Helloooo I’m back! I’ve been back since Wednesday actually but haven’t really had time to breathe, much less blog. The first thing I did when I reached was go mamak with my friends. And then the next day I couldn’t take it anymore and called Ringo to teman me to go CUT MY HAIR.

Yeah, again?? I know how people feel about wanting to cut it shorter and shorter each time, cause that was exactly what I did T____T I do regret it though but oh well, it’s just hair. I’ve had long hair for the past 21 years and I’ve only had short hair for 4 months, not enough!!

But this time, I really cut it wayyy too short……You can’t really tell from the pictures but the back is shorter than most guys’ hair wtf

Only two kinds of people look good in short hair: tall or skinny people. I’m neither tall nor skinny wtf but I’m making it my utmost priority to lose weight now since I can’t possibly grow taller anymore. My face+hair totally don’t match my pudgy body so sad.

Nah. I showed my friends this and they were like “eh same only”




ok sorry but, EH, SAME ONLY??????????

I didn’t cut the fringe at all so maybe it looks similar to my old hair BUT

LOOK at the back! Aiyoyo ahma kenapalah bodoh sangat

for illustration purposes wtf

Seriously I look so much like a boy now. Aside from my somewhat visible bra strap, I don’t think anyone could tell that this is a girl. What more when I don’t have a very feminine body so I look like a short 15 year old boy with cool hair from behind wtf

I’m not really complaining much cause after styling, my hair IS pretty awesome. I just don’t know how to dress anymore and at this rate, it’ll take foreverrr before I get my long luscious hair back.

I’m thinking of buying a wig but isn’t it weird to go out with a friend knowing that you can just yank her hair off anytime and the whole thing will come out wtf. Seriously if I go out with someone who is wearing a wig I’ll be SOOO tempted to yank it out lor and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on doing anything except fighting that temptation wtf

Anyway, I’ve had an awesome time back home since I arrived! I had a super girly and fun day+night out with Ringo doing my hair and doing our nails and having super yummy japanese food, I had a great time with my best high school friends mamak-ing and making fun of each other, I had an amazing time clubbing with my super best friend Esther and I’m going shopping with Lali today!!! Woots.

Boyfriend coming back next week, roommate coming to Malaysia next weekend, then I’m going to Penang and KK, then I’m starting my long-awaited internship. Oh my god, amazing summer starts now 🙂