Hey shorty

Pictures from a million years ago!

Maggie and I with HK egg tarts oh how I miss them so

went for our last dinner together T___T

50% off sushi after 10pm! i love hk!

let’s zoom in on the salmon sushis mmm and it was so cheap! RM2 for 2 very very fresh salmon sushis!

I met some readers from Singapore in my favorite mall in HK!!!! How random hahaha sorry guys i forgot your names, please comment!

and they went to the mall cause they read it in my blog and I actually saw them there! seriously it’s either that was a really good coincidence…or I went to the mall way too much wtf

luk luk with high school friends in malaysia! mmm

night out with Maria and her friends!


siblings and i with colored lips! sis had blue, bro had pink and i had yellow =D

with another khaled hosseini book! i think this is just as good as kite runner, cried reading it too T_T

14 hours to london and 10 hours to chicago. I hate long flights 🙁

But finally, snow! I always forget how cold it can get here and how much I love and hate snow

I went out in the cold to take this picture just cause I wanna see how bright the snow will be. Very..very bright


All I’ve been doing here is cook, play rockband, cook, play trivial pursuit, and cook. Hainanese chicken rice and pork noodle soup for my poor msian-food-deprived boyfriend next!

Juan eating rice and chicken with fork and knive, tsk tsk tsk

poor msian-food-deprived bf with my green contact lense in one eye

rockband is soooo fun! turtle to protect my dignity wtf





red hair!! I’ve always wondered how I’ll look like with red hair

or pink hair..

or very light brown hair

haha, this is my real hair color now but I’m really tempted to dye it red next


I thought I would camwhore less with my short hair cause it’s not as girlish but erm.. lalala *looks elsewhere

I can’t imagine having long hair anymore cause short hair is soooo awesome! the only regret I have is not doing this earlier!

Why short hair > long hair:

1. obviously, less shampoo and takes less time to wash, to blow, to dry

2. short hair takes only 3 minutes to style while long hair takes 10 mins to curl! i took a video of me styling my hair, don’t know if that will be useful

3. i used to wake up with very dead long hair and i’d have to tie it up/wear a headband and would still look like shit but with short hair, i just have to put on some wax and it looks good already!

4. no worries of static. in cold weather/long plane rides, my long hair got veryyy flat and ugly cause of the static! hated it so much

5. looks cooler period

6. looks cooler period

7 to infinity. looks cooler period wtf

ok babai


  1. Ee Von says:

    red hair fades really quickly! just thought you should know… i’ve always wanted to do it but my friends and hairstylist keep telling me that. if you don’t mind only that 1 or 2 months of glory, try it! i think it’ll look great with your fair skintone! ooh that shall be another book in my to read list 😀 your recommendations have never disappointed me!

  2. yosie says:

    your short hair is cute. i really like short hair too since i cut mine last year, though not as short as yours. all the hair colors look good, but unless you wanna do it yourself, you should just do it when you go back home, so much cheaper! i just did mine light brown after many years of dark purple fading into red.

  3. donna says:

    actly i am same as Carol now, wtf.. and shrink the window size smaller, so that when my boss passes by or stands up suddenly i can click on the MAXIMIZED EXCEL FILE and pretending i am working wtf…

    and you look very good in short hair, tempted to cut my hair short now. >.<

  4. Amanda says:

    hello Suet =)
    i’m one of ur readers.. hehe. I’m Amanda from Perak.
    can i ask u what brand n model of camera are u using?
    i like ur pictures so much!!cuz its so clear! is it canon? oh yea.. and the short hair in RED!! it rocks XD
    hope to get ur reply soon yea =D
    Good day to you.

