Friends U Can Keep

Friends U Can Keep

Hahahha remember?? FUCK- Friends U Can Keep wtf. FRANCE- Friendship Remains And Never Can End wtf. What else ah?

Ok anyway I know I was supposed to write a vain makeup/hair post but I haven’t had the time to take step by step pictures/video of me curling my hair!!! I’m so sorry so this is just going to be another pictorial what I’ve been up to post. Don’t worry I’ll try my best to be as entertaining as possible (will juggle and eat fire if I have to wtf)

Let’s start from the very beginning! Saturday:

Finally met up with Aud after we both got lost looking for each other at Mongkok. Seriously it’s impossible to look for people there!

I miss you so much T_____T Can see our eyes quite teary with love wtf

I brought them to the best mall in the world but it was late so we went home and woke up early the next day so we can shop again!

Not enough sleep T_T I slept with Ringo that night (sound so wrong hahaha!) cause got extra space in the hotel! Ringo is the bestest bestest host in the world cause she kept making sure I was okay and shared with me her makeup/facial stuff. I ♥ her!!

Breakfast at the hotel! The disney characters damn fan lah kept coming to take pictures with us! I can’t even eat in peace ok. I only ate half of the super super nice muesli cause Goofy and Mickey keep playing with my hair wtf. T___T Now I can’t find such good muesli anywhere again =(

Oh this is after Mickey tried to beat Mike (Wendy’s bf) up cause Minnie tried flirting with him just now wtf


Stole this picture from redmummy‘s blog heh. The girls with Mickey. I loveeee these girls!! Redmummy damn fun lor I spoke Malay with her and she damn layan although I must have been quite annoying wtf

THEN we went shopping!

Wendy, Ringo and I! The rest didn’t follow us cause they had to go lunch with someone. This was before we went crazy and bought everything on our paths wtf

This is only one of the many many many shoe shops there! How to not go crazy you tell me?? Throw in another 28410 clothes shops and there you have it, the best mall in the world *secretly smiles at the memory of the mall wtf

They were rushing to fly back so we didn’t have time to eat so we only ate street food and mango lo! Who needs food when you have so much shopping to do! (actually I do wtf but Wendy said no one is allowed to eat/pee/rest so I didn’t dare to disobey her wtf)

But she’s damn nice in real life!! At first I was quite scared to say anything cause scared she’ll scold me wtf but after shopping for a while we started talking like normal and I realized that she wasn’t scary, just very straightforward and honest and funny! Shopping bonds people 🙂

Last picture with Ringo before they left!

This was on Sunday night! Our hall had a week-long festival and this was a drama competition!

Buzz lightyear hahaha!

Random picture from Monday. This is a small bird!! So gross okay you put the entire bird into your mouth and eat all its wings and beak and head and everything! Quite yummy but still gross.

From Wednesday, lunch with Mabel!

Mabel with our mocha cheesecake! I love girly lunches where we just talk about makeup and shopping and guys!

Superpass dinner with floormates! Super pass is like a…pre-exam dinner thingy to wish everyone luck in finals!

New bag I got with Ringo! Super love it although it’s damn girly! I don’t like pink that much but I have sooo many pink stuff now haha

New cardigan! Aud got the same thing but lost it once she got back wtf

Super nice pork thingy..It’s like sweet and sour but damnnnn gooooood

Then we came back and cut the pig wtf. It’s a tradition for every floor to do this before exams! At first the floor leader will cut the roast pig in half without lifting the knife or we’ll get bad luck in finals!

And then everyone (seniors first) will chop the pig once and we couldn’t lift the knife! We had to cut it with one swift cut or else we won’t pass our exams wtf

And then we each got an angpow ^_^

After that, we wrote good luck notes to everyone!

I loveeee the hall culture here! We’re all so close unlike in the US where my neighbors don’t even talk to me T_T

This is from today, don’t know what they’re doing =.=

Roy, your usual comedian wtf

Okay that’s all!!! I’m so tired now!

Oh yeah I actually did a video! it’s not that interesting but if you’re dying to see how I look like when I talk then here you go wtf. I did Ee Von‘s tag on what’s in my bag! Feel free to do it or just comment on what you have in your bags too! I bet not as many things as me cause my bag always weighs a ton T_T

I took from quite a low angle so my face quite fat and can see the ceiling also wtf. I already stacked all my stuff together and that’s the highest I could get it! If only I have a Macbook so I can use the super clear webcam..