Dubai Part 2

This is way overdue but here are the pictures of my Abu Dhabi/Dubai trip!

Can’t go on a trip without these! My favorites ♥

Houses here look funny cause they don’t have roofs! We stayed with my dad in this hugeee awesome villa =D

Buying bottles of liquor at Carrefour. Haha kidding! they have an entire isle of bottles that look like wine/beer but they’re all non-alcoholic!

We went around on our own cause my dad had to work. Abu Dhabi is an amazing place actually. The malls are pretty nice (not as nice as Dubai’s, Dubai has the best malls I’ve ever been to) and it’s by the sea so the view is quite good too!

abu dhabi

New shoes! My sis and I both got the same Pumas cause they’re all gold and cool

This was at The Palm Dubai, which basically has expensive houses for people like Beckham (YES BECKHAM HAS A HOUSE HERE). If you haven’t heard of the palm before, I don’t know where you’ve been the past few years??

This is the palm, a man-made island that is shaped like a palm tree!

With my fellow siblings whom I had so much fun with in this entire trip. Seriously if you think I’m funny, wait till you meet them wtf

Bro and his pose of the day wtf

Sorry the pictures are all not in sequence, don’t remember which is on which day anymore. This is us with the Burj Al-Arab

With my entire family (HAHA at my sis wtf yes she’s taller than me although I’m the eldest T_T)

This is A FREAKING INDOOR SKI WORLD at the Mall of Emirates, Dubai. No big deal, just A FREAKING INDOOR SKI WORLD  in a mall, that is all

This toilet shows how clean/big/awesome/cool this country is and this is only one of the very normal looking toilets here!

Desert safari the next day!!!! I was soooo excited for this!

First there was the dune bashing. Basically, you sit in the car and they ride the sand waves really fast. It feels like a roller coaster almost! It would have been fun if I didn’t feel like I was going to puke the whole time wtf. I was the only one who got carsick T___T sucks!

Why hello there ^_^

I love the desert! The sand is sooo fine and cooling (it’s winter now so it’s not hot at all)

With my whole family again!

After the dune bashing, they brought us to a camp and you can do whatever you want there. You can wear the traditional Arab clothes..

Ride the ATVs

Camwhore with your stupid brother wtf

Take cool pictures with the sunset

Play with the camels (can ride also!). Hahahah I love camels, they have the best facial expressions ever

This dude is like “yo wassap wanna see my humps?” wtf

There is also this area where you can smoke some shisha =D

authentic arabian shisha, mmmm

get henna drawn on your hands

after all this, you get a full course buffet dinner too! super worth it

the finale is the belly dancing of course!

With a gigantic xmas tree in Mall of Dubai I think. The malls here are a lot bigger and nicer than malls in Msia, as if malls in Msia are not big and nice enough already!

Oh this is only the tallest building in the world, no big deal wtf. Almost two times taller than our KLCC!

The fountain show is sooooo good seriously! They play different songs every 20 minutes and the fountain dances to them! Like really sway around and dance, super cool!


So after all this we went to eat some ice cream in the mall and then left and went dinner. After dinner, I realized that I didn’t have my camera with me!!!!!!!!!1 The Canon G10 is my dad’s and it cost RM2000!!! The only place we could think of that I could have left it was in the mall (most probably at the ice cream place, or the toilet wtf) so we went back to find it.

What happened in the car on the way back to the mall:

Dad was panicking and angry and was driving like a madman wtf

Mom: ok no one wanted this we can’t blame anyone, if it’s lost then it’s not anyone’s fault


Sis: ok once we get into the mall, we’ll split up. you (pointing to my bro) go to the info center, I’ll go to the ice cream place and you (pointing at me) will go to the toilet


Bro: -nothing-


Dad: which way to go aih die wrong way!! *fumes

hahahhahaha I was fucking annoying lah hahaha can’t believe my sister was so sensible  and my mom was so kind *big wet eyes

Anywayyy, we rushed to the mall, ran to our designated spots and looked for the camera. Sis found it at the ice cream place, the workers kept it for us!!!!!!!

People here are so honest and nice!! If it was in Malaysia seriously I’d never see the camera again lor!

Phew ok the end of my Abu Dhabi/Dubai trip! It was so much fun, especially with my crazy siblings =)


  1. lilbunny says:

    yea suet, in kl everytin dropped is consider gone. my fren Jam once went into klcc’s ladies room where she left her cell phone inside. She realized that after she walk out a few steps from the ladies & went back in to get it to find it gone. swt. She confronted the lady that went in after her but of course she denied it. cry also no use. hahaha.

  2. Ee Von says:

    omg everything looks so fun!!! your brother is so tall already i think the last time i saw him in ur blog he was still looking like a kid lol! “camwhore with your stupid brother wtf” hahahahah. and that story damn funny the way your sis gave orders wah like ‘tai lou’! and oh yeah i think it’s abu dhabi or dubai. or was it arab? not sure but in one of these places, if you steal your hands get chopped or something that’s why even if you drop your money somewhere, nobody’s gonna take it. that’s what i heard la.

  3. yumii says:

    whoa, a G10 left at an ice cream mall in malaysia will be sold in one minute. why can’t our country be as honest like others????? WHYYY!!!

    btw, love your gold pumaaa!!and the sand, and the mall and the fake ski!! and your bro!! HAHAHAHAH ahem.

