Hello all, I’m in london! But the weather is really bad now 🙁 it’s snowing so hard I can’t go anywhere! So let me finish talking about my hair since I have nothing to do now.

I’m actually a chicken at heart. Not the edible KFC kind but the pok pok pok scaredy cat kind lah wtf. I wanted to try short hair since 2 years ago but I never got around to doing it. TWO years to make one simple decision! If you’ve been reading me since then, you’d know that I’ve tried faking short hair before and that’s the closest I ever got to doing it wtf. True blue example of a chicken T_T

Anywayyy why I wanted to cut it so badly is cause I’m a changed person now so I need to be brave!! Why I didn’t want to cut in the first place is not cause I ‘mm seh tak’/’sayang’/feel wasted of my super long hair, but mainly cause I feel very very insecure of myself. You see, I have shoulders of a giant wtf.

I have broad shoulders and fat FAT arms which I constantly covered with with my long hair. But I dunno, now I feel like whatever lah I have fat shoulders/arms so what not anyone’s business also. (sound so confident but actually now still a bit regret when I look into the mirror and can’t cover with my hair wtf)

So yeah I went to Shunji something (Aud’s hairdresser at MidValley Boulevard) and got the most expensive cut. This is such a drastic change so I can’t stinge on it!! I used to always cut my hair for RM20 only so this RM110 cut is a lot!

The hairdresser asked if I was sure and once I nodded, he immediately cut off 12 inches!!! Walao super wanna cry that time but Aud and Jammie were there so I pretended it was no big deal T__T

Then like that lor the end now I have short hair!

Before, with straight hair


it looks super awesome with styling! but without a bit erm..not so nice lah wtf

he curled and waxed my hair for me so it looks quite girlish albeit short!

Before, with my beloved curled hair


I don’t care what anyone says I super love my short hair! I used to adore love like my long hair cause can curl and all but this is a really good change!

I used to fake short hair all the time but this is really really real! 😀

And I found a solution to all that insecurity over my big shoulders! Just wear a cardigan/blazer lor so easy peasy! Except that it’ll be hard in Msia..


I have no regrets at all except that I’m actually quite a girly person and half my wardrobe is skirts/dresses! It’s actually quite hard to pull off the girly look now but I think I can still do it =D

I don’t think your hair should define your personality so even if I have super hardcore spiky hair (oh I did it just now and it’s super awesome! I looked like a dyke wtf), I’m still gonna wear dresses and rock them!

I love my short hair ♥ sometimes it feels weird, like a big part of me is gone (wtf so emo), but the change is extremely refreshing. It takes 2 minutes to wash my hair and 5 seconds to dry it! Don’t even need to comb anymore!

Ok I tell you one secret. Actually right the MAIN MAIN MAIN reason why I wanted to cut is cause I wanted to experience one feeling I’ve been craving for a while now. I wanted to know how it feels to take the towel, put it on your hair and just shake really hard (it’s different with long hair). I wanted to know how it feels like to take some wax and rummage it through your hair and roughen it up. Actually this sounds like penis envy! I just wanted to know how it feels like to be a boy!!! WTF Freud was right after all

I think if you have the right face shape, you should definitely go for it! I have a feeling I’ll be bored of it after a while but oh well, better than not satisfying my need to try something different 🙂