  5. Amanda says:

    I like your pink hair better.. =P red’s too common eh.. hey did you use xiuxiu to fake dye your hair? If yes, wow, u’re really good at it. I tried doing that too but always got a bit colour come out one. so sad. =( oh i really really love your short hair!!! I want to cut mine short too but i don dare yet. *sigh*

  6. sharon says:

    hey!! red hair will look damn cool on you! 😀
    Of course your styling video will be useful! am sure many out there will like to know how to style short hair.
    can you also include a picture of how your hair looks like from the back? 😀

  7. sweatlee says:

    carol, hahaha! my cooking not very good la T_T wtf

    melody, yeah yum yum!

    erlinda, wht is apu?? hahha!

    veronica, yeah i heard =(

    cheekeong, thanks!

    eevon, yeahh! see how la maybe red highlights wtf. yeah i like it u should try!

    xiaopei, ooh thanks!

    ruby, i used meitu xiuxiu, a program!

    vivien, thanks!! yeah i love it!

    michelle, right!!! im glad u liked it!

    tamago, i used meitu xiu xiu, a photo program!

    jy, yeah but can look aunty also though!

    chewy, hey!! it was nice to meet u guys too! aww thanks =D

    yosie, yeah it’s cheaper in msia but i wanna do it now now now! haha

    donna, hahah! what la u all, like reading porn only wtf.

    lisa, hahhah! no im not cool T_T wtf. yeah hopefully!

    claudia, yeah a bit hor!

    pinkpaperplane, haha yeah i think so too 😉

    amber, good luck!!!

    dy, hahah 4 years?? surely damn long already now!

    mymy, ermm a jap restaurant in mongkok! but there are so many with that offer!

    jenny, someday..!

    amanda, hello! im using sony cybershot!

    dolly, hahha yeah everyone says tht!

    amanda, yeap i used xiuxiu! it’s quite easy only what and u can erase the sides!

    lali, i will baby wtf

    gwen, hahahha!

    moon, yeap it’s nice u should read it! erm what kinda books, what genre? kite runner is nice. i’m a big fan of murakami which is kinda surrealistic so i dunno if u’ll like that

    sharon, will put it up someday! my hair from the back not that nice one!

  8. choco says:

    A Thousand Splendid Suns is awesome! I love all of khaleed hossaini’s book! All very real and touching. Felt very feminist after reading the book and went to lecture all my guy friends about proper gentlemanly behavior wtf. hahahaha

  9. Nurisya says:

    u look really good in the red hair picture! i highlighted my hair red long long ago and after a while, it faded and turned gold. kinda like 2 in 1. and i think you cutting your hair has inspired many to do so too!! nicee!!

  10. sweatlee says:

    choco, yeah haha i felt so angry towards men!

    hongyi, aww thanks =D u should consider it!

    cindy, haha! like aunty anot!

    nurisya, gold not bad!

    cryssy, hahah or 2 seconds only! to see how it’ll look like on him

    kayetch, really?? i wanna tyr too! erm just use wax!

    storyofbing, yeah im loving it! mcD wtf

    bjk, haha i cant imagine!

    hayley, thanks =D

    lix, hah want me to camwhore more ah! i think ppl will vomit blood from seeing so many vain pics haha

    allen, hahahaha is that a pickup line wtf

    polka, haha im scared! maybe some fine day..

  11. CYC says:

    Babe…do you mind telling me the name of your favourite mall? I hate shopping at Causeway Bay malls like Causeway Place and Beverly…total rip off when I know I can get it cheaper somewhere in HK!Thank You 🙂

  12. sweatlee says:

    ann, whatt?? don’t let your bf stop you! it’s YOUR hair, not his! if you think you’ll look good in short hair seriously go for it!! but if it turns out bad be prepared for a i told you so =P good luck!!

    emma, i will!!

    storyofbing, yeah i really should! thanks for the suggestion!

    cyc, it’s called argyle center in mongkok! wong kok zhung sam in canto. exit D i think for mongkok station. i love it!!! you’ll like it it’s super awesome. beverly is nicer i think but much much more expensive.

  13. charl3n3^^ says:

    Oh gosh, I want that hairstyle for a long time but the hairdresser always subtly hint my double chin and face shape just don’t work the look.

    I still prefer dark brown but, hey, go ahead and experiment.

  14. Deity says:

    Hey… Where is the 50% off sushi after 10? Errr… Any idea where is it located? I’m goin to HK durin cny and might wanna pay a visit there simply because I love cheap sushis and escpecially when they are 50% off!!! Lol. Thanks in advance.

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