Incomplete guide to HK

Incomplete guide to HK

Hellooo! I’m so happy today cause 1. I’m done with alllll my midterms/presentations/projects/papers!!! At least for two weeks *gloomy.. but it’s okay I’m gonna play so hard this week! and 2. my camera is not broken!!! I brought it to a camera shop and the guy tried another battery and voila it worked! so it’s just my battery/charger’s problem! Tears of joy streamed down my face and freaked that guy out wtf

Anyway I got tons of pictures to post! My mom just uploaded all the pictures from when she was in HK with my dad on Facebook (took her forever cause she posted 5 by 5 wtf) so here they are!

This will be a sort of pseudo-guide to HK kinda post, including all my other previous posts on HK before! This is by no means a complete guide to where you should go/what you should do in HK (if you want a complete guide, check out wikitravel or tripadvisor, they’re amazing), but more like where I would bring visitors to just cause it’s not expensive for me wtf

At my parents’ hotel. Ah back in those glorious days when it was too hot to wear anything but shorts. Now I wear FOUR layers to sleep and still shiver from the cold T____T

All pictures are taken with Canon G10 =D

My happy parents!

They lived near Mongkok so the first place I brought them to was obviously Ladies’ Market! (Lui Yan Kai). Mongkok is in Kowloon, which is a completely different island than HK island but I love it so much more cause it’s where the heart of HK really is in my opinion.

Street food in abundance in Mongkok! I haven’t really tried much cause I’m not into fried stuff that much

Mongkok is a nice place to bring tourists to cause of the street market but becareful, it’s VERYVERYRYRYR crowded so if you don’t like crowd you might not want to go there. But what’s a trip to HK without visiting the ladies’ market? Anyway if you’re not into clothes/accessories, you can also find lots of electronic shops, shoe shops, random streets selling just flowers or just fishes wtf (no serious one)

If you’re in the other island (Kowloon), you should also walk along Nathan Road cause there’s everything there! Cheap clothes/shoe shops, cheap restaurants, karaoke, massage, everything!

If you’re super fit and free, walk all the way from Mongkok to Jordan (about 30-40 minutes to walk, you can also take the MTR, two stops away) to try the famous Australian Dairy Company πŸ™‚

They are famous for their scrambled eggs!! Mmmm made with the best milk ever so fluffy and soft and buttery!

I had milk with it, pretty good! It looks tiny in portion but omg it’s sooo filling! This set is around $28/RM14 I think.

Super famous steamed milk! Quite expensive ($18/RM9) but sooo good! They have steamed egg and steamed choc milk too! You can get it hot or cold but i like cold better.

If you’re not too busy, there’s this street in Jordan that has a lot of fortune tellers/palm readers! Quite cool but I can’t speak Canto that well so I didn’t get my fortune read.

That street also has stalls that sell dildo and sex toys, for some odd reason. Don’t know what’s the relevance between fortune telling and sex toys.. Maybe if your fortune is really bad like you’re gonna die in 24 hours so you get really upset and it’s only natural for depressed people to go on a sex-toys buying frenzy? WTF

From Jordan, walk along Nathan Road again until you reach Tsim Sha Tsui! About 15-20 minutes or 1 train stop away. Every night at 8pm, you can catch the lightshow! It’s basically not a big deal, just buildings with dancing lights for 10 minutes or so. I like it though! It sort of captures the essence of HK in a way.

After watching the lightshow at the pier, walk to the Avenue of Stars to see all the famous hand prints! To be honest, I only recognized Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee πŸ™ Β Better off not going but it’s touristy so maybe you wanna do it just so you won’t feel left out wtf

Commercial break wtf. must show you how small my parents’ room was!!!! Everything was basically in this picture, except the other bed. Basically it’s just wall, bed, 5cm, bed, wall. Another 5cm between beds and toilet and THAT’S IT OMG OMG OMG SMALLEST HOTEL ROOM I’VE EVER SEEN. The ‘cupboard’ was one tiny space with two hangers wtf

Ok let’s move on.

So once you’re tired of Kowloon, get the Star Ferry and hop over to HK Island! The ferry is fun and cheap! ($2) Alternatively, you can catch the MTR too. If you’re looking for a cheap hotel, Kowloon/Mongkok/Tsim Sha Tsui is your best bet, impossible to get cheap hotels in the main island!

Ok what’s next..I think the best place in HK island is Causeway Bay! But that’s just cause I like crowd and shopping and lights..

Causeway can get kind of confusing and even I don’t know it that well yet but it has a loooot of things. It has a MILLION SASAs and Bonjours (cheaper version of SASA) everywhere! You should definitely plan to spend one night here to just explore around.

Once you’re sick of Causeway, you can walk over to Wan Chai (or take the tram/train, only one stop) cause they have really cool bars there! Except that half of them have slutty ugly girls outside trying to lure white men in wtf. Some bars there are cheap and pretty chill and have live bands and stuff.

Two stops away are Central and Lan Kwai Fong! My second home wtf.

