Dubai at a glance

Hello!! I’m so tired and sleepy now but I really want to show you some pictures! I’m in Abu Dhabi now with my whole family, visiting my dad who’s working here. I actually really like AD and Dubai although I was a little reluctant to come at first. I’m glad I did though 😀

Here are 8 pictures of Dubai that will summarize my trip so far!

The Carrefours here are INSANE! Seriously I have never seen a place with so many varieties and choices before!!!

Butter naan, hummus and curries here are so good =D

I’m really at a desert! We saw a few camels too!

The train stations are too damn cool. Seriously that’s not a train station it’s a freaking bullet!! wtf

Finally, the Burj Al-Arab in all its glory!

Taken with an awesome camera (Canon G10) by an awesome photographer (you know who lah a bit shy to mention wtf)

Failed jump shot at the beach

The bus stops here are so cool!! Cool as in both aesthetically modern-looking and also cause they are all air-conditioned!

If I can summarize Dubai with one word, it’ll be cool. Dubai is just way too cool for most people to handle.

Gonna go biking around the beachfront tomorrow and then desert safari the day after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !متحمس وسعيدة

Arabic words are so pretty ♥ okay night will try to blog again soon!


  1. JC :D says:

    ahh the pics are amazing! 😀 Dubai is amazing! haha all their buildings are modern cuz they have a lot of money for that from supplying oil and stuff. it’s soo cool i wish i was there. i wonder what the malls/shopping places are like over there. and have fun at the safari! and prepare properly unlike the mountain hike u did at hk lol bring lots of sunscreen, water, and closed shoes that won’t let the sand get in there 🙂

  2. sharon says:

    their food are just awesome isnt it? i’ve been to a restaurant that serves nice Arabic and Middle East food and it is just so awesome. especially their dhal (drooling!) but i guess nothing beats having them right at Dubai!!
    their technology is so advanced and everything seems so modernized. its good to see that you’re so ecstatic. have more fun and also HAPPY 2010!!! 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    wow.. never knew Dubai could be that gorgeous! but it’s super nice! the bus stop really cool la. should have those here in Msia too. 😀 thanks for sharing the lovely pics with us~ looking forward to more.

  4. Makeupgeeek says:

    Didnt know Dubai could be that advance until your post! Lol. Now I cant wait to go there 😉
    Singapore should do that..air-conditioned bus stop. Malaysia jgn harap. Some ppl might cabut the whole air-con and pasang in their own room wtf.

  5. sayie says:

    heard tat dubai is the richest country in the world
    n nw onli i noe tat dubai is reli tat coool!
    is the things thr damn exp too??
    n ur blog is reli nice to read
    interesting especially whn loaded wif pics 😛

  6. Baz says:

    dubai is not a country, it’s a city in the UAE, which is one of the richest countries in the world but not the richest (that’s probably luxembourg). and dubai is broke-ass right now, it just defaulted on its debts, which is SRS BSNS in the world of finance.

  7. sweatlee says:

    baz, WTFFF lame!!

    lisa, no me!!! hahaha

    cindy, it’s damn modern!

    iggi, im staying at abu dhabi!

    moon, thanks~

    jc, it is!! the malls are sooo nice and big, took us 30 mins to cross from one end to the other and thts if we walk really fast too!!

    shaolin, ya mall of emirates! i went yesterday! crazy nice =D

    hayley, soon, hopefully~

    ky, doesnt look like it seriously

    sharon, the daal is soooo good here! orgasmic! happy 2010 too =D

    aud, nooo!

    amanda, no problem im glad u enjoyed them!

    makeupgeek, hahahaha!!! ya it’s damn modern here!

    xiaopei, thanks!

    donna, in AD most of them are, in dubai not so much!

    putri, it’s quite easy to get lost here i think. ok hope i’ll be of any help!

    melody, it is!!

    sayie, things are more exp than msia for sure! but not super super exp lah can still afford some stuff!

    baz, why u not on gmail!! im going out edi lorrr >=(

  8. Lisa Cheah says:

    Because Dubai is shit ass now, are they selling off everything on sale?
    Well, I was in Iceland when they went broke too, but everything was the same only we had to use American Dollars or the Euros because the Icelandic Kronar was frozen.

  9. sweatlee says:

    clem, yeah very nice right! u should go!

    abby, it’s nice! =D

    mell, i think about two times more than msia? or maybe 3 times..pretty expensive la, ppl earn more here ma

    michelle, hehe im such a showoff!

    lynn, it’s sooo modern compared to msia! but i cant wait to see the all desert and camels part!

    cline, thanks! =)

    lisa, nope everything is still the same! got alot sales though but it’s normal i think

    baz, why u so free hang around my blog wtf

    lali, sounds good!! except that the camera is my dad’s so i wont be bringing it back wtf

  10. KooL says:

    just heard dubai are dam cool for many times but cant really imagine how nice is it before check out these photos!!
    your blog are awesome, always filled with interesting photos~ thxxx, hope u’ll enjoy ur trip to the max~

  11. Janet says:

    Yea Esther C., I didnt like AD either, I was sitting there solving my Suzoku, and a guy came to ask me to follow him to toilet!!

    The airport security is quite tight (I was there 2008), they even want to see my MYCARD??!!!

  12. Esther C. says:

    Hi Janet, how come ask u follow him to toilet??!! Even when u walk on the street also, the Pakistanis’ eyes will pop out looking at u..i dun go out here, unless really necessary!!

    Tight security?? Wow, that’s something new to me..for us crews we dun usually get the hassle to be checked in the airport..but tight security is a good thing =p btw, they know what MYCARD is??!! lolz..

  13. sweatlee says:

    onefourever, yeap!

    esther, there are so many things to do here! i like =D actually in msia it’s worse what the guys will call u amoi amoi and whistle wtf.

    janet, hah u didnt like it just because of that one incident ar! hmm i didnt have problems at the airport..

  14. Esther C. says:

    sweatlee, what have u done in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?? Did u go to Marina Mall and go around the city in the BIG bus??!! Let me know what u did..coz im trying to do something on my off days as well =p I havent done a thing in these almost 2 years =p

  15. cass says:

    omg babe I WAS AT ABU DHABI FROM 31-4JAN -.-

    and it’s cos i din have internet access that’s why i din get to see updates of your blog if not OMG WE CAN SOO MEETT since the last time i couldn’t in hkg!

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