I’m here to inform everyone who has been following my blog for so long and who has mistakenly thought that I’m still the person that I was before this sad piece of news. Truth is, since a few months ago, I’ve gradually changed into a very different person. I know so many of you like reading me because of this particular trait that I seem to possess but sadly, I’m not like that anymore.

I’m no longer the stingy, kiam siap, thrifty, and frugal person anymore. No I know I’ve said this before but this time it’s really really true. Ever since I came to Hong Kong especially, I’ve become extremely careless with money, something that everyone who knows me never ever thought would happen. Not to me, at least.

Ok I know it’s pointless illustrating this subjective piece of fact without numbers. I’m so afraid to count how much I’ve spent for fear of scaring myself but here goes anyway. In the past three weeks, I’ve spent about HKD$ 6,000.

Yeap that’s right. Shit writing it out truly did scare the shit out of myself. RM3000 in 3 weeks??? WTF???

Seriously, I didn’t even buy anything super expensive or anything!! Most of the money was spent on transportation and food!! Transportation is costly; commuting to and fro from my dorm to university, to the city to get food/walk around, to explore the city. Food is at least RM15 a meal and sometimes I even skip my meals.

OMG I feel like fainting now.

Hong Kong is a crazy expensive city to live in and if you lose sight even for a second, your money just goes poof poof poof. To be honest, I did go out a lot and spent quite a bit on unnecessary stuff like clubbing and karaoke. But to be completely honest again, I’ve never had so much fun since forever.

My life in Mt Holyoke had been such a bore and when you put me in such a vibrant and lively city, I can’t help but not want to be a party pooper and tell my friends I want to stay in. I also started buying a lot of useless stuff like BB cream and perfume which I’ve been eyeing for a long long time now. The old Suet would just go aih so what if I want those things badly, the desire will just go away. But the new Suet would go aiya it’s okay to treat myself better.

I don’t know what has gotten into me T___T I’m so scared T_____T

I’m going to Macau this weekend to celebrate my birthday with a few good friends and I’ll have to spend so much again. I know it’s my birthday (21st birthday no less) but. but. if I take this road, I don’t think I can ever turn back again.

This topic is not even a joking matter to me. I know everyone will tell me that it’s okay to splurge once in a while but you don’t understand how big a deal this is to me. Being thrifty is a very special trait of mine which I cherish with all my heart and soul. I’m afraid that if I lose that, I’ll eventually lose myself and everything else that matters.

But god, the temptations, they just keep comin’.


  1. tamago says:

    hey, perhaps you could set an exact date where you just Stop Spending. on unneccessaries, i mean. then post a list of what you want for your birthday and hope someone gets it for you! 😀

    its almost heartbreaking isnt it, being aware that you’re losing an important part of yourself, the process of changing into someone you’re not entirely sure you’d like. *hugs*

  2. N says:

    Change comes about in necessity most of the time. If you’ve hit a point where you can say that I’d rather this than that and you are serious about it then change will come about.

    In your case, when you’ve finally got too fed up with your old stingy or not splurging to pamper yourself kind of attitude then you made that subconscious decision to change and finally say that I’d rather have no savings and enjoy than have savings but live like an hobbit.

    However, I believe that these changes come in cycles and once you’ve spent enough time in Hong Kong spending so much of your hard earned money, then you will then revert to your old stingy; anti-splurging attitude. You will then rather live like a hobbit and not enjoy things as much and have savings (now that you have none!) rather than splurging and carelessly spending to satisfy your need and want for the “anti-tight ass when it comes to money attitude”.

    It’s a natural-reactive human process no? Maybe the trick is to have more self-control and balance and a more conscious mind about this topic but then again that’s very tiring, difficult and easier said than done.

  3. iwan cmn says:

    Yeah, this post reminds me of the list of most expensive cities to live in and Hong Kong is not far from New York, how can?

    Your thrifty side is one trait which kept me reading this blog, honestly. But your life in Hong Kong and its temptation will help you mature faster (e.g. spending a lot and then regretting it) then when you’re living in a dull surrounding and less temptation.

