Yo mama I’m back! Although no one was really concern for my safety although I mentioned that I’d be following a COMPLETE stranger wtf, I’m safe and sound 🙂 The stranger turned out to be really nice but don’t try that at home kids. And papa, don’t scold me I didn’t have money to take the bus T_T Besides, I was with another friend too I wasn’t alone!

So, I spent possibly the best Chinese New Year abroad in New York this year! I was a little reluctant to go cause it’s kinda expensive and will take up a big chunk of my time but it was GONG XI FA CAI and I couldn’t possibly spend that here! So off I went with my stranger friend.

If there was one thing I wish I had done, it was to apply to a college in NYC. My heart and soul belong to a city, they truly do. Le sigh, but alas, the milk has been spilled so here I am.

CNY eve dinner at Carol’s place. We were s0 pampered lor! Like a real CNY dinner *big wet eyes

Everyone who was there that night. From left – Nicholas, Khye Teng, Jason, Joe LIEW my other brother wtf, Su Ann, Carol our mama, Dom, John, Me and Chern Han my other Hokkien half

Spin the bottle time!

Fate has spoken now tell me your deepest and darkest secret

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, we slept at 6 am that night wtf

Dim Sum on Sunday! Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy

Dong dong dong dong chiang. I’ve never really liked lion dance, don’t know why. My siblings and I used to have a mini lion dance set we used to play with for the longest time ever. One day we woke up and just forgot about it and our fascination and obsession with it ended right there and then.

I love Su Ann as much as I love Malaysian grocery stores ♥

I had a really amazing night after that just talking to people I haven’t talked to in a while. Shisha, gossips, silence, more gossips, getting to know you getting to know all about you, singing to the beatles on youtube, missing my bus the next day. What an ideal weekend.

Now I’m back in my room, eating cookies over the trash can so the crumbs won’t get on the floor with my roommate.

Back to doing work work work and then more fun this weekend! I’m so much happier now, thank you people at NYC! I feel so loved and happy 🙂 I hope you guys had an amazing CNY/Valentine’s too!

I had an online date with my bf on skype, more on that later now I have to study like a nerd wuwu.


ok since I’m so happy, let me show you 3 pictures that will change your perception of me forever wtf

my sister went on an old-pictures-digging frenzy and tagged these pictures of me on FB:

I’m the baby in the middle. Fucking cute ok!

Still fucking cute WTF hahaha I’m the retarded looking person in yellow. Why the hell was I so dark and why was I wearing a glow stick on my wrist wtf

This one is the cutest lah no doubt. What can I say, I was a happy kid. Fat, but happy wtf

-after 10 minutes-

I still can’t get over this picture. Seriously can you look me in the eye and say I’m not the epitome of cuteness wtf look at those thunder thighs, at the cleverly disguised bulging tummy and at the big smile! (more like crying in pain wtf)


  1. Joanna Lee says:

    lol wtf.. you should be lucky with your slim body now instead of whining about your past la, girl.. anyway, happy chinese new year and i love reading your blog.. keep update with more pictures! kthxbai!

  2. amelia says:

    I love your first pic of the nostalgic-set-photos! Hahahaha you were soooo cuteeeeeeee. If I was there I would have pinch your cheeks and hugging you til you crumble. SO CUTE LA SUET LI! Hahahahahahahha XD

  3. sweatlee says:

    miemiemie, haha good idea right!

    ooib, chill la bro wtf

    norbaya, heh thanks =D

    ky, ya!! must be damn hard to cook!

    lisa, ya try it but ur trash can musnt be too smelly la wtf or else damn gross!

    michelle, hahah why so serious wtf

    strawberry, hahaha ok u say one ah dont regret when i start posting a million baby pics wtf

    storyofbing, haha i know!! i loved it =D

    charlene, thanks, happy cny to you too!

    erny, the baby is me! wtf

    jenny, thanks!! u too =)

    joanna, haha if im whining then why did i say i was sooo cute wtf. im just making fun of myself!

    carol, aww thanks!

    hannah, happy cny to u too!!

    xiaopei, hehe thankiu i will tell the baby wtf

    amelia, i know seriously can i get any cuter WTF damn perasan hahha

    brie, I WANT!!! cannot lie ahh

    crash, i did, arent u in ny too?

    joyce, thanks! happy cny to u too!

    hayley, ya seriously i think i was way cuter then than now wtf

    yumii, hahahha so funny meh! thankiu thankiu wtf. next time laugh into your bag wtf

    cindy, isit??i dont believe! show pics!

    lynn, hahaha i probably was!! haha

    angie, hahahahhahahah sohai!!

    xj, hahah i dont know where u went!! to buy cards ah? sorrryryryyryry

    jason, thanks for the info!

  4. Jia Yi says:

    Hi Suet, this is the first time i’m posting here. Have been checking out your blog recently and i must this is your funniest post. Really made me laugh out loud! My roomie must be thinking that i’m crazy. But thank gawd she’s also my bestie of 5 yrs too. (:

    Cheers to you! 🙂

    p/s: oh! and Happy CNY too! smile! (:

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