Hello all, I’m in london! But the weather is really bad now 🙁 it’s snowing so hard I can’t go anywhere! So let me finish talking about my hair since I have nothing to do now.

I’m actually a chicken at heart. Not the edible KFC kind but the pok pok pok scaredy cat kind lah wtf. I wanted to try short hair since 2 years ago but I never got around to doing it. TWO years to make one simple decision! If you’ve been reading me since then, you’d know that I’ve tried faking short hair before and that’s the closest I ever got to doing it wtf. True blue example of a chicken T_T

Anywayyy why I wanted to cut it so badly is cause I’m a changed person now so I need to be brave!! Why I didn’t want to cut in the first place is not cause I ‘mm seh tak’/’sayang’/feel wasted of my super long hair, but mainly cause I feel very very insecure of myself. You see, I have shoulders of a giant wtf.

I have broad shoulders and fat FAT arms which I constantly covered with with my long hair. But I dunno, now I feel like whatever lah I have fat shoulders/arms so what not anyone’s business also. (sound so confident but actually now still a bit regret when I look into the mirror and can’t cover with my hair wtf)

So yeah I went to Shunji something (Aud’s hairdresser at MidValley Boulevard) and got the most expensive cut. This is such a drastic change so I can’t stinge on it!! I used to always cut my hair for RM20 only so this RM110 cut is a lot!

The hairdresser asked if I was sure and once I nodded, he immediately cut off 12 inches!!! Walao super wanna cry that time but Aud and Jammie were there so I pretended it was no big deal T__T

Then like that lor the end now I have short hair!

Before, with straight hair


it looks super awesome with styling! but without a bit erm..not so nice lah wtf

he curled and waxed my hair for me so it looks quite girlish albeit short!

Before, with my beloved curled hair


I don’t care what anyone says I super love my short hair! I used to adore love like my long hair cause can curl and all but this is a really good change!

I used to fake short hair all the time but this is really really real! 😀

And I found a solution to all that insecurity over my big shoulders! Just wear a cardigan/blazer lor so easy peasy! Except that it’ll be hard in Msia..


I have no regrets at all except that I’m actually quite a girly person and half my wardrobe is skirts/dresses! It’s actually quite hard to pull off the girly look now but I think I can still do it =D

I don’t think your hair should define your personality so even if I have super hardcore spiky hair (oh I did it just now and it’s super awesome! I looked like a dyke wtf), I’m still gonna wear dresses and rock them!

I love my short hair ♥ sometimes it feels weird, like a big part of me is gone (wtf so emo), but the change is extremely refreshing. It takes 2 minutes to wash my hair and 5 seconds to dry it! Don’t even need to comb anymore!

Ok I tell you one secret. Actually right the MAIN MAIN MAIN reason why I wanted to cut is cause I wanted to experience one feeling I’ve been craving for a while now. I wanted to know how it feels to take the towel, put it on your hair and just shake really hard (it’s different with long hair). I wanted to know how it feels like to take some wax and rummage it through your hair and roughen it up. Actually this sounds like penis envy! I just wanted to know how it feels like to be a boy!!! WTF Freud was right after all

I think if you have the right face shape, you should definitely go for it! I have a feeling I’ll be bored of it after a while but oh well, better than not satisfying my need to try something different 🙂


  1. Adele says:

    Hey! you look great!

    You’re so daring!

    My hair is long too but not as long as yours and i plan to cut it short too. but scared! GASP!

    but its only hair. it’ll grow. =P

  2. darkcherryvelvet says:

    u look gorgeous with that hair! i chopped off my hair too mid this year and i was a lil upset about all that long hair gone…i still do get a bit miffed when i see other girls with long curls…but the great thing about short hair is that u can wear a totally different style now! some clothes just look much better with short hair! yay!

  3. melody says:

    happy happy happy!!!!!
    love love love the new hair!!!!
    you look superb in it!!!!
    you look like a celeb, esp the pic in the car!!!!

  4. Amanda says:

    SUET LI!! am loving your new hair cut!! super nice la! now if only i can find the guts to cut my hair that short too T__T I’ve been wanting to cut my hair like sooo short but i still don’t dare.. but after seeing your fab hair cut… mbe i will?? or i wont. hahah i dono.. anyways, im really loving your new hair!! really suits u la.. =D

  5. Ee Von says:

    hahaah actually i was kinda expecting a “ok it’s fake i didn’t cut it” but somehow i knew it’s real. thumbs up to your guts! i believe it’s a good change and it looks good on you 🙂

  6. amber says:

    i’ve always had short hair since small. they seldom go past my shoulder. but i’ve always cut it boring shoulder-length hair. i’ll print ur pix for ref! doumo!

  7. amber says:

    i dislike long hair. they scream “hello maintenance all the time”. and my hair fall even more when they’re more. so thick and heavy when shampoo. whenever cut them short, my head is sooo relieved and light! everybody looks great with short!

