How I do my makeup

I’m soooo tired right now cause I just came back from a 5-hour SUPER hardcore hike up Sunset Peak!!! Can’t wait to show you the pictures but this post is more important and I’ve already uploaded the video =D

So I know I’ve done makeup posts before (here and here and got some more but lazy wanna look for them) but this is only my second time doing a makeup video! Besides, you can never get enough of makeup posts heh.

This is basically how I apply my makeup on an almost daily basis. I know it’s a lot of work but I always enjoy putting on my makeup cause it’s sort of like drawing/painting! (I know all those art classes I took when I was young did not go to waste wtf) Remember, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones wtf

First of all, this is the video! I had to cut a lot of parts cause I don’t want it to take a long time to load so actually I took about 15 minutes in total for my makeup. I also accidentally cut the part where I lined my upper lids with gel eyeliner, oops. But everything else should be there!

Let it load while you finish reading this post 🙂

List of products used:

BB cream: BRTC Jasmine Water (only in Sasa HK)

I personally LOVE this BB cream! Sooo much better than my previous (much cheaper) Etude House’s. BB cream stands for blemish balm cream and basically works like a foundation except that it works as a moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging cream blabla basically all in one lah that’s why it’s amazing!

I know Dr. G (from Sasa also, can find in Msia) is also good! Oh yeah, Aud said Faceshop’s is good too! It costs about RM100+ for one but it will probably last you for about 4~5 months if you use everyday.

BB cream is actually one product I will swear by so you know how much I ♥ it!

Powder foundation: Bare Minerals

I don’t usually use this since the BB cream is good enough for me but sometimes I do just cause I have it wtf

Eyelid primer: Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion

This is used before applying your eyeshadows so the colors will show more and it helps to prevent creasing. I really like it cause I think the colors stay longer too. It’s quite expensive, about RM70 but it can last you for about 10 months (maybe cause I use very little each time..)

Mascara: SASA

I actually really like this. Show you pictures later

Eyeliner: Pencil (Sephora) Gel (Sasa)

The gel one sucks 🙁

Eyeshadow: Kate

The colors are nice but don’t know why they don’t blend that well

Brushes: Mac 239 (eyeshadow brush), Everyday Minerals (Kabuki brush)

Alright that’s all!

More pictures:

Sorry I look quite pan-cute here wtf but if you’re too lazy to watch the video, here’s my final makeup

I don’t really like my eyes cause they’re very small (even the optometrist say so leh! I couldn’t put my contacts in after a million tries and she was quite frustrated also and asked me why are my eyes so small T_T) that’s why I like darker shadows to make my eyes look bigger.

The mascara is quite good right! The curling effect is gooood =D Can’t say the same for the gel eyeliner >=(

Oh, the contact lenses are Geo Angel Green 🙂 I love them cause they make my eyes look sooo big

After 5 hours and the curls are still standing strong, yays!

This was for another day. Green shadows to match my eyes! Didn’t put that much so that I won’t look like Incredible Hulk wtf

Long live double eyelid tapes! Now I have two even-looking eyes and don’t have to cover one eye with my hair =D


Darker eye makeup cause I was going out clubbing.

I used grey shadow as base, black for the smokey eye effect and pink shimmerish one for highlighting. This method works for my eye shape but different eye shapes require different methods for the smokey eye effect so you should practice to see what works best for you!

I don’t like it when you can see too much of the black shadow with your eyes opened like this:

cause it makes me look scary and over made-up but you can try it!

Okay that’s all let me know if it helps or if you want more clarifications! Sorry if this bore you, guys. My next hiking post will be sooooo nice! Not nice also must pretend it’s nice okay I climbed 5 freaking hours up really steep steps to get those pictures!!!



  1. Liz says:

    hey nice tutorial! but i would like to ask how do you managed to put alot of make up on your eye without itching your eye? because when I put on contact lenses and apply mascara, my eye doesnt feel comfortable because either the mascara or eye liner tend to enters the eye.

