Spring Weekend

Spring Weekend

Hello! Ok this will be a really vain post so bear with it. Why am I so vain all the time T__T It’s okay I have a reason to be vain when I’ve been doing crazy amount of work lately *consoles self wtf

I just counted, I’ve written 92 pages of papers so far in this semester *GASPS. That is really a lot of work, like a thesis already! I’m surprised I’m still alive. 15 more pages or so and I’m done for this semester wooooot! Anyway, pictures.

Brace yourself for maximum amount of camwhoring…

Last weekend was Spring Weekend! We had some sort of a carnival here with ice cream and everything 😀

They gave away free bubbles thingy!

Shanshan and I. By the way, shanshan is confirmed coming to Malaysia!!!!! Woot, tourist guide mode on.

Where should I bring her to besides KLCC and Penang and malls and to see waterfall ah? She’s really excited about the waterfall cause she said in China, there are jungles and waterfalls but they’re always packed to the brim cause too many Chinese people hahaha wtf


Things to do before I get to go back home. I already took down THREE post-it notes yays! Ah, the satisfaction of ripping them down as time goes by

PANGY DAY BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!! It’s the annual picnic right before the end of the semester. Best day evar cause it’s usually damn warm, people are all really happy and it’s almost the end of the semester.

I love this top from Forever21! Too bad I can’t wear it like this cause stomach too big. Doesn’t look big here cause of the angle don’t be fooled wtf

Oh well I shall be girly then!

After ber-picnic-ing, we went outside to lie on the green cause it was sooooo hot! 31 celcius yo! Everyone was in bikini/naked yo!

Reflection on shanshan’s shades

Got bikini pictures of shanshan but she said cannot post wtf

So hoho, too bad you guys are stuck with just seeing my pictures wtf

You’re right Xiao, I took some pictures with my short hair and I don’t miss my long hair anymore haha! I just wish there’s an option lah for short hair and for long curly hair. Maybe I’ll get those clip-on extensions or something..

Haih the whole world is so busy studying and here I am camwhoring and editing my pictures T___T I’ve done so much work this entire semester let me rest can or not!! wtf so defensive sial

Made the background black and white so I look like I pop out!

I quite like the black and white background thingy!

Put this on lomo setting with meitu xiuxiu 😀

Okay ze end, I shall study now for my finals. I tried making another makeup video but failed T__T So I ended up with just another vlog. Very boring one lah but I’ll post it later since I already made it.

Have a nice day everyone! I know I’ll be having a great day!…not… *nerd mode on