Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey

Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey

Hello everyone! I’m le back in my le college! I’m adding le in my sentences in an effort to sound more French cause I’m le tired so I should sleep THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES! wtf it’s an inside joke from youtube’s End of Ze World.

Anyway, I’m back! First day of classes went fine except that it’s slowly dawning upon me that I’ll die before I can finish my requirements for a double major. I’m taking three highest level classes now and I have to write well, not much, about 150-200 pages in total which is you know, totally do-able. I have 10 hours of lab a week, on top of lectures and discussions already. Totally do-able sap sap water *waves hand dismissively but with knees wavering at the same time wtf

Serious academic stuff aside, I’m pretty happy being back so far. It’s good to come back to this intellectually stimulating place that constantly pushes me far beyond what I think I’m capable of. This is going to be a good semester, I can tell already 🙂

Ok pictas to lessen the boringness of this post!

MK, a very very kind reader, mailed me these goodies last month! As you can see, it’s really a biggg box filled with all kinds of random japanese snacks and products. Thank you so much! I love love love the post-it notes attached to everything explaining what they are. I especially love the heated eye masks! ^_^

Audrey bought me this key necklace from japan! It’s such an apt gift cause my previous key pendant lost some diamantes already. Loveee it so much!

One fine day when it was cold as hell and I was damn brave to just wear this *smug

AHAHHAHA BARRY’S FACE HAHAHA! his eyes are like you know the cartoon eyes! Don’t know how to explain but they look exactly like that!

my stupid face not stupid also =.=

let’s zoom in on barry’s face shall we wtf

HAHAHHA don’t know look like what wtf. I tried doing this but I don’t think it’s humanly possible to make your cheeks so bloated..at least not for me

(i bet some of you tried doing this nyehehe)

ok ok a normal picture of him, although he looked surprised here

ok tell you an embarrassing story but you must promise not to tell anyone wtf

So..I saw this dress and it was 50% off BUT the only size left was US size 0. I’m a US size 4 so it’s impossible to fit into this dress but I thought haih just try lah maybe I did lose weight *delusional wtf

I tried putting it on but had some troubles but I thought nevermind must be more determined WTF don’t see myself this determined when it comes to looking for internships also wtf

Then tada! it fit! hallelujah! but it didn’t look that amazing so I wanted to take it off…but I couldn’t!!!!!!!!!


Seriously trying hard is an understatement of how I struggled to get out of that dress. I almost tore my flesh!!!!!!!!! I was contemplating asking Barry to come in with a pair or scissors or just go out with this dress and buy it right there and then. But again, my determination kicked in, stronger than ever. No way I’m gonna spend $10 on a dress I’m going to rip off later!

Le finally, I took le dress off after tearing some of the skin and flesh from my hips T___T figure of speech lah it won’t be funny at all if I really did tear my skin and flesh off T____T go hospital with blood dripping down my legs and when the doctor asks why, I’d have to say in a matter-of-fact voice “oh no big deal, I tried taking a dress off” wtf

Stupid me, size 4 then size 4 lah want to pretend I’m size 0 for what!

So the end and the moral of the story is: lose some weight, then FIRE ZE MISSILES HAHAHHA GOD I’M SO FUNNY wtf cannot lah this joke not funny if you haven’t seen that video hahaha

p.s: guess who sang this song (without googling!)