Lijiang Day 1-2

Lijiang Day 1-2

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m back!!!!!

from only the best trip ever!!!!

Seriously once you see my pictures you will surely want to go to Lijiang too! I don’t know how to describe how amazing this place is in words so I’ll post like a million pictures and you can all see for yourself. Trust me when I say a million wtf.

44 pictures just on Day 1. Die lah you all your browsers will hang for sure!

ok 3,2,1 ready set go!

I went on this trip with two of the stupidest guys ever hahhaa. That’s Koki and Roy!

Upon arrival at Lijiang, we took a cab to our hostel and this is what greeted us in the car *big wet eyes

At the old town!

The view from our room window! Pick up your jaw this is just the beginning!! Can you imagine waking up to this everyday?

Our hostel which is super highly recommended. It’s only RM30 for one night and although it’s a hostel and not a hotel, it’s extremely clean and the staff are very friendly. I think staying in hostels beat staying in hotels anytime!

Walked around the old town at night!

The old town is sooo pretty that it looks fake. It looks almost like Disneyworld or something where they are all just props, except that everything is obviously real. Le sigh I should just move here seriously.

Oh the old town is also classified as UNESCO world heritage site!

You can buy one of these and let it float down the river!

Lots and lots of tourists here though

Sifang square

A shop selling colorful trinkets!

We went into one of the many ‘clubs’ there. They give you this block of wood to knock on the table to cheer on the performers wtf. These ‘clubs’ have dancers performing one!

Bunch of old perverty looking old men dancing at the dancefloor hahhaa


OK on to the real start of our trip! Those are just teasers only wtf I told you it’s gonna be long! Remember to bring popcorn while reading this wtf

Real Naxi breakfast to start the day.

Uncle Mao at the town

We then took a bus to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain!

On the way there

Me looking extremely pleased with the view!

Can’t say the same for the guys wtf hahahhaha WTF ARE YOU DOING ROY

All of us!

We reached this place before taking another bus up to the cable car

Clouds covering the snow mountain. Wait till you see it later! You’ll wet your pants for sure wtf

Excited 😀

In the bus up to the cable car!

View of mountains from cable car

The cable car ride was quite scary cause it was so cloudy that we couldn’t see where we were going

At the snow mountain…………………….



Being there to see this and looking at the picture are two completely different feelings T__________T It was just way too beautiful

Stop looking at me like that, you naughty snow mountain you *shy

Koki and I with the snow mountain!

Roy jumping into the clouds wtf

Our life saviour seriously. Without this can of oxygen we would have died cause we climbed till the top and the air was sooo thin up there

Pretz, my other life saviour =D

Going higher and higher!

Snow is my name! wtf

The view of the valley from above. I love the clouds!

Finally reached the top! Soooo tiring but extremely worth it 😀

I don’t know what they are doing half the time wtf

Hotpot dinner after freezing our asses at the mountain! So good!

We were so tired but on the way back to our hostel, we saw this view and all our fatigue was melted away =D

THE best drink in the world- yak yoghurt! Without this my trip wouldn’t be completed! Too bad I can’t find it anywhere =(

Anyway that’s the end of day 1 and 2! Still got 4 days to go and the trip only gets better from here ♥