Dubai at a glance

Dubai at a glance

Hello!! I’m so tired and sleepy now but I really want to show you some pictures! I’m in Abu Dhabi now with my whole family, visiting my dad who’s working here. I actually really like AD and Dubai although I was a little reluctant to come at first. I’m glad I did though 😀

Here are 8 pictures of Dubai that will summarize my trip so far!

The Carrefours here are INSANE! Seriously I have never seen a place with so many varieties and choices before!!!

Butter naan, hummus and curries here are so good =D

I’m really at a desert! We saw a few camels too!

The train stations are too damn cool. Seriously that’s not a train station it’s a freaking bullet!! wtf

Finally, the Burj Al-Arab in all its glory!

Taken with an awesome camera (Canon G10) by an awesome photographer (you know who lah a bit shy to mention wtf)

Failed jump shot at the beach

The bus stops here are so cool!! Cool as in both aesthetically modern-looking and also cause they are all air-conditioned!

If I can summarize Dubai with one word, it’ll be cool. Dubai is just way too cool for most people to handle.

Gonna go biking around the beachfront tomorrow and then desert safari the day after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !متحمس وسعيدة

Arabic words are so pretty ♥ okay night will try to blog again soon!