    Have fun there! 😀

  4. whimsicaljottings says:

    Haih. My life pulak terbalik. I used to shop lots in Malaysia coz things were much cheaper. Now that Im no longer in Malaysia, and where I am now, things are *so* expensive, I’ve turned into a scrooge. Oh there are LOTS of tempations in the form of fashion, but I gotta grit my teeth and turn a blind eye. Its hard but I gotta do it 😛 If worse come to worst I wanna treat myself, I buy meself a gelato. 2EUR only. Simple pleasures. If susah sangat kan Sweatlee, bring ngam ngam enough money to go out, dont bring extra which can encourage spending. Leave the credit cards at home!

  5. missyoung says:

    hi sweet gal. its my first time posting a reply after been following ur blog for quite some time=)
    love reading it=)
    dont worry after 2 months or so, or when u’ll be busy with assignments and exam already, im sure u wont really have time for all these and shopping~ and by that time, u get to know HK more, maybe less excitement n u prefer staying more at home doing the things u like just lazing around bumming in the room =)
    Its ok dear, u just arrived in HK and it is of course a must for u to explore around..its ok to splurge some money..do have fun at this 1 semester exchange program!

  6. dandelion says:

    actually, i was like the old suet at the ages of 7 up ’til probably about before I entered uni, 19 years old. There was once when I was 14 years old that I thought spending RM10 to attend my taekwondo year end gathering in a cheap hotel was expensive and i told myself “No! ’tis no good to part with the red paper just for a mere party!” though I wanted to go SOOOO badly because my friends were going and there was one cool guy that I wanted to get to know there. So on that fateful day, when my parents drove by that hotel I saw them through the glass doors having fun, and I immediately cried. My parents found out why and they were like “-_____- RM10 ONLY HAIYA GO LA” and I was like “WHAT?! WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME EARLIER?!” but it was too late anyway. And the same thing happened for a Scrabble competition when I was 12. I so wanted to participate, my friends freely joined but because of that RM10 or RM15 fee to participate, I shied away. In the end I took part anyway cuz my parents found out again and paid for it -_-”

    So since then i’d been more loving to myself. When i entered uni, I was still kiamsiap because I’m using parents’ money and well, it was a new environment for me and all alone out there, i was afraid that i would one day find my account empty, like a revelation for an alcoholic. Yeah by being more loving i meant indulging in BUBBLE TEA (in Sabah, the bubble tea is really good, not like the crappy ones in KL) and food.

    I was kiamsiap to the point that relatives agreed. Apparently when I was really young, my family loves eating with relatives. Surely one man would have to get the bill. So there was this one time that I said out loud “You guys have been eating too much off my dad. Get someone else to pay this time.” I was supposedly about 5 years old -___-

    Story of my life. Haha.

    (353 patah perkataan)

  7. Elaine says:

    Shit~ IE error…need to re-type the comment again..siggghh~~

    *let me recall…emmmm..* Oh ok..

    RM3000 in 3 weeks? abit shocked, but it’s ok to indulge yourself once in a BLUE MOON! Not everyday right…

    But make sure you tap/beat your hand when it try to remove some RM50 notes from your wallet!

    And keep monitor the figure in bank….don’t it become RM0.00 in 3 weeks ma sudah lor..heheheh!

  8. yumii says:

    omg, that’s alot! but dun sweat! you can do it!! i mean u should know better than me, that before you want to spend on somthing, you figure out if it’s worth it or not and stuff~
    just don’t find reasons to buy something. as in ‘i wanna buy this because i think i need it in the future!’

    T_T everytime i wanna buy something nice i will tell myself that its my birthday present to self. then i see another nice thing i will tell myself it my second birthday pressie to self. WHICH is NOT GOOD AT ALL!! T_T

    i know u dun do dat la, but just dont let ur evil side FIND reasons to buy things!! you can regain ur thrifty sweat!! Ganbatte nehhh!

  9. norick says:

    hmm.. rm3000 in 3 weeks sound a lot…(my salary one month also tak sampai) but if count by days.. it was like <rm200 a day.
    HK is a expensive city.. or even in m’sia also one person can also spend like rm200 a day if got outing/shopping..

    somemore u need to eat and travel..(expensive again) so ..paling kurang also u will spend rm50 one day? erm.. if really is me.. i really dunno how will i survive..

    sorry to ask, this exchange program is self sponsor or got aid from any institution?
    haha..anyway.. i have always envy ppl who can travel a lot..like most of your blogger friends..which i believe is self sponsor.. was wondering how u all able to have so much savings in your 20’s…can share ah? haha..

