How I do my makeup

How I do my makeup

I’m soooo tired right now cause I just came back from a 5-hour SUPER hardcore hike up Sunset Peak!!! Can’t wait to show you the pictures but this post is more important and I’ve already uploaded the video =D

So I know I’ve done makeup posts before (here and here and got some more but lazy wanna look for them) but this is only my second time doing a makeup video! Besides, you can never get enough of makeup posts heh.

This is basically how I apply my makeup on an almost daily basis. I know it’s a lot of work but I always enjoy putting on my makeup cause it’s sort of like drawing/painting! (I know all those art classes I took when I was young did not go to waste wtf) Remember, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones wtf

First of all, this is the video! I had to cut a lot of parts cause I don’t want it to take a long time to load so actually I took about 15 minutes in total for my makeup. I also accidentally cut the part where I lined my upper lids with gel eyeliner, oops. But everything else should be there!

Let it load while you finish reading this post 🙂

List of products used:

BB cream: BRTC Jasmine Water (only in Sasa HK)

I personally LOVE this BB cream! Sooo much better than my previous (much cheaper) Etude House’s. BB cream stands for blemish balm cream and basically works like a foundation except that it works as a moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging cream blabla basically all in one lah that’s why it’s amazing!

I know Dr. G (from Sasa also, can find in Msia) is also good! Oh yeah, Aud said Faceshop’s is good too! It costs about RM100+ for one but it will probably last you for about 4~5 months if you use everyday.

BB cream is actually one product I will swear by so you know how much I ♥ it!

Powder foundation: Bare Minerals

I don’t usually use this since the BB cream is good enough for me but sometimes I do just cause I have it wtf

Eyelid primer: Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion

This is used before applying your eyeshadows so the colors will show more and it helps to prevent creasing. I really like it cause I think the colors stay longer too. It’s quite expensive, about RM70 but it can last you for about 10 months (maybe cause I use very little each time..)

Mascara: SASA

I actually really like this. Show you pictures later

Eyeliner: Pencil (Sephora) Gel (Sasa)

The gel one sucks 🙁

Eyeshadow: Kate

The colors are nice but don’t know why they don’t blend that well

Brushes: Mac 239 (eyeshadow brush), Everyday Minerals (Kabuki brush)

Alright that’s all!

More pictures:

Sorry I look quite pan-cute here wtf but if you’re too lazy to watch the video, here’s my final makeup

I don’t really like my eyes cause they’re very small (even the optometrist say so leh! I couldn’t put my contacts in after a million tries and she was quite frustrated also and asked me why are my eyes so small T_T) that’s why I like darker shadows to make my eyes look bigger.

The mascara is quite good right! The curling effect is gooood =D Can’t say the same for the gel eyeliner >=(

Oh, the contact lenses are Geo Angel Green 🙂 I love them cause they make my eyes look sooo big

After 5 hours and the curls are still standing strong, yays!

This was for another day. Green shadows to match my eyes! Didn’t put that much so that I won’t look like Incredible Hulk wtf

Long live double eyelid tapes! Now I have two even-looking eyes and don’t have to cover one eye with my hair =D


Darker eye makeup cause I was going out clubbing.

I used grey shadow as base, black for the smokey eye effect and pink shimmerish one for highlighting. This method works for my eye shape but different eye shapes require different methods for the smokey eye effect so you should practice to see what works best for you!

I don’t like it when you can see too much of the black shadow with your eyes opened like this:

cause it makes me look scary and over made-up but you can try it!

Okay that’s all let me know if it helps or if you want more clarifications! Sorry if this bore you, guys. My next hiking post will be sooooo nice! Not nice also must pretend it’s nice okay I climbed 5 freaking hours up really steep steps to get those pictures!!!