Central is basically a shopping paradise as well but stuff here are more branded and expensive. I like it here cause it’s closer to my dorm but I only shop at H&M and Cotton On cause everything else is either Louis Vuitton or Hermes T_T

When you’re at Central, be sure to take the tram! I love the trams and I always ride it from Central all the way back to my university. You can see how different the buildings are and it’s quite a pleasant (but bumpy) (but very cheap $2) ride.

Along the way, you’ll see this entire street selling the exact same thing – dried food. In fact it’s called the dried food street wtf. Every single shop sells dried squids and dried fish and dried whatever you want! dried humans also got I’m sure har har lame joke wtf

The end of the tram line is Kennedy Town/Sai Wan which is near my university which is also my second home but I don’t think I’m going to talk about it. It’s not touristy at all but it has good local food =D

Pottinger St in between Central and Soho! It’s a steep stone slabs street that sells costumes!!! I got my pearl headband and black wings from here! You can also find wigs/random accessories here πŸ˜€

And of course when you’re near Central, you have to go to Lan Kwai Fong!

Lan Kwai Fong in the day, not as impressive as night.

Dad and I with the sign

LKF is basically this small area where it’s filled with just bars and clubs! Every Thurs, Fri and Sat nights, the entire few streets get jam packed with people partying outside on the streets so it’s quite a cool place to go to just to see the night life.

Tsui Wah is a chain char chan teng (cafe) and is pretty famous! This is where we go to for our after clubbing fix cause it opens 24 hours.

Food here isn’t amazing but I loveee the condensed milk bun!!! Comfort food no. 1 β™₯ the milk tea here is pretty good too!

Directly across Tsui Wah is Yung Kee Restaurant, super super famous for their roast goose. This restaurant is rated no.1 in blabla and is apparently a must go.

Geese chilling out wtf

Brought my parents there to try it out!

Don’t ask me what’s the difference between roast duck and roast goose..I think this has more fats and supposed to be yummier? The skin is super crunchy and nice but I don’t know if it’s worth it. We ordered 3 dishes (1/2 goose, some vege, some tofu) and it came up to $500…..So erm, not too sure if you should come here.

Once you’re bored of partying, you should go up the peak πŸ˜€

You can get a cab all the way up the peak (should be around $50 from Central) or you can get a cab to the tram station and take the tram up! The tram is pretty expensive actually but it’s nice too!

The tram up the peak

The view of the city from the peak β™₯

With my parents!

I don’t know why I keep wearing a skirt up there when it’s always so windy!

Okay so basically those are places I would bring a tourist to – Mongkok, TST, Causeway, Central, LKF, Victoria’s Peak!

Food you must try:

1. Dim sum, obviously!!!

Better dim sums are pretty pricey, especially those at restaurants with table cloths and all. Expect to pay around $60 at least but it also depends on what you order too.

Siew mai, a must have!!!

This dim sum place was at Kowloon and I’m sure there are more at the main island but surely more expensive too. I always go to this dingy looking dimsum place near my college cause it’s very cheap but it also doesn’t have a lot of variety. Not sure of any good restaurant-ish dimsum place near Central though..

2. Egg tarts!! These ones are from Tai Cheong, which is famous for their egg tarts. I found better and cheaper ones in Sai Wan though but it’s hard to get there from Central..Egg tarts here in general are a lot better than the ones in Malaysia =D I don’t know how I’m going to eat Malaysian egg tarts when I go back since my taste is more refined already now wtf

3. Congee! Actually it’s not a lot better than those in Malaysia lah but still good nonetheless!

4. Tong sui/desserts! This mango lo is from Hui Lau San but it’s soo expensive so I don’t go there anymore. I found better and much cheaper ones near my college (at Sai Wan/Kennedy Town again! That’s why I love that place). You can easily find dessert shops anywhere so give it a try!

5. Siu Mei! It’s basically stuff like chicken rice, roast pork rice, roast duck, BBQ pork etc but it’s soooo goooood! It’s all I eat here wtf. I used to hate roast pork in Malaysia but the ones here are heavenly and the skin is super crunchy! You can find this in almost every corner in HK.

6. Japanese/Italian/Western food.

Soho (near LKF) has the best western food ever! There’s this Italian place called Al Dente which serves the best italian food I’ve ever tried. Basically Soho has a lot of bars and restaurants catered to westerners so the quality of the food there is top-notch. Expect to pay at least $100 per person though.

Japanese food in HK is way better than the ones in US/Msia! You can get a really good meal for about $50 in Sai Wan and maybe $80 in Central.

There’s this burger place called Gourmet Burger Union in Soho and it has the best burgers I’ve ever tried. My new favorite place is also this Kebab place in Soho =D

Gui ling gou at HK is also very nice but we got cheated lor! How can it be $50 a bowl??? Cis.

You might also want to visit the Buddha at Lantau Island!

If you have time, you might also want to visit Cheong Chao Island, Shek-O Beach, Stanley Market and beach and Lamma Island! I’m going to Lamma Island this weekend yaysss =D

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I don’t think this post is very helpful but that’s cause I keep doing the same things once I found things I like to do here so I hardly explore around to find good restaurants and stuff. But leave me a comment/email if you need to know more info!

p.s: DON’T FORGET THE BEST MALL IN THE WORLD IN MONGKOK (Argyle St) !!! I got my boots there for $180/RM90!