The old Suet would just go aih so what if I want those things badly, the desire will just go away. But the new Suet would go aiya it’s okay to treat myself better.

I don’t know what has gotten into me T___T I’m so scared T_____T

I’m going to Macau this weekend to celebrate my birthday with a few good friends and I’ll have to spend so much again. I know it’s my birthday (21st birthday no less) but. but. if I take this road, I don’t think I can ever turn back again.

This topic is not even a joking matter to me. I know everyone will tell me that it’s okay to splurge once in a while but you don’t understand how big a deal this is to me. Being thrifty is a very special trait of mine which I cherish with all my heart and soul. I’m afraid that if I lose that, I’ll eventually lose myself and everything else that matters.

But god, the temptations, they just keep comin’.