My week in pictures


Ladies and gentlemen, what lies in front of you is the best instant noodle mankind has ever created. It cooks within minutes in the microwave and does NOT taste like instant noodle at all. It’s from Szechuan and therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that anything from Szechuan is effing amazing

Korean instant noodles, although not from Szechuan, are just as amazing. So amazing that one night at 1 am, I acted on impulse and bought 20 packets online. Die lah confirm fat.

Just to show you that I can still look girlish with my short hair 😀

So I went to Boston over the Spring Break cause we’re too broke to go anywhere else T__T But at least we have each other ^_^

This is me with my weapon of mass destruction wtf

No lah kidding it’s actually Barry’s

This is me with my new boots from a thrift second-hand store! Happy!!!!

I look like I need to pee but I’m just trying to squeeze into the small mirror wtf. The toilet looks ugly cause we stayed at YMCA wtf what to do cheap ma!

#1 – too hungry to type much so short captions start now. With Dominic and Lali at Harvard Square when it was 20 CELCIUS OUT WOOHOOOO

#2 Such amazing companies =D Btw damn muhibbah got chinese indian dan lain lain WTF HAHAHHAHA

#3 Random artsy picture on the bridge by the Charles River

#4 Harvard dorms by the river

#5 Berryline froyo is the shiznit!

#6 Went to visit Pooh my old friend

#7 but he wasn’t home 🙁 (remember the song? ke ren lai, kan ma ma, ma ma bu zai jia, wo qing ke ren qing zuo xia blabla forgot wtf. so it’s pooh bu zai jia 🙁 )

#8 Trying to be taller than Lali but failed

#9 Moho girls roxxx wtf

#10 I love Harvard Square ♥

#11 Random family chalking up the sidewalk

#12 We’re all Malaysian at heart

#13 eat curry mee must put tissue as bib!

#14 Nick Choo’s ice cream collection :O :O :O

#15 Guitar Hero to end the night!

#16 Heart-shaped aviators! ♥

#17 last picture of my girlfriend and i wtf

Now I’m back in my college with mountains of assignments =___= I can’t wait for this semester to end so I can go back to Malaysia and goyang kaki!!!

Speaking of Malaysia, VERY important news for Malaysians in the US.

I’ve probably mentioned this a million times but here goes again. Malaysia Forum this year will be at Noo Yawk Citeh!!! If you want to see me (cheh wah wtf) and eat Malaysian food and meet all the fawesome Malaysians and indulge in intellectual discussions on anything Malaysian, PLEASE COME!!!

More info here:

I’ve been to the past two MFs and they were great cause I always left with so much hope and optimism for our country. I think despite all that political turmoil and dramama happening, we always need that little bit of harapan to keep going.

So if you’re a passionate Malaysian hoping to make a change, or someone who just wants to come for the food and company, or someone who doesn’t give a rat ass about our country but just wants to come to kepoh, do sign up ASAP cause registration closes in a week! Need more convincing? Email me.


    • clem says:

      wtf i don’t mean to end it abruptly, stupid keyboard accidentally hit submit.

      but yay =D if you’re coming back. when does your summer hols start? matt’s starts at 11 or 12 May can’t remember which wtf.

  1. veronica says:

    wasn’t the song like “kan pa pa” instead of ma ma? LOL. I can’t believe I just said that -_-

    oh btw I love shin ramyun. best instant noodles ever!

  2. sweatlee says:

    hayley, of course she’s cool she’s my gf! heh thanks =D

    siaheer, thanks =))) hair is getting longer though!

    lali, this relationship is supposed to be equal ok wtf

    stef, she has her own stash too wtf

    samuel, aww i hope u meant me wtf

    yumii, haha nolah i actually gained some weight! cant see in the pictures only! yeah i love them!

    strawberry, h&m!! i love them!

    eve, yeap i am! i was wearing green i think

    rena, i dunno!!! no brand one dunno wht it’s called also forgot edi. can only get in szechuan!

    michelle, hk noodles very normal only!

    piu, aiya shaddap la aren’t you bored of your own uncreative insults? cause i am

    krissy, thanks!! hair is growing out so i dunno if i should leave it or cut it shorter again!

    clem, should be la for a short while! im probably coming back end of may!

    veronica, haha both also can la can kan both parents wtf.

    dibs, of course! she’s mine wtf

    ubikentang, hahaha!! memang what!

    kreazi, hehe yeah thts it!!

    cindy, of course la must match up with me wtf *shameless

    melody, thanks!!! i wanna cut shorter!

  3. Lisa Cheah says:

    Barry goes to Harvard? 😀
    I once stayed at a hostel in London for 2 pounds a night! Strangely, happened to be probably one of my best trip ever! Met tons of people who went around the world!


    I wanna go to the forum too! 🙁

  4. carol says:

    hahahah cina indian dan lain lain HAHAHAHHAA sorry must laugh.

    omg nick choo’s ice cream collection. I WANT.

    liewsuetli i love harvard square too, especially on a nice evening with some random guitar person playing! newbury street is also the bombbbb.

  5. eve says:

    i also got a pair of geo lens!but i don’t dare to wear now!=(
    because lately lots of news regarding geo lens, about how the imitations and all hurts ppl’s eyes!=(

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