Mid Autumn Blues

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately so here is another pictorial post! This type of blogging feels so different from when I was in Mt Holyoke cause back then, I don’t take pictures AT ALL (everyday watch drama in my room what to take picture of wtf). I had to always think of topics to ramble about and constantly come up with lame jokes and secretly hope that people won’t find it boring. So tiring!

Anyway it was National Day on Thursday so we went out on Wednesday cause it was ladies’ night as well!

Cari and I with our free drinks (and Ser Siang being stupid)

With Ser Siang and Koki!

This was at a club and they gave me free bunny ears! ^_^

With Cari again.

Alllllll of us! It was really fun cause we were hanging out with the locals! Most exchange students only hang out with the other exchange students so we’re like one level above them *smug wtf

Went to see the fireworks at the harbour on Thursday! It was 23-minute long :O

Yummy dessert at Honeymoon Dessert!

On Friday night, we got bored and Maria said “LET’S GO TO THE BEACH” and to that we said “OK NO PROBLEMO!”

The beach is only 15 minutes from our dorm so we got a cab at 12am and off to the beach we went. The next day was mid-autumn festival so there were actually a lot of people at the beach with lanterns. We got some too =D

Kevin wanted to take an ‘artistic’ shot of us but you can’t see shit here wtf

We then went swimming at 2 am which was quite scary cause it was dark and the guys were drunk so there was a high chance that they might just drown and die wtf

On Saturday, we took the tram to Causeway Bay for the Mid-autumn carnival! The tram was fun but very shaky and took us foreverrr

The amount of people was really a little overwhelming

We got a box of glowsticks and had so much fun with them!!!

I was all chained up

Lanterns! and moreee people

More of the decorations.

Proud glowstick-ers. In retrospect, we did look quite ridiculous wtf

This painting was made by a 12 YEAR OLD KID!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!! Damn nice omg. They had a display of paintings made by kids to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Republic of China wtf

Sunday was spent chillaxing in my room, watching drama and cooking aglio olio for myself. This actually tasted nicer than it looked wtf. Went to handball practice for 3 hours after that and came back almost dead.

So that’s all I did the past few days I’ve been missing! I just realize that it’s almost the middle of this semester and I HAVE NOT DONE ANY WORK! I haven’t studied at all yet except for 2 hours cause I had a test the next day but that’s it.

Wow..this is crazy. But oh well, it’s fun being a slacker once in a while heh. I’ve been going to classes diligently and taking very comprehensive notes so I hope that’s enough..*scared. Back in Mount Holyoke, we have to study at least 2 hours a day and here I only studied 2 hours in the past 6 weeks wtf


  1. SuZanne says:

    hey suet,ALWAYS remember, study smart and play smart…i was an international exchange student to Canada back in 2005 and guess what, i guess i just study too much and have lesser fun by then~I wish the time can be reversed back and i will have more fun play around that just sitting in the library and study all day long!!!You live the moment, enjoy your exchange life there and ensure you enjoy every single moment. I bet you do gal^-^

  2. cindy khor says:

    its so happening in hong kong during 中秋节 and i really am envy, unlike here in uk, totally wanna die of boredom and loneliness.

    therefore i had to make sure that the tradition is alive in me by organizing steamboat party and eating mooncake among friends here

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey everyone, this is the Kevin in Suet’s recent pictures. I just wanna say that I think the shot I took is artsy, haha.

    Anyways, I wanted to do some shameless advertising.
    This is my blog and my most recent entry has a picture of the 5 of us (including Koki, so you girls can cream your pants). Anyways, check it out:


    I still haven’t found my angle, so don’t expect any Suet shots wtf.

    -Kevin (laa)

  4. bs says:

    haha the kevin damn shameless wtf!!!! *points up*

    walao damn happening ah you! and it’s ok suet lol i can count on two hands the hours i’ve spent studying for the whole freakin’ semester wtf… finals just a few weeks away fml.

  5. sweatlee says:

    aud, yeah /boo

    ky, no mooncake hahaha

    xiangyun, thanks!! i really am =)

    suzanne, thanks for your advice =) i will!

    cindy, yeah damn lively here! yeah must do steamboat ok it’s damn fun

    baz, everyday say same thing wtf

    winnie, haha here damn a lot!

    kevin, shameless!!!!!! u’re not hardworking enough in finding your angle!

    elaine, hahha why electric lantern so sien one!

    janice, i love hk!

    bs, hahha yalor! hahha fol wtf

    ed, WTF

    nat, jealous of what?

    haley, hahah really??? so many people right!

    mii, freshlook =)

    baz, yalor!

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