Rebel Rebel

This weekend I did the most amazing thing ever! I drank redbull and went on a paper-writing frenzy and finished a ten-page paper in two separate sittings! My hands started shaking after the redbull and I started typing very very fast wtf. Took me only 1 hour to finish 3 pages *big wet eyes.

And today I spent 5 hours straight doing schoolwork! I feel like I have to mention this cause I haven’t done any schoolwork this entire semester wtf

I’ve lost all my blogging mojojo 🙁 I don’t know how to report funny incidents that happened to me, or write random things I feel like talking about, or jot down what I’ve been feeling these days. Maybe cause a lot of my emotions are very confusing to me right now and this blog is too public to discuss something s0 fragile in open. I should really stop being so emo and boring wtf

Anyway updates of my life through pictures cause if I continue writing then I’m just gonna churn out more cryptic emo shit and people are just gonna end up being confused and bored and tell me I’ve changed.

Best sunset view from my window so far!

“kai tan peng”- chicken eggs- from Mongkok! They basically just taste like waffles. Yummy =D

I’ve never tried blue eyeshadow before so I wanted to see if it makes my eyes bluer

A little I think..

Stupid Roy always spoiling my pictures!

Guess what they were looking at??? A cockroach on the wall WTF

Tong sui (dessert) after a night out is $7 happiness ♥

Cooked fried rice today cause I wanted to stay in to do work. It didn’t look nor taste that good wtf

BEST mall in the world. Argyle Mall in Mongkok! It has a million tiny shops that sell cheap boots and clothes and accessories! Sort of like Sg Wang but ten times more things and hundred times more crowded wtf.

What else is new..erm a friend told me about the new TVB (beyond the realm of conscience) and I got quite hooked T____T which is super bad cause this month is going to be crazyyy for me and I don’t have time to waste on something so insubstantial like watching grown women fight over stupid things! I also started watching boys over flowers (hana yori dango, the korean drama) and got hooked too cause the guys are toooo cuteeee…

p.s: it was Barry’s birthday yesterday so say happy birthday to him! If you don’t say I will put a really disgusting picture which will potentially scar you for life wtf


  1. Yosie says:

    Man, i wish i had your red bull powering skills right now. I can’t seem to get any substance for my paper.

    How long will you be staying in hk? What are some good places to check out?

  2. Joyceeeeee says:

    Omg i loveeeeeeeeeeee that mall too!!
    But it’s so hard to find it!!
    And asking the people who work in the nearby streets for directions they told me they never heard of the mall before. o_______o

    And i need to churn out a 10page research paper by wednesday. Redbull really works wonders huh? I shall buy a dozen tomorrow!

    &&happy belated birthday to barry hahah =D

  3. ..*AnNiE*.. says:

    Happy Birthday Barry!Have a blast ya!

    P.S.I’m wishing him because I don’t want my life to get scarred by the disgusting picture wtf.HAHAHAHA okay lah I’m just kidding.XD

    P.P.S.Your checkered blue top looks nice on you!<3

  4. bs says:

    happy birthday barry!

    wah redbull so effective one ar never tried before leh… maybe I should to shake me off my laziness wtf.

    “insubstantial like watching grown women fight over stupid things!” LOL i like this sentence wtf

    btw is roy single lol

  5. LowPixel says:

    Hi, being your reader for sometime now, i feel that over the past few posts, something has changed.. cant put a finger to it, but i guess you are at a stage where your new experiences are heavily influencing/changing you. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Baz. I hope you two could stay together 🙂

  6. yumii says:

    no no no i won’t wish him happy birthday because i really wanna see the disgusting photo!!

    curiosity kills the cat yo! if i’m scarred or found dead of the shock the photo imply to me, please tell people that i am dead because i didn’t wish baz happy birthday! XD

  7. Nurisya says:

    Happy Birthday Barry!! hope you had a good one!! 🙂

    i love your sunset picture and oh, i absolutely loved hana yori dango!! they are just too cute for their own good.

  8. Cline says:

    Don’t worry Suet, I think you’re still very cute and funny through your writings. =)
    Happy Birthday Barry!! How sweet is your gf to ask every of her readers to wish you this ^_^

  9. JoanneT says:

    awww, don’t worry! i stil love readin ur blog! keep it up! hope tat u’ll find more inspirations to blog!

    happy bday barry!:D

    wooh! i watched the korean boys over flower! i like kim hyun joong! he is the ji hoo in the movie! he is so cute wif short hair and that megawatt smile!

    currently am watching beyond the realm of conscience too. IT IS GREAT! love the cast n the story n the exquisite clothes! i’m hooked too! it is awesomeness! 😀

  10. SuvienLah. says:

    Beyond the realm of conscience is the bomb! Or Born Rich is also super nice. I’m hooked to these two and it’s bringing me no good. /= But on the other hand, one epi a day is only 45 minutes. So, issokay. *delusional

    Happy birthday Baz!

  11. sharon says:

    i really really love the white and blue eyeshadow on your eyes. you blend it so nicely! its a glitter type right. may i know what brand is that? thanks suet! 🙂

    p/s – happy birthday barry 😉

  12. lalala~ says:

    i haven’t been commenting lately but that doesn’t mean i don’t read your blog.. =)

    i realize u never blog about barry that much d.. (correct me if i’m wrong).. planning any surprise soon? =)

    btw, happy birthday barry.. wished u in audrey’s blog jugak. =)

  13. Jin Rui says:

    Happy birthday Barry!! Nah, present for you if you haven’t seen this yet — –like fml but less funny and more “aww”-inducing.

    How come Roy can always contort his face and look so darn funny?! It’s wrong I tell you, wrong! Hahah. Hana Yori dango is always addictive -.- even if they’re not thaaat good; eg the Taiwanese and Japanese version.

  14. sweatlee says:

    sorry i didnt have time to reply! will reply some only sorry ah

    yosie, i’ll be here till 21st of dec! ill write a post on hk soon!

    bs, yes he’s single but he always makes fun of people one so u dont wanna date him wtf

    jaysee, 21st dec =(

    cindy, fake lashes!

    sarah, i got mine from mongkok! but dunno real anot one so quite scared la..

    sharon, it’s only maybelline! nola not glitter kind one wor

    gwen, got it from maple in hk!

    jamie, i havent tried but i saw alot ppl eating!! wanna try soon!

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