I me mine

I me mine


Sorry for the short hiatus, I’ve honestly been extremely busy but good news is, Spring Break is here!!! I couldn’t believe I actually got through this crazy week of exams and presentations and a million pages of papers!

While I’m blogging, Barry is actually coloring my hair for me wtf. So nice to have him around ^_^ He also takes my heavy laundry down for me and obliges when I asks him to “eh pass me the water please” although it’s nearer to me than to him WTF. I’m so spoilt T___T

Aih what to do I’m in a women’s college and I’m so sick of all that gender equality and we’re all equal and how we can’t get guys to do stuff for us just to show that we’re as capable. Sometimes I just don’t want to carry my heavy bag can or not wtf *waits for the unleashing of the feminists

Speaking of gender roles, despite the fact that I advocate for gender equality (not now clearly..), I actually embrace my role as a woman and that I should be in the kitchen wtf while the man go earn some gluten. I don’t mind cleaning and cooking as long as you carry my heavy laundry and pass me some water. How is this not gender equality wtf

Anyway I bet everyone is dying to know how have I been! (if not also must pretend and say yes). I just realized that I haven’t posted a single picture of myself since..well, a long time. So I’m gonna post sooo many pictures of myself until everyone gets so accustomed to my face that when you look away from the computer you’ll still see an afterimage of me wtf.

Like you know when you play tetris for an unrecommended amount of time then your whole world seems to have tetris blocks falling all over. Never happened to you before? Then I guess you’re not as much of a loser as I am wtf T___T (I used to love tetris but now I’m a Zuma/Bejeweled person ♥) (I’m SO DAMNED good at Zuma I tell you!!!!)

(where was I??)

oh pictures of myself. ok here goes!! brace yourself!!

This is me and my kawan baik Lali

This is me and my other kawans

My kawan baiks in their usual debauchery

Me with fake lashes

Do I look like a dyke? wtf

Me sucking on a lollipop with my perempuan simpanan Lali after partying


I love styling my short hair!! Always so much fun 😀

Aih since I’m posting camwhore pics might as well..this is me a looong time ago when I still had my long hair. Seems like a few years had passed but it’s only been 3 months wtf.

Random camwhore picture to live up to the mood of the post

Actually, I think that’s it *big wet eyes. Tak sangka I’m not as big a camwhore as before wtf

Let me tell you one story. Today I almost had the first panic attack of my life!!!

I went to the mall, walked to Forever 21 innocently and saw this:


*gasps for air

I’m not even exaggerating okay this is so crazy!! It’s no secret that forever 21 is my mostest favoritest store in the world and I’m basically a walking Forever21 mannequin so when I saw this I just wanted to die and fly to heaven right then.

AUDREY AND ANGIE: I’ll have you know that the new Forever 21 at Holyoke Mall is TEN TIMES this size. I swear seriously it’s so fucking big I want to weep in joy everytime I walk into the store

Let’s forget the fact that I couldn’t find something nice and only bought a pair of shorts wtf

Okay my hair is done! I’m dyeing in red this time so let’s see how it’ll turn out!