Adventures in Macau

Hello I’m back from my weekend trip to Macau! Sorry for not blogging for a while so this will be a loooong post to make up for it 😀 Mostly pictures though since I don’t have the right amount of energy to string long coherent sentences now.

Oops not of Macau yet! This is a gross looking picture of only the best food in the world! Egg with half cooked yolk is my thang, as you all know. The other day, I found the second best feeling ever- the moment when I stick my fork into the egg only to realize that it’s HALF COOKED. Oh. My. God.

WUWUWUWU!!!!! Played squash and netball the other day and broke my nails!!! Broke 4 of them actually. So stupid I didn’t even break my nails when I played basketball and it was supposed to be a rougher game than netball!

So off to Macau we went! Guess what color is my new eye color!

Kevin and Koki in the bus.

Near the heritage site in Macau.

There’s this street leading to the St Paul’s ruins where people from the shops will just randomly give you food to test! How amazing ♥♥ And they’re sooo yummy too!

God I love it when cathedrals/churches pull this shit on me. Like Milan’s cathedral, this one was just so unexpected too. It’s nestled behind shop houses so you don’t expect it and suddenly it’ll just go WHOA LOOK AT ME I’M SO MAGNIFICENT!!!

You naughty thing, you *shy

How beautiful!

All five of us! We’re the most fawesome group ever 😀 From left: Koki from Japan, Ser Siang from Malaysia, me, my roomie Maria from Sweden and Kevin from California!


Kevin and Ser Siang reenacting the scene hahah

Climbed up the fort and perspired like shit!!!!! Perspired wtf hahaha I refuse to use the word sweat hmmp!

There’s this drink called Pocari Sweat which is sorta like 100 plus and everytime someone drinks that, they must point and laugh at me one lor!!! Doesn’t help that it’s my favorite drink too so whenever someone sees me drink it, they’ll go “Pocari Sweat hahah look Suet it’s your name right there hahaha”. Erm I’m well aware of that thank you very much wtf

The cathedral (or what’s left of it) overlooks the city

Macau in its glory

I hate sightseeing on hot humid days T_____T

Dinner at night at this reaaaally good Portuguese restaurant! Highly recommended to people who’re going to Macau! It’s called A Lorcha and it’s at 289 Rua do Almirante Sergio. Very hard to get there for us cause we don’t know the name of the road in Chinese and it was hard telling the cab driver! We went in without reservation but it’s almost impossible to get seats if you don’t reserve so call them up first!

It cost us HKD $100 per person but it was worth it!

Maria and I ♥

Woohoo sangria! I drank like two sips and called it a day wtf sucks when I have to pay just as much T_T

Me and Kevin the birthday boy!

Cheers to Macau and great friends =D

There was a fireworks competition the same day so we saw that too!

Went to the famous Venetian after that. Very very pretty!

The fake blue sky is so nice!

The river. Looks very disney world-ish actually.

The rest went gambling but I hate casinos so here I am spending my time wisely wtf (and it doesn’t cost money!)

The next day we went BUNGY JUMPING! tallest bungy jump in the world!!!


Signing the form that says if you die then oops too bad wtf

Scared face T___T


I can so see the jaws on my parents’ face now! hahahha. No lah I didn’t jump! But I really really almost did it!! Too bad it cost like $1500 (RM750) and it’s way too expensive for me 🙁 🙁

Koki who was dead pale before his jump. Ahhhh damn jealous I really wanted to do it! I promised them I’ll do it next month so I better start saving up now!

We went home after that the end.

Macau is a nice place to visit but I didn’t like the place that much. It was veryyy hard to get a cab and people just run into the cab you flagged down all the time! People here are VERY rude. It’s also expensive to keep taking cabs but we didn’t know which buses to take so we didn’t have a choice. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing a hotel in Macau so you can choose somewhere close to where you want to visit!

I guess that’s all for now, I hope you like the pictures!


  1. Deity says:

    Agreed!!! Hongkies are rude, really rude! I loved the place but definitely not its people. I was there last christmas. Cousin did the jump and I wanted to try it out so badly but I just couldn’t because I lost a big sum in the casinos, damned! U watched ‘Gem of Life’? Bowie Lam did that jump too. And and and… Koki is so HAWTTTT !

  2. Amanda says:

    Hey.. I like your curly hair la. I tried curling my fren’s hair one time but failed terribly T_T

    oh and I love the pictures!! but something missing.. where are your birthday pictures??

    Oooh.. bungy jumping.. i want to do that someday *_* It’s in my list of things to do before i die wtf.

    lol i have to agree with everyone that Koki is cute.. but i think Kevin is more cute la. 😛

  3. aud says:

    pocari sweat! my life saviour wtf cos that’s the only thing i consumed when i had stomach flu T3T

    and your blogging style seems damn different dunno why. alot of phrases u used u never used before!

  4. sweatlee says:

    mell, yeah i really wanna do it next time!

    chienteng, yeap!!! *gives you virtual tupperware for guessing it right wtf

    Cindy, thanks! haha

    elaynne, AND EVERYONE ELSE, koki will be so happy when i tell him hahaha. ok who cares about him, what about me???? wtf lack of attention wtf

    yumii, nolah fake nails so not pain!

    kaiyen, thank you for talking about me instead *big wet eyes wtf

    amanda, it’s not my bday yet! ;P we celebrated kevin’s bday in macau instead

    aud, i dunwan to be different!!!

    patricia, ermmm RM500 for one hotel room (but we split 5) RM50 for each meal, RM100 for total cab rides?

  5. axiao says:

    haha..bungy is damn expensive there..if u wanna jump, jump in chiang mai..rm180 per jump…or maybe next time in sunway, i think the price is abt rm300..

    i like macau, it’s slower pace than hong kong..

  6. jean says:

    you have really cute guy friends!!!! especially koki *blushes*
    lol i just saw your reply to everyone. you’re very hot too but people say that all the time to you already!

  7. gwen says:

    are those cute guys i saw in the pictures???!!!?!?!?! hahaha. sorry. rarely get this from your blog. but how come everybody only thinks koki’s hot? i think kevin’s quite hot tooo. when i saw the first picture of them i went “GIVE ME MORE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!”

    macau? what?


  8. ponnie says:

    i know i’m probably the 5468746531 person to say this, but Koki is so good looking!! Ser Siang too hohoho. Oh and I also looove eggs with half cooked yolk. My fav would be to burst the yolk and mix it with the rice <3

  9. Francesca says:

    i didnt check ur blog for few days n BAM ther r lots ^^
    i was ther a month ago, its freakin hot ! agree, on the hotel. not easy to go around if ur hotel is far from the action which is not that much to begin with
    how could u mantain to look like that, i was sweltering, hot, frizzy hair -___- tied up most the time *not good*

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