All curled up

All curled up

Today is Sunday!!!!

Sunday is:

-postsecret day

-wake up after noon day

-get started on work for real day

-dim sum day

-be happy for no reason day

-ignore Facebook requests day

-listen to Beatles and Bowie on full blast day

-think of what ants do on rainy days day

-reread Norwegian Wood in bed day

Sunday is an amazing day 🙂

Anyway! After a million years, I finally got around to taking a video of me curling my hair with a straightener! Giang taught me this last year and it took me soooo long to master it! I’m such a slow learner T__T But I’ve nailed it now so let me show you how I curl my hair with a straightener 😀

Sorry the music is a little emo but it’s my current favorite song so whatevaaa

Other info:

-I always apply heat protecting serum/spray before curling/straightening my hair

-I put the heat to the highest (420) otherwise the curls won’t look as good but I only curl my hair once a week or so so I guess it’s not as damaging

-I like this method better than using curling tongs cause the friction+heat make my curls last longer but this could also be potentially more damaging? not sure. as long as you don’t do it that often and still apply serum before then it should be fine!

-Yeap that’s my roommate behind me. There was one scary part where you can’t see her but you see her reflection on the mirror moving around so quite freaky wtf

If you need other clarifications, let me know! I hope the video is clear enough. Will do a makeup one next but a bit lazy to do that cause you can find makeup videos everywhereeee and I’m nowhere as good as most of them!

p.s: life is only complicated if you think it is. Let’s all live in a yellow submarine and occasionally visit the octopus’ garden and live happily ever after like that.