My name is

My name is

Today I have decided to reveal my real name. Not that Suet isn’t my real name, but I’ve only started using Suet when I started school. I’ve grown up with an entirely different name, a name that I have always felt quite ashamed of to reveal. It’s Serene, but I don’t look/sound anything like a Serene (not that I know how she will look/sound like wtf)

I really regret not using that name more because as much as I like Suet (well it is in the dictionary and it means cow fats, specifically fats around the loins WTF how unique can that be), it’s reaaaallly hard for people to understand that my parents would give me such an unfortunate name. Case study no. 1:

I was working in the kindergarten yesterday and the 4 year olds were sitting in a circle. One really cute girl looked at me and asked “what’s your name?”

The moment I heard this question my world came crushing down on me wtf. I have avoided telling these kids my name for two weeks now because I know they won’t get it but now I have to say it when ALL the kids were there T___T

“My name is Suet!” and believe me when I say I tried to say it as normally as I could. Sweat, you know, like Michelle or Sarah.

The little girl looked at me with a blank, but sympathetic face, as if she could really understand my pain wtf.

After a moment of pause, she said “I’m sweating!!” with a straight face.

This is the story of my life wtf

I always always have to repeat my name and sometimes people are nice to just accept the fact that my name sounds like perspiration, but sometimes they’ll go whaaat? and the usual oh suet means snow in chinese blabla will ensue.

Once, I heard from a friend in HK that she knew of me cause people were saying how I like to make a big deal out of my name. Right, I only had to tell them more about my name cause THEY THOUGHT MY NAME WAS A JOKE!

I guess it’s a good thing to have a different name cause my professors usually remember my name, which is quite rare if your name is common. I have a prof who actually likes how different it is and makes it a point to always call me in class just so he can hear himself saying it wtf.

Anyway there’s no point to this entry lah I’m just procrastinating from doing my papers. I spent the entire day in the library today just researching for this paper. 8 hours straight no playing around nothing. And I haven’t even started writing FML I really don’t think I like econ at all. It’s due day after tomorrow FML 2x I’m such a nerd bye bye