  10. clem says:

    RM1000 per week??

    Eh if I wanna include my rent + expenses per week oso can rack up that amount too T______________T Sighhhhh. But well at least you did have fun with that money so it must be worth it!

  11. Amanda says:

    Oh, I know exactly how you’re feeling.. The thing is when we see something we truly like, we simply cant control the urge to buy it. I think that once in a while, it’s okay to treat yourself. ( but not too often, of cos.)

    Hope you have a lovely b-day this weekend! looking forward to reading about it! 😀 😀 21st b-day should be a big one.

  12. Irene says:

    It’s not your fault that both the transportation fees and food are so expensive. You can’t help it. You’re not going to sit in your dorm and not eat, right? You’re still the frugal sweatlee everybody knows and loves.

  13. Michael says:

    its a city full of greed and rampant consumerism nonetheless lol. Its ok if u can earn it back…but too bad if ur using your savings/parents money. So much opportunity so spend money in HK dont you think so haha!

    p.s: u still havent seen the worst of HK. Try renting an apartment/room.

  14. Crystal says:

    hey yeah man…the transportation is damn expensive! I went there for 9 days and transportation alone costs more than HKD$ 2000. Can you believe it? The amount of time i reload the bus card beats me. You should enjoy yourself in Macau…have fun and make a difference!

  15. Exjay says:

    You can always make the decision to cut down. For example, you don’t need to keep buying new clothes or makeup, so if you want to control it, I’m sure you can. I think it’s not that you’ve changed, but the change in environment makes you feel more okay with spending. Just start a ban on shopping on certain items, and like missyoung said, I think you’ll have less outings when the assignments start coming. Do not starve yourself. You will spend much more on medical fees if you get sick.
    Anyway, good luck, and don’t worry… I won’t stop reading even if you keep spending.

  16. WenDy says:

    To feel good, you need to remember these:
    1) HK is such a freaking expensive city, so no matter how much you try to save, u’ll still be spending at least some amount of money…

    2) you’ll be in HK for oni 4 months(?), so might as well enjoy urself lorrr…

    3) compensate the money that you spent when you are back in Msia or you go back to US…

    4) money are meant to be SPENT!!! though of course in a balanced way…

    Cheers Suet..

  17. yosie says:

    i will tell you a story. one day during my dull routine life in college, i decided to go to europe for summer program. it was not cheap. the school part was covered by a scholarship, but what’s the point of going to europe (with new friends and new people) without enjoying? so enjoying+traveling+a really bad wallet = demagnetized card and no cash in the middle of a town (not even the one where the school was located). similar amount spent in a similar amount of time like you. self panic ensues, got scolded, relatives nice enough to swing by and give me a replacement card and cash. lesson learned: be wise with your money and budgeting. result: limited travel when i studied in singapore, limited going out events etc. sometimes i wish i could have done more traveling while there but i make up for it whenever i can now.

    you have to spend on necessities of course, but the wants always get to you. i have a list of things i want (real badly) but i’m absolutely broke at the moment. esp here, americans have huuuuge credit card debt, but i’m striving to keep mine clean. we’ve all been down that road, everyone just deals differently. i’m not gonna say you can splurge every once in a while cuz even that can be unhealthy. you are lucky to have so many readers though who support you no matter what.

    but on the upside, happy birthday, you’re now legally able to buy drinks in the US.

  18. Patricia says:

    i just felt as if i was reading my own diary T.T
    at form 5, i get like, hundred plus for my allowance every month. the rest are tuition fees, school fees and the blahs.

    it has been working quite well for me but this month, it’s only the 17th and i’ve spent triple of what i ask for. die not i ask u T.T

    (btw it’s me who asks for this meager amount of allowance, the parents are pretty generous)

  19. Yin says:

    T____T i understand how u feel. since i moved out from hostel and stay with my friends now, i’ve been setting myself a budget for every week. but i really cannot control myself from overspend. T________T now my problem is getting worse; i shop when i feel stress or down. T_____________T

