McD Coke glass!

McD Coke glass!

Guess who’s back?

Back again?

I’ve been craving for McDonald’s since forever which is really rare since I’m not a fan of fast food at all. So off I went to McD to exercise my very broken Cantonese to see if I can get my burger and one of these glasses!

I had Maria take a video of me speaking Cantonese!!! I’m actually quite a banana so I was pretty shy but I did it! I’m not putting the video up cause there was too much background noises and you can barely hear me speak.

I asked the lady if they had the promotion and I didn’t know what ‘promotion’ and ‘McValue’ and ‘glass’ are in Cantonese so I said in English and she asked if I wanted coffee WTF

She then called the manager over and suddenly my Cantonese became super good and I asked him fluently if he had the promotion. Actually I still didn’t know the word for promotion but I just said it in a very Hong Kong/Cantonese tone wtf. Pro~mo~tion~ wtf.

Anyway he said they had it last month or something and it’s now over so no free glass for me T________T

The glasses are collectible items so people line up to get them and they run out really fast! You lucky people in Malaysia, make sure you go get it now ok!

Anyway although I didn’t get my glass, I got my burger that I’ve been craving for!

Shogun burger is pork fillet with egg and it’s super super yummy. I’ve always wanted to try a pork burger and having it with egg is really the best combination ever! (anything with egg is the best combo for me hahaha you put something disgusting like…coffee with egg also I’d eat it wtf)

But nevertheless, I still love the choices in Malaysia more. They have the Ayam Goreng McD, yummy =)


I have the glass in purple and now that McD is giving out SEVEN colors, I really want the pink one!! But well, I will get someone to help me collect it, so when I’m back, I’ll be able to hug all of them to sleep (and crush them and get pieces of glass all over me in the process wtf)

It’s seriously too easy to get these glasses; you just have to buy one large McValue meal and a sundae and it’s yours for free!!

Did someone say FREE??

Yeap! Today’s color is Royal Purple!

Which I have too =D

If you want a certain color, remember to check out the website to see when the color of your choice will be launched ok!

I also did a personality test in the coke website to see what glass color suits me best and lo and behold…

Pink!!!! It is truly meant to be.

Except that I can’t get my hands on it! GRR. Go get yours now at the nearest McD! Remember: you only have to get a large McValue set AND a sundae and you get a glass for free.





*goes crazy