  8. Ping Ping says:

    You look good with your new hair!!! It’s a good change, definitely. I have long hair too but I dare not cut them short because I got face as round as a plate. I used to have short hair when I was young and I looked like a boy FML. I think I’ll keep my hair till my face is smaller *very hard T.T*

  9. jenny says:

    Suit u perfectly =)
    Been having short hair like urs eversince…..primary 3? im 24 now and this is my first time growing my hair long -.-
    bcos once i cut my hair short i canot tahan it grow longer and then heart itchy and go cut it short agn. -.-

  10. Hayley says:

    You look really nice with short hair, seriously…
    but you ‘seh tak’ to trim them off? i’ve been keeping my long hair ever since secondary school and am always hesitating whether to cut them.. i’m dying to try on a fresh short hair look but until now, all i do is just ‘thinking’…

  11. sharon says:

    LOVELY! your new hair is so funky, i wanna get mine cut short too but i’m afraid that my hair will get wavy when it’s short? (I have naturally straight hair though) May I know where did you get ur hair cut?

  12. CraSH says:

    you look HOT!! so good move….

    as for travels!! better keep things simple in your carry one because the airports in US are in high warning due to the scare recently.

    anyway, have fun in london and have a safe trip back to the states.

    p/s: carry on your winter jacket.. it is pretty cold in the northeast of US.

  13. viviee says:

    looks good on you! i had really long hair before too back when i was still studying overseas but now i’ve short bob hair cos malaysia’s weather is too hot and it’s easier to have short hair hehe. anyway…again looks good on you!

  14. ponnie says:


    i almost expected a punchline at the end of the entry saying it’s fake and all xD

    nonetheless, it looks really good on you! and with the blazer you have that whole “i-can-take-over-the-world” look xD

  15. anita says:

    hey suet….i really love your blog its interesting… may i ask u a question?? do u know a girl called vivien? coz i read her blog and i found so much similarities between your blog and hers… just out of curiosity.. hehe and u could check it out at .. Last but not least have a safe trip =D

  16. Evangeline says:

    YOUR HAIR LOOKS AWESOME!!! it really suits you! ((:
    i’ve been wanting to cut short hair for half a year now but NEVER HAD THE GUTS to snip off the inches! so kudos to you for daring to take the plunge! 12″ takes a long time to grow back so i guess i’ll have to sleep on it for awhile and think about it! ((:

  17. BS says:

    As it starts to grow out, it will be curly, difficult to maintain and limp..and you’ll want to shoot your foot for cutting it so short haha..either u continue triming or bear with the growing phase or get extensions (like me!) ha!

  18. jy says:

    hahah it looks good. and yup it depends on ur face shape actually. i’ve been in short hair for 2 years and not thinking of keeping it long yet. U’ll just go on cutting it shorter n shorter. Good luck! =D

  19. polka says:

    oh, i’m so not used to your short hair pics!! quick post more short hair pics so that we can get used to it… 😛
    anyway, you look so carefree, brave, and younger now!!

  20. swee says:

    YOU DID IT!! ok mah short hair.. But it’s very addictive that u want to go have a trim every other month.. I had enough of short hair for the past 6 years and now finally outgrowing it.

  21. Francesca says:

    ur very lucky u got the chance to experience “changing” now. i dont kno u v well, im just a reader of ur blog. but i sensed whatever u feeling n gone through (i might b wrong ^^) since u went to hk … its so brave of u to face all of that n talk bout it in ur blog. im quite jealous cos i didnt get the chance like urs to b able experience n see myself clearly. i experienced it now n its kind late ^^

  22. Zwei says:

    your hair is DAMN COOL eh~~~!!I can never have this kind of hairstyle due to my hair type. sadly.
    and, I actually think you look cuter! like a fresh young girl! very nice~ (^.^)V

  23. PD says:

    i prefer long hair…. course i have long hair myself, lol… but this is pretty! i didn’t know you would look good in hair as short as this! maybe i’ll cut mine, haha…

  24. JC :D says:

    you look super gorgeous still! 😀 more elegant, mature and sophisticated 🙂
    i cut my hair now too and it feels soo much healthier no more split ends and dry brittle hair.
    my new years resolution this year was to stop dying my hair and keep it healthy so it’ll grow better lol

  25. ap says:

    ….no wonder im so addicted to blazers lolhahaha u have such a defined chin can rock any hair! ….speaking from a chin-less perspective :)] short hair makes you really different, all is goood….

  26. PrincessSarah says:

    this is a super super late reply…but ive been behind on my blog reading!
    anyway i just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR HAIR! looks VERY chic! i cut my hair short last year as well and i went through all the same dont worry i understand how you feel! 🙂
    and as for the dresses, etc…just wear them! audrey tatou/carey mulligan style! 😛

  27. Stacie says:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you
    wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to
    drive the message home a little bit, but instead of
    that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read.
    I’ll certainly be back.

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