I have some pictures to post but I can’t seem to muster enough energy to transfer them to my computer. School has been incredibly tiring these days; wayyy more tiring than I had ever imagined it was.

Seriously being a student is really not easy okay. In my case, I have to be burdened with school work, lab work, working part time, looking for an internship, looking at grad school, extracurricular activities and a new edition this time around – having a social life.

Actually I’m not as stressed as I should be already cause I really couldn’t be bothered with internships this year. Fuck the rat race. Summer holiday is summer holiday so let me actually berholiday for once. Haha yeah right I wish I’m so chill! I’m in the midst of trying to get the ultimate internship of my dream now so wish me luck =X

I don’t know why I’m striving so hard for anyway. There’s no real concrete proof that having an internship every summer will help me after I graduate. In a way, internships are just so companies get well educated labor for cheap (or sometimes free).

Ok I’m really tired of serious talks. My blog is getting so boring these days, which is actually just a reflection of my life now, but if there’s one pleasure left for me in this world please let it be blogging. I remember how I used to read my old posts and laugh but now when I read my entries I just wanna skip them cause so damn sleep-inducing wtf

ok let’s start over

How’re you today? Great, me too! You’re going to New York this weekend? OMG ME TOO!

You’re getting a ride from a guy from Craigslist whom you don’t know and who could very well be a serial killer but you have no choice cause all the other options are way too expensive? Seriously what the hell, ME TOO!!

But you really don’t care cause you don’t want to spend Chinese New Year/Valentine’s in this dreaded place? Tell me about it.

Wow actually the captions are so apt for my pictures hahaha. There you go, my life summarized in three pictures.

I DON’T GET IT, why am I turning boring??? why why tell me why???


  1. Baz says:

    rambut sudah panjang yaaa. aku boleh tarik sambil ahem. sambil menunggu kedatangan spring break, biar aku meniduri gook yang terdampar atas katil aku semacam ikan paus atas pasir.

    • sweatlee says:

      BODOH!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHA kenapa kau nak meniduri dia?? bila kamu suka budak laki wtf
      rambut tak cukup panjang untuk ditarik lah. kenapa nak tarik rambut aku??? oh sebab kau dengki ye rambut aku lebat sangat wtf

  2. jy says:

    LOL at barry’s comment. serious shit i feel like i haven’t been reading BM for so long, esp the word MENIDURI. wtf. come out from boring-ness soon can!! happy cny woohoo!! and becareful with that Craigslist guy

  3. Michelle Chin says:

    Because you’re going to get out of uni and turn into one of those working class people.
    When you’re in school, you have loads to bish about because everyone around you looks so bishable.
    When you’re starting pre-u, you found friends, you love life, you got people to pester you ( i.e. parents )
    When you head overseas to study, you have this great hope that everything is going to turn out right.
    Then you realise, this world is filled with things like war, hatred, discrimination… your brain start to wax philosophy… that’s where it all starts, the boredom.

    Need I say more?

  4. Amanda says:

    lol.ei? not boring at all leh.. btw, i don feel that your posts are getting boring actually. i always read each and every sentence.. =) love the pics and the captions.. lol so cute la u. xD

  5. yumii says:

    darling, you are not boring!! we all still love reading your blog la! dun care what others say. you write and we read and we all be happy and merry okay? =D

    i’m spending cny alone too. gonna stuff myself with lotsa cookies. =.=

    btw, love your necklaceeee!!!!

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