Birthday Memories

Birthday Memories

So, I bade farewell to my teenage self and had a very ceremonious welcome into adulthood this birthday. If turning twenty-one is so much fun, I really don’t know why I’ve been dreading for it to come! Anyway, sorry I’ve been missing but here’s how I celebrated my birthday this year 🙂

Talked to my family two days before my birthday! My grandparents and cousins were there too and they got me a cake! The first picture is of my mom showing me her nails hahaha

Bought me a cake but I couldn’t eat it so sad T___T

On Wednesday night (night before my bday), I came back from basketball practice and was extremely tired so I took a shower. Then when I came back, this was what greeted me :


My friends got me a bunch of the most randomest things ever. Yakult, cause I was seen drinking them before. Japanese snacks, cranberries??, facial blotters, chocolates..

An electric fan cause it’s hot in Hong Kong! And batteries too hahah

Cause they know I play lotsa sports so I might need it some day hahaha how thoughtful! Or it could also mean I’m old wtf

Sushi cause it’s my favorite!!! Especially salmon sushi =D

The next morning, they came into my room at the most ungodly time ever to wake me up so they can sing happy birthday to me. Maria made us all wear the happy birthday hats!

Playing with my hat!

I kept asking them to not sing birthday song for me cause I don’t like it! Don’t you think it’s the most awkward moment ever when people sing birthday song to you? Cause you can either 1.) stand there grinning like an idiot 2. sing along while clapping your hands, also like an idiot or 3.) take pictures of them singing like I did which to be honest is the most idiotic thing ever wtf

I’m not gonna post that picture cause it was at 8am and everyone wasn’t at their best state wtf

After that, I talked to Barry on skype and he got me a cake too! Damn! This year I got TWO cakes which I couldn’t eat T__________T

He got me some white roses too, which I couldn’t sniff or touch =(

Sigh birthdays are so fun cause it’s all about YOU YOU YOU. I love that 😀

At night my friends threw me another party in the room before we went out! We drank champagne cause we’re classy like that.

Without Ser Siang. Koki looks extremely happy wtf

They’re so mean =(( Cause I was camwhoring and they kept making fun of me for doing that so Koki is trying to find his ‘angle’ here wtf

With Maria, my amazing roommate. She insisted that I get a cake and got everyone together just so I can have a fabulous birthday ♥

Here’s a biggg kiss for her!

After dinner, we went to a quiet bar to have some drinks. I love this small bar cause they have a jukebox with great selection and the drinks were cheap too!

They give you markers to write on the wall so here are all of us! Rex in brackets cause he wasn’t there physically but his presence was felt too wtf

Kevin’s ugly drawings wtf hahaha

We went clubbing after that cause it’s Thursday=ladies night= free for us!

Kevin and Maria! Can’t really see me wtf

Cool leh we’re the only colored ones! I was kinda red T_T

That’s all! I love that feeling of being in power cause they kept asking me what I wanted to do and they’d follow whatever I say just cause it was my birthday =D If only that happens everyday wtf.

I had an amazing birthday yet again, thanks to my family, boyfriend and friends ♥ Thank you my beloved readers for all your well wishes! I must be the luckiest girl alive =)