Why you so like that

Sorry guys, MIA again cause I’m in Boston and there is just soooo much stuff to do. So much Malaysian love it’s crazy! I finally realized that I can never be in my element and be my full self if I’m not around Malaysians. Why ah!!

Eh why you all never comment in my previous post ah I spent so much time talking about my idea of gender equality and uploading my camwhore pictures wtf


Why you so like that, why you so like that.

You say you don’t like pretty girls I also don’t know why. But when you see a pretty girl your voice go damn high!!

Why you so like that..and why you so like that.


  1. iwan c.m.n. says:

    this is post is soo cute i have to type something here. wuwuwuwu. who said we (guys) dont like pretty girls *blek*

    About the element thingy, yeah I felt the same way about my accent around malaysians & the foreigners. I can never be the same person with both groups. Why ah

  2. Nurisya says:

    i always give you chocolate,
    i give you my tic tac,
    but now you got a kit kat,
    you never give back.

    oh, suet li, you’ve gotten the song stuck in my head now…

  3. siaheer says:

    SUET! I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY. Haha. Must be wondering who i am. I am one of your readers that didnt visit your blog for months. XD Sorry~ Was busy with SPM and work, and everything. I was on leave that day and decided i should go back to Suet. I forgot how i love you/ your blog. Totally spend the whole day to read up the posts i didnt get to read. (:
    Oh! I am also that girl you met in Urbanscape last year, the one who took picture with you. I doubt you remember me. ):
    So ive decided to finally leave a comment now, cos i find that you can so totally say “why you so like that” to me. XD
    Okay this is a long comment. Haha! Forgive me lah. So long didnt leave comment. (: I will comment on every post now dont worry. (:

  4. valerie says:

    I had another version of that chant!

    “Why you so like that. Why you so like that I give you chocolate you say you want kitkat. Why you so like that why you so like that. You say you don’t like pretty girls but when one walks pass you WHEEWUWHEET like that?”

    HAHA my friend always likes to annoy us with that! Repeatedly.

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG and your pictures. Love your edgy new look. 🙂

  5. CraSH says:

    i think you are self conscious when you are with other malaysians and worry what they think of you when you let loose. hence sometimes you are holding back without realizing it.

    i think over time with some confidence you will carry yourself well and just be yourself. i think it is part of growing up and i have been through such stages.

    so dont fret! it is just part of growing up.

    like i have always advised.. party hard and always have a good time in college. if there is something you never done in college and have always want to do it…. go head. college is the best times of your life and you should enjoy and learn from it.

  6. Stefanie W says:

    Eh, Suet!!!
    I know what you mean.. There’s only ONE Malaysian in my program right now!! Should have gone to HKU.. Haha.. Bla bla only..Have fun @MF.. wish I could be there.. Miss being around you girls although we like meet… Once a month maybe??

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