  20. Erlinda says:

    Wow!!! RM3000 for 3 weeks? i spent rm3000 for 4 months when i was in uni. i was spending a lot on party, shopping and eating out. that’s a lot… u should do sumting about it… i’m worried just like u’re worried, because it’s not healthy at all.. unless u actually planned to spend a lot, then it’s ok.but if yr money seems to flow freely without proper planning and all that… u need to do sumting… aissshhh, macam ceramah pulak.. haha! njoy yrself suet… enjoy yrself wisely.. 🙂

  21. lee says:

    That is happening to me now omg! I was so kiamsiap at first when i first reached aussie that i wouldn’t spend on things more than 5 bucks. I would buy those home brand stuffs and i have no social life at all. But then now, i would eat out and buy all those unnecessary stuffs. Money is meant to be spent as long as you limit youself. Cheers~

  22. donnalim says:

    Where got so serious la…!!!
    Hoi~~ enjoy yourself la… as long as u can earn back, then u can spend it la… once in a while must sayang sendiri one… ^-^
    Plus 21-year-old leh… means u’re an adult now!!! It’s definitely X10000 OKAY to celebrate it.
    Without the stingy part, u are still sweet suetli.. hahaha..
    And P/S, stingy is something born natural, not so easy to get rid one la… don’t worry… u will back to the old lokek u very fast… just enjoy yourself first, while your stingy-ness is hibernating… =p

  23. szeghee says:

    yeap.. live in HK is that expensive. I used to stay in Wanchai for 6 months and averagely I spent HKD 4000 a month. (i am the kiam siam kaki too as i skip dinner or cook at home) Don’t feel bad as this is once in a lifetime (maybe?) you get the chance to stay there.Try to explore more about about HK lar.. Now I’m in Shanghai and i miss HK so much.Your recent posts make me miss HK more..

  24. sweatlee says:

    aud, cause it’s just an exaggeration wtf

    tamago, hahah but damn shameless right hope ppl will buy me things! yeahhh ur last para damn true T_T

    eevonn, thanks =)

    n, why your comment so meaningful *big wet eyes. i really hope that’s true. self-control and balance, how true =)

    iwan, thanks /boo my readers all damn nice T_T

    lali, yeah very long never talk to u already T_T

    annant, haihhh poor us wtf

    whimsical, haha oh yeah u’re in milan right! i used to always do that but i hate doing that now dunno why!

    missyoung, thanks =) yeah i really hope that’s true! yeah i will thanks!

    dandelion, i was like that too!! so stingy to the point that i’ll lecture my parents then they very not hapyp with me T_T hahaha u really count the words ah!

    elaine, ouch! yeah i wont spend until 0 la! die like that

    yumii, hahha oklah all these are my bday presents! yays haha. thanks =)

    ky, hahaha evilll

    norick, it IS a lot, i was so shocked T_T actually i do get money from my college lah but i wanted to save it to pay back my loan ma. i got money to travel cause i work part time a lot! like super a lot

    sharon, awww thanks u’re sooo nice =)))

    clem, yeah i dont regret it but im just very shocked!

    norick, save up money and travel!

    amanda, haha thanks!! yeah i’ll blog about it =)

    shaolin, hahaha! wise words wise words wtf

    irene, haha awww thanks =)))

    nickee, it really is!

    michael, omg it truly is. im actually using my college’s money so it’s ok hehe. sorta my parents also cause they paid for tuition so oops not ok!! yeah thank god i dont have to pay for rent

    crystal, yeahhh seriously so expensive to travel around! how to make a difference in macau! wtf

    exjay, but i really want those clothes and makeup! how ah i’m grown up edi wtf. aww thank u so much!

    wendy, U MAKE ME FEEL BETTER LOR hahaha like damn logical explanations! thanks =D

    yosie, aww thanks for such a long comment! yeah im truly very very lucky cause i have readers like you and them. i count my blessings everyday =) it’s like no matter how bad i feel i am, people still think it’s ok. sigh i can cry thinking about this wtf. thanks! yeah legal but not like i drink also T_T

    patricia, form 5 my allowance was rm10 a week wtf. but good luck too T_T

    claudia, yeah i really keep telling myself that!

    yin, haihhh it’s so hard T___T

    erlinda, seriously i didnt even spend that much on shopping lor! dunno where the money went T_T everything so pricey!

    axiao, hahaha good logic wtf

    lee, good advice =)))

    donnalim, hahah! thanks =DDD hibernating haha

    szeghee, yeah true! hk is such an amazing place!

    hayley, yeahhhh

    onefourever, yeah i keep telling myself that too..

