EDIT *added video**

I have a million and one pictures to post! I have an exam tomorrow but here I am, resizing pictures and posting them on facebook and blogging =___= good job good job

Dinner with Kok Yew at this posh Chinese restaurant at IFC! The roast pork tasted extra extra yummy, if only I could afford this everyday *dreamy sigh

Green tea frozen yoghurt with mochi for dessert *salivates at the thought of it

Thanks for the dinner Kok Yew, don’t work too hard ok!

Hotpot dinner with basketball teammates! Last week was just food food and food 🙂

Really expensive teppanyaki dinner with roommate which was sooo worth it cause it was $200 for 5 courses but they gave us so much crap in between!! So happy =D and it was an amazing dinner cause it was just the two of us and they spaced out the serving time between dishes nicely so we had time to talk and bond too 🙂

one fine day when i couldn’t be bothered to do stuff with my hair, so i just tied it up in a bun! simple and easy!

Brain food for my two weeks of exams!

Hehehe let me tell you a cute story!

So one day the guy in the room below us was playing his guitar kinda loudly and we were studying so it got a little distracting. We wrote him a note to tone it down, stick it in a bottle and send it down to him!

Then he stopped playing and we felt bad about it so we sent him another note with some snacks! But after that, he didn’t reply or anything even though we left the bottle there for him to reply 🙁 sad story

so we pulled the bottle back up sadly with tears in our eyes T__T

This was from Saturday! Went to Lamma Island with some friends 😀 Had expensive seafood which wasn’t that worth it wuwu

Final clubbing with my favorite girls on my floor!

From yesterday, final farewell dinner with my closest friends here in HK 🙁

We had wine but I couldn’t finish my glass less I risk turning super duper red 🙁

Then we went up to the Peak but it was too misty and we couldn’t see anything 🙁

The view 🙁

And we felt like some crepes but the shop was closed 🙁

Then we asked a girl to take a picture of us with the University of Hong Kong sign but she took of us, without the full sign 🙁

Undeterred, Maria said we should buy our own ingredients and make our own crepes, which proved to be the best bonding experience we’ve ever had 🙂

Here is Maria, our master chef

Ser Siang, our strawberry slicer extraordinaire

Kevin, our super fast crepe mix, uh, mixer

Koki, our whipcream, uh, whipper

And finally, your resident camwhore wtf

No lah I had the most important and often overlooked task ok! To document everything *smug

I captured the best moment that night! Koki wanted to pour wine into the mix so we can all get drunk, Rex was egging him on and Maria (our mom) was telling him to stop hahaha

We eventually poured wine into the mix later on which turned out to be pretty yummy!!!

Kevin thought the way I cut bananas was funny. No Kev, YOUR FACE is funny wtf *weak retort T__T

video of us!

With my amazing roomie in polaroid 🙂 I ♥ her sosososo much!!

I got the wrong pair of grey lenses! But they still look okay I guess

Finally!! the fruits of our labor!


This is really meant to be. I should really make crepe-decorating my profession!

Ser Siang and Kevin got gifts for all of us!!! How sweet T___T Kevin got me a gorillapod, which I’ve been wanting since forever! Now I can take more pictures from every angle possible =D

Ser Siang got me this headband which I’ve been eyeing too! omg they are the best gift-givers ever.

All of us with our gifts! taken with my camera on the gorillapod =D

Maria and her funny eye mask from Kev! hahaha

They are roommates too! We ♥ our roommates

Kev and I, final picture of the great night 🙁

And then we sat down and had emo talk and listened to emo music T___T Bye bye great friends, hopefully we’ll meet again some fine day. If not this lifetime then maybe next lifetime! What if I get reincarnated as an ant and get stepped on before I met you guys wtf

Haih fucking emo I don’t want to leave!!! Leaving here is like waking up from a dream and pulling myself back to reality! But i guess the reality isn’t that bad at all.

I’m going to Dubai for Xmas and New Year cause my dad’s there and we’re going to visit him! Can’t wait =D