  2. Lisa Cheah says:

    Interesting, never knew there was double eyelid tapes! Haha! I thought they were one of those homemade things! :/

    And, I love blusher and mascara faces! I look like I want to kill someone whenever I put on mascara *Grrr! You actually look adorable! 🙂

    And, you look gorgeous btw! 🙂

  3. yvon says:

    I like ur video. Thx for sharing. I would like to know what is the brand of the mascara that u bought from Sasa? Would love to get one. coz it’s really good 🙂

  4. *YenN says:

    Hey!!!!! Huge question.
    Does the BB Jasmine water work to help acne?
    I’ve been thinking of getting one but I don;t know which one to get for acne and moisturizing at the same time.
    PS. My sister is amazed with your make up tutorial 🙂

  5. strawberry says:

    thanks for the tip on applying black shadow on outer eyelid to make eyes appear bigger!!!! i also use a paper when applying mascara to avoid smudging on my face!!! you can try that too for your bottom lashes =D

  6. jo says:

    hi suet li, aaaa am so liking this post!! can i ask you how do you create your double eyelid? and like when u apply ur make up, does the tape interfere with the make up? cause ive tried numerous stuff, and it never works 🙁 🙁 and when i wear contacts its even worse cause i duno why but i will have a reflex in closing my eyes wtf when i try contacts + double eyelid sigh why lidat T_T

  7. joyce says:

    OMG i LOOOOOVE your lashes!!
    I can never get mine to stay up.
    Cos ive single eyelid, then it always cui xia.
    Cos the lid pushes the lashes back down, sian..
    And my right eye’s super stubborn even if i stick the double eyelid tape it won’t stay -_-


  8. Raych eLLe says:

    argh!i Din get to see the part i wanted to! how d u draw the gel liner up to ur lid when the double eyelid tapes is there ah?? wouldn’t u be like drawing on the tap itself, and then when u try to cover the tape then it’s like uneven with d other side dy WTF? cause drawing on d tape makes the colours become different than to draw it on the skin/lid itself!! wonder how u do it for that part but it didnt shows T_______T
    hehe, and.. blog more! 🙂

  9. tamago says:

    ohh i have those geo lenses too! in green too. and blue. and brown. and gray wtf.


    they look so good right im like so addicted to them xD btw you look very pretty and i like this post(ala facebook)!

  10. Joanna Lee says:

    whoa your eyes really appear a lot bigger after make up hor?? damn pretty la!! haha.. and the part when u apply blusher, you look adorable lol.. very useful video! thank you~=D

  11. Barrianna says:

    oh wow! cool! i never wore makeup at all before this and was always too shy/embarrassed to meet guys but now i know how to paint my face like a boss, thanks to your video! now i’m happily married and am expecting, thank you for restoring my confidence and changing my life forever!!

  12. rachel says:

    i really like this video, so cute la. but your skin is seriously so perfect, don’t need foundation *jealous*
    is BB cream suitable for all skin types?

    ohoh and please show us pics of your mascara. looks so good!! and SaSa has very reasonable prices. 🙂

    can’t wait to go back to hk and shop shop shop during christmas break. *excited*

    PS i really like your hair in this tutorial, esp the bangs. have you been getting haircuts in hk? or you trim yourself?

  13. Janice says:

    hey Sweatlee! like your make up video! very informative. =) btw, do you have sensitive skin? does the BB cream suitable for sensitive skin? i tried two BB creams before (one from Skinfood, another from a brand recommended by SASA), both reacted on my skin. now using Missha one, it’s ok but my skin looks very dull. your skin is glowing ler!!!

    btw, i want your lashes!!! my lashes so stubborn it will never curl no matter how i curl it. =(

  14. sweatlee says:

    vvens, yeah i saw haha so nice! i cannot do those type one

    cheesie, haha haven’t rainforest wtf

    liz, hmm my eyes never itch before wor! it doesn’t happen to me i dunno why..

    lisa, i used to make them but it’s actually quite cheap to just buy! thanks so much! =D

    yvon, thanks! the brand is sasa! it’s their own brand. it’s super dolly powerful mascara wtf

    yenn, i actually dunno..maybe u can try asking the promoters or googling about it! heh thanks =)

    strawberry, yeah why didnt i think of using it for my bottom lashes?? stupid me!! thanks!

    jazmint, u wanna do smokey or just simple colors? try youtubing! got alot!

    melody, thanks!! haha i cant wait to blog about it too!

    eunice, u mean for the black and grey ones? i was using stila. i used grey, black and pink shimmery ones for highlighting!

    may, hahah thanks! just do it!

    ron, etude house is alot cheaper than brtc! but not nice one

    jo, thanks! hmm the tape actually takes in the colors of the eyeshadows rather well! really ah i dunno! then put contacts after applying makeup? if your power not so high that u cant see at all lah

    choco, haha yeah lenka!

    jammie, thanks love <3 wanna kiss them? wtf

    joyce, my lashes without mascara actually quite short and sparse one!! ohh yeah a different tape then! or the glue?

    xiaopei, thanks!

