Sunset Peak

I’m procrastinating so badly! I studied one chapter yesterday for about one hour and then watched my Korean drama for 5 hours wtf. Boys over flowers is exactly like Meteor Garden! Haha but still so fun to watch and now that it has ended I feel like there’s a void inside me now T_T

Today I studied for another hour and now I’m blogging. Aih I don’t like how it works here where everything is so exam-based, just like high school! Apparently, the amount of crap you are able to churn out and how much your hand can write without dying are your keys to getting As in exams here. Shit I don’t even remember how to memorize stuff without truly understanding what I’ve read anymore. I’m glad I’m studying in the US then!

Anyway, here are a million pictures of my hike last weekend 😀 I’m so excited to show them off!

This was 30 minutes into our hike where the steps were a lot less steep! The first part really killed me and I didn’t think of taking pictures at all!

SHUT UP I know I look like I was going shopping or something hahahah! For some reason I didn’t think we were reallyyy going on a real hike I don’t know why. I was wearing cardigan and didn’t even have a backpack T__T

Seriously what was I thinking wtf

My companions, Mabel, Neil and Tom! They’re all British so I’m constantly hearing stuff like oh crickey, blimey, mate wtf

Amazing weather for hiking!!

Not so amazing shoes for hiking.. I bling-ed them too cause I had extra left after doing my camera so why not wtf

These steps are killing me! Dah lah no oxygen when the altitude gets higher

Only two diamantes came out! not bad

Why oh why didn’t I just not bring a bag! Imagine holding a bag like this while you’re trying to balance yourself from not falling off the cliff wtf

With Mabel!

I love how Hong Kong has everything! Tired of the city? Go hiking and enjoy the scenery!

With Neil and his pan-cute asian pose!

With Mabel ♥

All of us on the rock!

Super well-equipped hikers, unlike me wtf

Can see the beach from here =D

After 3.5 hours, 1.5 hours to go!

The hills have eyes wtf

Look Ma, I’m studying! hahaha no serious those are really my notes

Going to our next peak!

I couldn’t believe this but we went through all those 4 peaks =O

more pictures after the cut!

M&Ms for quick energy boost! Neil saw me and was like “why do you have to take pictures of everything!” Cause I’m a blogger!!

It doesn’t show in the picture but the path is actually rather narrow and the other side is really steep and has rocks all over so one wrong step and you’ll die a horrible death wtf

Going downhill is harder than I thought!


Finally! Road! Civilization!

Pocari Sweat has never tasted better

Saw a snake!! It was about 1.5m long!



30,000 STEPS


Food, oh glorious food.

Then, we chilled out at the beach for a while before heading home

Back to the city!

Very very very sore legs and four blisters from the (fake) converse T_______T

I just felt like chopping my legs off! (and replacing them with much longer and nicer ones wtf) Seriously couldn’t move them at all the entire night. Now, two days later, my calf muscles still hurt like crazy from all that walking and climbing. I thought I was rather fit from all that basketball and handball but I guess not T_T

But it was an amazing experience- the best I’ve ever had in HK. I’m glad I went although I knew it was going to be a very strenuous hike! I’m so proud of myself cause this is my first (really hard) hike and I didn’t kill/injure myself T___T I almost fell down the cliff cause I was taking a video of us listening to Flo-rida’s Low wtf

That’s another reason why I fell in love with HK. It’s an amazing city that combines both old and new, past and modern, has really good food, good shopping, and you can basically do anything you want here and never get bored! If you’re sick of all that crowd and metropolitan life, hop into a ferry and go to one of the many many islands! You can chill by the beach, walk around old towns and fishing villages, hike up the mountains and hills or just eat all that seafood!

I’m really thinking of getting an internship here next summer but it’s really competitive 🙁 Gotta work harder then! Ok study time bye!