A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

A day in the life is officially my favorite Beatles’ song now! Lennon’s haunting voice always stirs up a mixed range of emotions in me, in a good way 🙂

Because my camera is ‘fixed’ (did I tell you the story of my camera? Oh I did already hor omg my memory is sooo bad), I took a million pictures recently!

This was from ages ago when I was rushing deadlines after deadlines and redbull was my bestest friend. If you squint hard enough, you can see that I was chatting and not doing anything productive wtf

Right after I found out that my camera wasn’t broken, I whipped it out and took a photo of me and the kebab boss at the kebab place I was at wtf.

Finding out that my camera wasn’t broken is such a momentous occasion of course must celebrate lah wtf. This is my outfit on Friday when it got slightly warmer and I could wear knee high socks!

My new boots! Actually not that new lah, it’s been about 3 weeks.

New coat from H&M! Don’t ask me how much is it……….

I love the collar! Now my neck is protected too ^_^

Ok fine it was $599 wtf. Got 20% off so it was $480 (RM240) after discount which is the same if I got it in the US plus I didn’t have a coat with me and it’s freezing and it’s super cute okay the bottom like the bubble skirt type one aiya pokoknya it was worth it lah wtf

Maria, Siang, Kevin and I in our room before going out.

New geo lenses! =D

I miss hanging out with them! We always have so much crap to talk about.


New top from Cotton On! Which is my 2nd favorite store after forever21!

I love the shiny embellishment thingy don’t know what you call it lah. I got this top for 50% off cause I go to Cotton On so much that I’m damn friend with two of the staffs and they gave me discount wtf

My new bag!!! Shit I bought damn a lot of things lately hor uh oh

HAHAHAH ROY WHAT KINDA STUPID FACE IS THAT HAHAHA the guys at the shisha bar and let’s just ignore roy from now on wtf

Samson, Kev, Siang, Maria and Cari!

This is our current favorite place cause it’s super chill and the people there are sooo nice 🙂

Cari and I =D

The girls!


Went to another bar that serves jello shots!

Jello shots! They’re just jello+vodka and you put them on your hand and stuff it in your mouth wtf. I like it cause I like jellos =D

With Maggie too!

This place has the stickiest floor ever cause people drop the jellos on the floor all the time and it gets super gross!! So you can’t really dance cause you shoes are stuck to the ground wtf

Cari and Roy! How cute 😀

That’s all! I’m so happy cause I finally got a thick comforter so I won’t have to freeze my ass to sleep every night and get woken up by the cold!

I spent the weekend shopping with Aud, Ringo, Xiaxue and Redmummy! I’m so glad they came to HK, will blog about that later!

New makeup! The stupid woman from Sasa kept recommending their products to me so I bought the eyeliner and mascara but they weren’t as amazing as I thought 🙁 The mascara is good but the eyeliner is so so only lah.

Kate’s eyeshadows are also disappointing T__T Hate it when I buy makeup and it turns out to be shitty lor! Anyway I’m feeling girly so I might do a makeup/hair post next..what kinda post do you wanna read?