I left my heart at Lijiang

I left my heart at Lijiang

I’m too excited to blog about the rest of the pictures so I’ll just put all of them in one post now. Don’t wanna hide them in my computer anymore!

Day 3, we went cycling! Rented the bikes for only 15 yuan/day and cycled for SIX HOURS.

I have a basket to put my bag ^_^ The guys were quite worried cause I was wearing skirt but who says you can’t cycle in skirts!

Roy and I

It took us one hour to get to Baisha Village but it wasn’t tiring at all cause we get THIS FREAKING BREATHTAKING VIEW

Man selling candies by the side of the street

Pretty flowers

Sigh I want to go back to Lijiang

I was so happy

Seriously I don’t even need captions for these pictures. The mountain looks sooo fake, like those cloth backdrop where you can roll up after taking the picture. This place is perfect I tell you T___T

See how shy my face is! That’s cause the mountain is just too pretty *shy wtf

At Baisha Village. Love it! But cycling here hurts so much cause the roads are very uneven T_T

Tried this at the village….it was like some jelly with chilli and salt…

Went to another village after that. Can you imagine cycling here? It’s so amazing I weep to sleep everynight

Shuhe Old Town. The clouds are so pretty T___T

At the town


Eating extremely fresh vegetable!

Chinese people have very intense poses wtf

Spent close to an hour listening to this guy play his guitar and sing Chinese songs ♥

That’s all for Day 3. We were dead tired after that so we just chilled in a bar the whole night.

Went to the Black Dragon Pool on Day 4!

Roy, can you be a normal sane person for once wtf

wow I look sooo tired

Roy acting weird again hahaha

Wow the colors are amazing!!

Too pretty to be captioned

I love this picture! Look at the reflections! It’s my desktop background now 🙂

Another reason why I love Lijiang is cause the weather there is so perfect. Around 15-25 celcius and not very humid so my curls stay for a very long time =D

All of us! Normal looking picture for once wtf

This place has the most perfect view of the snow mountain ♥

At the tower

View of the entire town from the tower! I love this place more every second

At night, we cycled to the outskirts and there wasn’t any light at all so we had to use torch lights! Such a scary experience but super worth it. We cycled 30 minutes away from the town to this empty grassland and laid there looking at the stars. We didn’t even talk much and just laid there in silence. Most amazing feeling in the world 🙂

There are a few more pictures but I think I posted too many so I’ll end here!

Lijiang is in Yunnan province, which is the province with the best scenery in China. The things there are not expensive and I think it’s better to not go on a tour and just do your own thing at your own pace. Wikitravel has a great coverage on what you should do or see! You guys should really visit this place =D

Oh wait, last picture of the day.

Most important lesson we learnt in China- thou must carry with you one roll of tissue paper. Toilets here are notorious for being dirty so be prepared!

I had the most amazing time with the bestest and funniest companions and I will always remember Lijiang till the day I die WTF damn corny. But it’s true, I went without much expectations and this place just blew me away.

I wanted to split this post into two so there’s some sort of suspense element in my blog wtf but I guess I was just too impatient and excited to show all the pictures =.= Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!