Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel

This weekend I did the most amazing thing ever! I drank redbull and went on a paper-writing frenzy and finished a ten-page paper in two separate sittings! My hands started shaking after the redbull and I started typing very very fast wtf. Took me only 1 hour to finish 3 pages *big wet eyes.

And today I spent 5 hours straight doing schoolwork! I feel like I have to mention this cause I haven’t done any schoolwork this entire semester wtf

I’ve lost all my blogging mojojo 🙁 I don’t know how to report funny incidents that happened to me, or write random things I feel like talking about, or jot down what I’ve been feeling these days. Maybe cause a lot of my emotions are very confusing to me right now and this blog is too public to discuss something s0 fragile in open. I should really stop being so emo and boring wtf

Anyway updates of my life through pictures cause if I continue writing then I’m just gonna churn out more cryptic emo shit and people are just gonna end up being confused and bored and tell me I’ve changed.

Best sunset view from my window so far!

“kai tan peng”- chicken eggs- from Mongkok! They basically just taste like waffles. Yummy =D

I’ve never tried blue eyeshadow before so I wanted to see if it makes my eyes bluer

A little I think..

Stupid Roy always spoiling my pictures!

Guess what they were looking at??? A cockroach on the wall WTF

Tong sui (dessert) after a night out is $7 happiness ♥

Cooked fried rice today cause I wanted to stay in to do work. It didn’t look nor taste that good wtf

BEST mall in the world. Argyle Mall in Mongkok! It has a million tiny shops that sell cheap boots and clothes and accessories! Sort of like Sg Wang but ten times more things and hundred times more crowded wtf.

What else is new..erm a friend told me about the new TVB (beyond the realm of conscience) and I got quite hooked T____T which is super bad cause this month is going to be crazyyy for me and I don’t have time to waste on something so insubstantial like watching grown women fight over stupid things! I also started watching boys over flowers (hana yori dango, the korean drama) and got hooked too cause the guys are toooo cuteeee…

p.s: it was Barry’s birthday yesterday so say happy birthday to him! If you don’t say I will put a really disgusting picture which will potentially scar you for life wtf