I’m taking a break from writing my paper even though I haven’t actually started writing it………well, I’m allowed to take breaks whenever I want OK!!!!!! *defensive wtf

So, I don’t really have anything to blog about since nothing exciting has happened to me all week (aside from my grandma’s death which I wouldn’t call exciting at all). I’m trying to refrain from going I WANT TO DIE I HAVE SO MUCH WORK and proceed listing down ALL the crazy papers I have to write but it’s so hard. Writing papers has dominated my life and soul for all eternity.

Speaking of kicking my paper’s ass (yeah I do that often, I always go speaking of blablabla, without having actually talked  about blablabla in the first place. yeah I’m random like that, cannot ah? do you have a problem with that cause I don’t. so there. wtf is wrong with me why am I so defensive today???)

Anyway sorry. Speaking of kicking my paper’s ass, I’ll show you what I call a true work of art.

Upon mentioning that I shall kick my paper’s ass and show him who’s boss, Barry produced the most skillful artwork I have seen in a long long time. It’s a drawing of what seems like an incredibly ugly foot with a missing toe with great detail of even the..bulge in your ankle thingy whatever that is called kicking a paper with unflattering buttcheeks.

The paper has a face and seems to be in pain, the foot hits the ass with a swoosh and a dush, indicated by the “sound effect” in the drawing and there also appears to be a dysfunctional, painfully bent little toe.

Truly, a work of art.

While I’m at this, let’s see more drawings by Barry over the few months!

This was a few months back when I told him I couldn’t sleep cause my eyes refused to be closed for some reason. Following the encounter I had with a “Buddhist ghost” last summer, he thought this time I have another ghost propping my eyes open.

Let’s analyze this picture too. The ghost in question seems to look a lot like Casper the Friendly Ghost with its tongue sticking out mischievously and everything. He also took the time to actually label the blanket, for fear that I might not know it’s a blanket when he took so much time drawing it. The blanket must have meant a lot for it was the only thing that was labeled but till today, I’ve failed to understand its significance to the overall drawing. Why wasn’t my hair labeled? Why wasn’t my eyes labeled? Why wasn’t the ghost labeled?? Such confounding questions can only be answered by the true artist of this extremely poignant drawing.

Truly, a work of art.

Lastly, I present to you the last piece of this week’s marvelous artwork.

This was the most disturbing drawing of the lot. This was after I told him about the pork chopping ceremony we had in HK. He was quite confused about the whole ceremony hence, the drawing to ask me if this was what happened.

Let’s look at the drawing again and ponder on the complexity and meaning behind such violent depiction of a seemingly harmless and fun activity of chopping the pig with a butcher knife. First of all, the thing that bothered me most in this picture is how the pig’s tail remained upright despite the fact that he was hung upside down with a rope. The theory of gravity has failed here, sorry Newton.

The person in question only has four fingers and this also bothers me. Whatever happened to his other finger?? Did the pig bite it off so that’s why he’s embarking on a vengeful mission to kill the pig now??

The amazing details in the knife, the number of teeth that person has, and the red marks on the pig make this picture like they say, truly a work of art. Clap clap.

OK now that I’ve been entertained, it’s back to writing the paper!!! I shall kick his ass hard tonight!