  4. sharon says:

    OMG!!! luckily you found the G10 back. if I accidentally left it behind and its GONE, I think Im going to die of heart attack. somemore its my dad’s one. HAHAHAHAHHHAHHAH (crazy nervous laugh). its gonna be the end of the world i think. hahahaha.

    anyways, nice pix and description there. i love travelling alot too and looking at people’s travelling experience is really great especially to places that i’ve never been to. hehehe 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    wah.. really amazing about your camera story.. i wish Malaysians are honest like that *sigh*

    hey your bro looks very much like you la.. especially his smile. lol.

  6. felicia says:

    you and your siblings really do look alike~ ^^ I think I’ve just added Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the list of places I’d like to visit lol~ I never seemed to have a good impression of it before somehow..

  7. sweatlee says:

    annant, it’s nice!

    lilbunny, yeahhh tht sucks! i was so glad i found it!

    hayley, thanks!!

    shasha, thanks for reading =)

    dreckker, it’s quite amazing i must say!

    eevon, hahha yeahhh he was so short last time! yeah actually you get deported too wtf it’s very very strict here

    yumii, yeahhh!! im so glad i lost it here and not msia!

    norick, haha its ok u’ve heard of it now! hmm i dunno..the food there costs alot too actually

    sharon, thanks! yeah seriously so lucky!

    mei, yays!!

    aud and angie, GUYS OMG HANDS OFF HE’S 17 WTF pedophiles wtf

    ms, haha cause we’re really siblings wht wtf

    amanda, haha yeah we get that a lot!

    riley, he’s 17 lah damn young ok! thanks =D

    lily, dubai was fun!! but hard to get around without a car!

    felicia, really? why! it’s fun lah but there’s only so much you can do i guess

    tzia, ya lor im glad i lost it there!

    erlinda, yeah!!!!!!! i was so scared of that lor!

    melody, yeahh hahahha

    neesa, no it’s not gone! i found it back!

    antz, hahah! i hope so!

    pingping, hahah thts cause we’re really siblings and not chap from lap sap one wtf

    eve, yeah!!! so amazing!

  8. mell says:

    your story at e end is so funny HAHAHA & e pic with “camwhore with your brother” made me laugh! your brother’s pose is so hilarious wtf.

    Dubai seems like a really nice place to visit!!! & did ur dad stay in the whole villa by himself wtf.

  9. ap says:

    how is the shisha?

    i like your brother’s hair it’s so natural and shapely wtf he rocked the arab oufit hahahahah ai yar he steal your spotlight sia fyl camels are vvvery protective of their offspring they can bite your ass off you if u try to take their baby right under their nose sometimes they rip your hair off maybe thats why everyone wears headcovering in the desert…..

  10. violet voon says:

    I left my camera in Food and Tea Timesquare, about an hour later only I realized it!
    Rushed back and they actually kept it for me, Malaysians are awesome too! 😉

  11. kai tzin says:

    ya’alla…LOL XD
    ” Sis: ok once we get into the mall, we’ll split up. you (pointing to my bro) go to the info center, I’ll go to the ice cream place and you (pointing at me) will go to the toilet”
    why you assigned to the toilet? HAHHAHAHAHAHA you macam the father, panick; and the sis like the mom, calm. NYEHEH

  12. antz says:

    I also had a similar experience. Left my Sony DSLR (Worth almost RM3000!!) at the Giant supermarket trolley in Kota Kinabalu and only found out after about half an hour later. And the cashier actually kept it for us!!!! MALAYSIANS (or rather Sabahans) are NICE TOO!!!

  13. carol says:

    CAMEL SO CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are right, best facial expressions EVER.

    on a completely unrelated note, i am hijacking a class right now and the professor is young and hot omg.

    i should hijack this class every week!!!

    okay liewsuetli SEE YOU SOON.

  14. Jia Yi says:

    hey! i know this is random!
    what is the name of the mall in mongkok(is it mongkok?)that you always mentioned when you were in Hong kong?
    the one you said like malaysia’s sungei wang!!

  15. sweatlee says:

    mell, haha nolah he stays with alot ppl! so big!

    cindy, he’s 17 only la!!

    moon, hahah so apt right the expression!

    ap, the shisha was very good! and free one so thts why a lot better haha. oh really??? hahaha doesnt sound real wtf

    jaclyn, heh! of course!

    sheryl, u should!

    violet, wow!!! nice to know =D

    kai, hahah yala!! cause i went to the toilet also ma so could have left it there!

    angie, hahahah go die la u!! i made the pic nicer ok wtf

    makeup, hmm i dunno..

    antz, wow!! nice to know!!

    jojo, got it for rm120!! so cheap!

    xiaopei, hahah! yea it is!

    olivia, haha not as hot as the sister wtf

    carol, ya so cute!! hahah wtf!

    jiayi, its called argyle center or wong kok zung sam in canto!

    thomas, ya u should go dubai! AD quite boring actually

    jin rui, haha! its nice right!

    fiona, haha he doesnt meh!

    sharon, hahaha! my shoes also la! go tell jason everyone puji him la he sure happy

  16. hongyi says:

    awww looks like u had a great time with ur family. i’d love to visit one day…cant wait to sink my feet into desert sand!

    and yes lol ur bro is cute…and he’s only 17? that’s ok i can wait…but oh WAIT are those crocs he’s wearing?! then maybe not!

    haha jk 😉

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