Sad Story

Sad Story

Sorry I keep MIA-ing! I promise I’ll blog properly when I have time so pleaseee don’t forsake me ok. So nothing has been happening lately except the fact that I HAVE CRAZY MOTHERLOAD AMOUNT OF WORK. At least one presentation and one paper/midterm every week until the end of this semester T_______T

Actually I don’t need to work that hard cause my grades won’t transfer and I just need to get C+ but I’m Asian and it’s wrong to just barely pass wtf. I still have so many things I want to do before I leave HK though! Sooo many people I want to meet up with but never got round to doing it (Malaysians in HK, we should meet up soon I promise!). I haven’t gone to Lamma Island yet, I need to go Macau again cause I forgot to eat the Portuguese tart the last time I was there (THE ATROCITY) and I need to eat more!!

I’m going to write a guide to HK sometime when I’m free, just cause Pinkpau’s guide was very helpful when I first got here so I thought I should contribute to the society as well wtf.

Anyway something really really reallyyyyy upsetting happened yesterday. It’s so sad that I still find my eyes get all blurred up ¬†everytime I think about it T__T

So it was Thursday night and Maria my roommate was all pumped up and wanted to go out and all my others friends were trying to talk me into going out. I have a presentation at 9 am the next day so I wasn’t really up for it but I relented and got all dressed up and put make up on. Then when we finally gathered everyone, it was around 12am.

I knew they wouldn’t want to come back until 4am at least and I would die the next day so sadly, I decided not to go and went back to my room.

The thing was, I had awesome makeup on and my outfit was super cute so I wanted to camwhore the night away so I wouldn’t feel so bad about not going out. I came back, charged my camera’s battery to tahap maksimum wtf, then turned it on.

It didn’t work. I just couldn’t turn it on!!!! And the worst part was, it didn’t even freaking try to be turned on!

I would totally feel better if the lens pops out then pops back in, or if it makes some dying gurgling sound wtf but nada, no reactions nothing T_________T

Isn’t that the saddest story you’ve ever heard in at least two of your lifetimes? wuwuwu


So in the end I just camwhored with my webcam, which sucks monkey balls

Hahaha I was feeling random, hence the random giraffe and pig nose wtf. (The picture of me holding a placard, my hallmates did that for me! We stick these cards with our names and pictures on our doors. Elves is our floor name. My card fell and refused to stick back up FML)

Anyway that’s it for today folks. I have a sudden obsession with David Bowie now. If there are any Bowie fans here, what’s your favorite song?