  25. emi says:

    RM1500 = ~SGD600 that’s sounds like a lot! but then again HK is really an expensive city lah. i guess as time goes by you’ll be busier with sch stuff so you prolly won’t spend so much right? but if you don’t see yourself returning to HK in the near future, just do it 😛 i believe u stil have a big fat bank a/c! haha

  26. Jamie says:

    there’s this book I have from the Lonely Planet about HK, it said that the minimum cost of living in HK is 300HKD a day, and that’s without shopping! yes, very expensive T_T. perfumes right, actually they sell them for half the price during sale at sasa! =D.

  27. Jason says:

    It’s easy for people to tell you to stop spending and give you advice on controlling your spending habits, but you know what… You’re in Hong Kong! One of the most exciting cities in the world. You’re there to EXPERIENCE Hong Kong, the people, the sights, the sounds… the city.

    For however long you are in HK, the city is YOURS, and you have to LIVE it. Don’t beat yourself up for making new memories and experiencing new adventures and finding yourself in situations you would never find yourself in if you were sitting at home in front of the computer. There’s not enough time to regret anything. Don’t regret spending, as that’s so frivolous and you can always make that money back. If you’re going to regret anything, you can regret the fact that you DIDN’T do exactly what you’re doing NOW, when you look back 2 years from now.

    I loved studying abroad… but I love HK more.

  28. Joie says:

    Inoe what you mean, i’ve always been extremely frugal, living only on ten bucks per day, wearing the same cheapo shirts for work so i could save 1K per month for my sch fees and after i graduated, i started spendin like mad…doesnt help that I am using all those money i;ve saved over the years to fund my postgrad now…and i’ve become such an extravagant person, buying loadsa stuff , while feeling guilty because honestly, i wished i was still like before…i dunno its so easy to succumb to temptations but now i try to lock in a certain amount for savings and use the rest for spending…i guess it helped …a little bit. but sighz, lets hope we will both find our old selves back…good luck!!

  29. Deity says:

    Chill chill… IT’S OKAY! hahhahhah… I spent RM800 in Sasa just for ONE day! Correction.. Yeah, in one day but less than an hour. What to do leh? I just couldn’t help myself. RM800 is like what I earned monthly. WTF! The livin standard in HK is just so freakin high, rm15 per meal is considered moderate. But, hey… Seriously, you’re havin fun right besides havin the guilt of spendin RM3000 in 3 weeks? Again, IT’S OKAYYY… Pleasure prostrates guilt.

  30. Kim Ong says:

    It’s really different. Firstly you must consider what you spend esp when u first step into a new city – all necessities and all. Don’t be demotivated if you see your money going down in a large amt at first, because it will be stabilised over the next few wks, when u stop buying necessities and only buy groceries – provided you cook at home. Right? Don’t be so hard on yourself woman!

    *Babe, time to get em to remove the Honda banner. The link’s expired. Must let NN know.

  31. sweatlee says:

    emi, it is alot T_T yeah good theory i think so too!! haha not thaat fat la!

    jamie, yeahh very expensive. hah isit?? aiya i buy edi!

    tahilalat, why do you find the need to say that? fuck off seriously

    jason, u’re so right! your comment is so meaningful /big wet eyes

    ein, i got brtc! i think it’s the best brand!

    jaysee, yeahhh not my fault wtf

    cindy, i dont! hahah

    lizzie, hk is amazing too!

    crash, thanks =))

    starmist, hopefully!!

    joie, haha it’s hard right? good luck too!

    liz, good luck T_T

    deity, hahaha wow! yeah i think so too heh

    kim, you’re right! but i also shopped alot T_T oh yeah thanks for telling me that!

  32. ah hung says:

    Dun ever worry about how much $$$ u spent…go vacation/holiday always is like that one…moreover…it’s HK for Christ’s sake! hehee…just enjoy every bit of it! 🙂

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