    jen, oooh really? good news!

    raychelle, ooh cause i dont put the tape right above the eye. i put it like 4mm up wtf so got space for eyeliner! maybe ill show next time ok?

    tamago, haha i wanna buy more also! i got brown gray and green! damnn nice

    lynn, thanks! mine is sasa brand called super dolly something wtf. looks like this

    esther, thanks! yeah i heard =D

    joanna, yeahh! heh thanks =) glad u liked it!

    barrianna, WTF hahaha where got ppl named barrianna one such an ugly name wtf am expecting HAHHAHAHA WTF ngo yau jor wtf

    rachel, thanks *shy* i think it should be suitable but i’ve heard of alot cases where ppl get breakouts after they tried better becareful! this is my mascara!
    actually my hair damn ugly in this tutorial lor!! cause never wash for 2 days edi wtf. yeah i trim them myself! better!

    pal, thanks you too pal wtf

    janice, yes my skin damn sensitive! but dunno why the bb cream is ok for me. have to becareful though it might not be for everyone! was the sasa one dr g? i heard it’s the best leh! i thought missha’s good also?

    jammie, hahahha stupid one him

    sherlenn, thanks! ermmm i got it in sephora..not sure leh in msia!

  15. eve says:

    hey suet!love your make up tutorial!!!awesome!!
    hmm, i’m considering getting geo lens too!!!!they are simply gorgeous!=D
    but are they safe?because i heard quite a number of people after wearing geo lens, they experience irritation and etc!
    do you mind telling me where you get them from?
    thanks suet!

  16. Makeupgeeek says:

    opsy my bad! i just watched ur video after commenting abt ur lashes. It is your real lashes!! I love your lashes here.. so full and long. Looking at the picture I thought its falsies. Good and very simple tutorial. keep it up!

  17. strawberry says:

    it’s me again! sorry if someone has asked this before but does super dolly mascara (the name very lame hahahaha) leave clumps on ur eyelashes when you apply them?? i am using maybelline one but i dun like the clumps!! i always use a lash comber to remove it later!! very ma fan!!!!

  18. amy says:

    sweatttttttttt!!! your make up video is awesome!!! and i must say you’re blessed with flawless skin!!! i envy your skin without make up..mean while i look like a pale zombie without any make up on..anyway, been meanin to ask ya, is there anywhere in i can get the Eyelid primer: Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion in malaysia??? been seein this product bein used in many other videos in youtube as well but havent got any idea where to get it from…

  19. sweatlee says:

    erlinda, thanks!

    makeupgeek, i used the half ones for the other look! (the smokey one) cant remember the brand..

    eve, thankss! i think they’re pretty ok..just have to becareful not to get the fake ones! not sure if mine’s fake or not also wtf. the first time was realllly painful but after that it’s fine! i got them from HK but u can get them from websites in msia too?

    cpl, thanks im glad it did!


    sera, haha talking is a lot harder! hard to concentrate and talk!

    hayley, mine actually very short also! mascara does wonders =)

    strawberry, haha actually no! it doesnt clump at all =)

    cindy, picasa collage!

    ky, YES! hahaha

    cherwee, why your comment so short wtf

    charlene, thanks =D

    amy, helloooo! thanks =D i dont think u can find in msia! i got it from sephora in the US..u can basically use any eyelid primer!

  20. sweatlee says:

    jaclyn, haha mine still smaller leh!

    bel, why cat and not dog or rabbit!

    eunice, i use one brush and the sponge applicator thingy! better to use different brushes though..i clean it with a tissue after every color!

  21. JunJun-Riko says:

    i’ve always love ur eye make up ler… ur lashes look so nice… did u had any extension on? how come i can’t create the same bottom lashes look as u did one??? T___T i blame the damn Chinese genes… y my lashes so short and sparse. =.=

  22. pinky says:

    wow… you eyelash on the first picture make me want to buy the mascara! hahhaha I tried BB cream too but from shills but it’s a little oily i feel. now i want to try the brtc one! haha

  23. Shevon says:

    Hi suet li, wanna ask you where u get your geo lens from? mind to let me know, interested to get one but there are too many blogshop selling fake one…any website recommendation from u?

  24. Bo says:

    your skin is truly beautiful same as your jealous haha. great video, how much did the color contacts cost?
    does your right eye hurt? i have same problem, same eye…but my right eye hurts like crap. anything i can do to stop make it go away?
    oh and the tape is it an eyetape or do you just cut a piece from scotch tape? if you buy the eyetape pack..where can you buy it and how much does it cost?

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